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The Kirchner couple government “is corroded by corruption”

Tuesday, October 12th 2010 - 00:55 UTC
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Literature Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa spared no words Literature Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa spared no words

Peruvian Nobel Literature Prize 2010 Mario Vargas Llosa claims Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner leads a “government corroded by corruption” and said that Argentina is disappearing as a political reference in Latinamerica.

“The current Argentine government is corroded by corruption, and to such an extent that it is loosing its natural leadership and disappearing as a political reference for Latinamerica”, underlined Vargas Llosa interviewed by one of the main Latino broadcasting stations in the United States.

The novelist, journalist essayist is currently a visiting professor at Princeton University and joined the group of distinguished writers from Latinamerica, Argentina's Julio Cortázar, Brazil's Jorge Amado, Mexico's Octavio Paz and Carlos Fuentes, Paraguay’s Augusto Roa Bastos, Uruguay’s Juan Carlos Onetti and Colombia's Gabriel García Márquez - who have changed world literature.

“It’s enough to listen to the Argentine president to know what populism and demagoguery is”, said Vargas Losa adding that “it’s hard to understand how a country like Argentina, that we all know what it has meant culturally and scientifically at world level, has chosen s president of such intellectual and cultural poverty”.

The Nobel Prize who has been involved in politics, he was presidential candidate for a Conservative front in Peru in 1990, pointed out that President Cristina Kirchner represents the “decadence of Argentina” which is miles away from “the modern, civilized, educated country that managed to eliminate illiteracy when most of Europe was still underdeveloped”.

Insisting with the corruption claims, the Nobel Prize said that “the Kirchner couple is facing extremely serious court charges which they have never been able to explain”.

“I’m not exaggerating or trying to caricature, I make these statements and these claims from the admiration and love for a country that has given us some one as brilliant as Jorge Luis Borges, just to mention an example”. Borges in 1979 was awarded the Premio Cervantes which is the equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the Spanish language.

Argentina use to be “a window to the world of ideas, of intelligence, of permanent cultural initiative, of different artistic forms”, underlined the Nobel Prize. “That is what Argentina should be in the political field, as it once was at one time”.

Vargas Llosa recalled that Argentina at some time was an example, an exception to the rule in a Latinamerica full of corrupt dictators and of a disgraceful mediocrity, “I’m much grieved by this that Argentina should have become under the Kirchner couple, a country that is disappearing and no longer contributing to the world of culture and science”.


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  • xbarilox

    Vargas Llosa writes good stories, I've been to three of his conferences and he's really a good orator too. He once ran for presindent but couldn't reach the end zone :(
    Unfortunately, Mr Vargas Llosa, bad people are in every country, and to change the world you need the world united in love, justice, truth, respect... I don't think this will happen. Human history has always been, the strong against the weak, and the result is always the same, suffering and people like the Kirchners making promises for a change.
    I'm reading your Desafío a la Libertad, and the book is as great as I thought when I bought it. I think you really deserved the Nobel.. but many people in Peru don't like Mario Vargas Llosa and didn't want him to win the prize... you know, the U.S. imperialism and the invasions and the non existent weapons of mass distruction and all that... people say that Mr Vargas Llosa is happy about it... crazy, huh?

    Oct 12th, 2010 - 02:36 am 0
  • Think


    You say:
    I've been to three of his conferences and he's really a good orator too.

    I say:
    Pretty impressive for an 19 years Argentinean old boy as you described yourself in your first post :-)))))

    Didn't you Mama teach you not to lie?

    I am 147 years old myself and never saw the man... I did read most of his excellent early production though .......

    Oct 12th, 2010 - 04:25 am 0
  • stick up your junta

    @ think

    Spin baby spin :-)

    Oct 12th, 2010 - 06:02 am 0
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