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Newsweek predicts death of Fidel Castro and coup in Venezuela

Friday, December 25th 2009 - 16:13 UTC
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Wishful thinking or facts: Fidel, Chavez, Troy leader Cameron Wishful thinking or facts: Fidel, Chavez, Troy leader Cameron

Next year will see the death of the veteran Cuban leader Fidel Castro and the fall of Venezuelan President following a coup, according to the predictions from the latest edition of US magazine Newsweek.

The publication also anticipates that the Tories will be back in office in 2010 in the UK and a surging economy will turn Brazil into the “new China”.

The forecasts for Venezuela “strongman” Hugo Chavez are sombre: economic collapse and growing social unrest following “ten years of a buoyant domestic economy and the rocketing of international oil prices and demand”.

“The military intervene to oust Chavez and restore order as the XXI Socialism sinks into the well known scenario of the XX century: shortages, poverty and chaos”.

The fall of Chavez is the fourth of ten Newsweek predictions which is headed by US President Barack Obama’s strategy to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan, the collapse of the Chinese economy and a coup in Pakistan.

“For Fidel Castro it seems it will be his last year on this earth” forecasts Newsweek.

Following the death of the historic leader of the Cuban revolution, there will be room to help transform the island “but it will not happen overnight”. However “the inflexibilities of the past, such as (lack of freedom of speech and free press; migratory restrictions; personality cult; persecution of homosexuals, among others) associated to his name will be reassessed”.

The Obama administration will then send a high level delegation to re-establish formal dialogue with Havana. “In a short time, and probably towards the end of the year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be announcing a plan for full normalization of relations by 2013”, according to Newsweek.

As to Brazil the “new China”, the magazine argues that the South American giant has advantages over the Asian power (China) which faces serious “risks in the horizon”, and over India that is “immersed in a region with instability threats on all its flanks”.

As 2010 advances Brazil will increase the gap with the rest of the BRIC countries, (Russia, Brazil, China and India).

Other forecasts include the Conservative victory in the UK; new international sanctions against the Iranian regime; a coup in Pakistan and the beginning of success in the Afghanistan campaign.

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  • Palomudo

    Fidel is an old man, no surprise if he dies but I doubt the Island will fall in Amaricans hands again. Cubans are unlike Americans, they are well informed and know what the USA is all about.

    As for Chavez coup, that is wishful thinking, the Obama admin will never duplicate what they did in Honduras, a civil war will break out if Chavez is taken out which is what the US and Colombia's Uribe have been trying to do for years. Keep in mind a war against Venezuela means a war against Ecuado, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and I bet Brazil and Argentina are not going to stand by iddle, they know that if Venezuela falls in the US hands, they are next!

    Iran: sanctions wont do much, so probably bubuyahoo might cross the insanity line and attack Iran, then we will see the US troops in Iraq and Afganistan wiped out, those Iranian bombs are already pointing at those locations and as soon as they are attacked they will fire, not to mention that Iran might even hit the Saudi oil refineries and oil will go to $300/barrel.

    I predict that Tony Blair and Bush along with all theirs masters will go to jail and who know maybe we get to see them fried in an electric chair... that is my wishful thinking
    Merry Christmas!

    Dec 25th, 2009 - 10:35 pm 0
  • LH

    I agree with every word by Palomudo. This is only wishful thinking, this extremely poor and ignorant report should not be entitled “Newsweek Predictions”, but instead, “Christmas wishes by the leading minority that governs the USA”. I feel sorry for the bulk of the American people, what a sad existence not knowing what happens beyond their geographical borders, and for the most part, not understanding what happens within their lovely country!
    The power of ideology goes beyond death, Newsweek should know this! Stop predicting nonsense based on Castro's death, I'm sorry to say that some of your wishes will never come true. It's too late! So fortunately! Merry Christmas!

    Dec 26th, 2009 - 12:30 am 0
  • A.L.Mirri

    It's pure wishful thinking, and the worse sort of political analysis. Even the favourable predictions towards Brazil are exaggerated, no to mention the nonsenses against the “enemies” of USA. What a poor article Newsweek has provided to its readers! What a big nonsense, what a egoistic wishful thinking!

    Dec 26th, 2009 - 01:11 am 0
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