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Falklands announces 2012 first collector coin: Life cycle of the butterfly

Wednesday, January 25th 2012 - 07:39 UTC
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The image of the adult butterfly is carefully etched on the orange-colored crystal transparent center. The image of the adult butterfly is carefully etched on the orange-colored crystal transparent center.

The Treasury of the Falkland Islands Government announced the launch of their first collector coin for 2012, which features the Life Cycle of the Butterfly.

Struck by the Pobjoy Mint in the United Kingdom, this coin is the fifth in the Silver & Crystal coin series first issued in 2007 featuring the life cycle of various species in the animal kingdom from their inception to fully grown adulthood.

The outer silver ring of this innovative coin depicts the incredible journey of the Butterfly from egg to mature adult and in the center is a beautifully polished orange crystal upon which is the etched image of the Southern Painted Lady Butterfly appears.

A butterfly starts life as a very small egg which is usually laid on the leaves of plants. The second stage is the Larva or Caterpillar stage, a stage which does not usually last long and during which time the caterpillar spends most of its time eating. The next stage is the Pupa or Chrysallis stage and inside this chrysalis the caterpillar is undergoing an amazing transformation.

Finally, when the caterpillar has fully changed, it emerges from the chrysalis as an adult butterfly. All of the stages described are intricately detailed in their order on the outer ring, while the image of the adult butterfly is carefully etched on the orange-colored crystal transparent center.

The obverse of the coin includes a cameo portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II placed above the crystal along with the text “QUEEN ELIZABETH II FALKLAND ISLANDS” placed around the outer rim.

Struck in sterling silver to proof quality, the coin has a diameter of 38.6 mm and a weight of 23.4 grams. A limited quantity of 5,000 pieces is authorized for distribution.

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  • ChrisR

    I want one!

    Brilliant idea for the Falklands (there are no Malvinas).

    I wonder if Argentina will come up with their version: a coin showing the life cycle of the Malvinista perhaps? Around the coin edge could be : baby crapping it's nappy, small child being indoctrinated in the fabled Malvinas 'history', teenager with oversize head who thinks it will own the planet on MercoPress blogsite spouting crap. Full circle of crap then. Must be worth 1 Pesos I would imagine.

    Jan 25th, 2012 - 10:48 am 0
  • Islas Malvinas


    Or maybe you could have came up with a coin showing the life cycle of the british in Malvinas:

    1.- Pirats expelling the original population and authorities by the use of force.

    2.- Populating the islands with british people.

    3.- Maintining military presence to remind the world: we came here by the use of force and we´ll stay here as long as we have better weapons that Argentina has, cos clearly we don´t have the right to be here.

    4.- A population of the colonizing power believing they have the right of self determination, a concept that was created within the UN Decolonization Comittee to be applied to those original populations colonized by a foreing power (clearly not the case of Malvinas), and a concept that the Institution within which this concept was originated states it cannot be applied to the Malvinas population and therefore calls the only two parties Argentina and UK to resolve the colonial situation not considering the wishes of the imported population.

    5.- A UK trying to convince the world Malvinas is not a colony but a self governing territory, when the UN considers Malvinas a particular colonial situation and a Non Self Governing territory.

    6.- A British PM lacking arguments, telling stupid statements and increasing military presence in the pacific South Atlantic while the UK is everytime more isolated.

    7.- Negotiations for handover? :)

    Jan 25th, 2012 - 12:04 pm 0
  • Teaboy2

    Actually your forgetting a key part of history there Malvinas. Such as:

    1 - British first settle and claim sovereignty in 1765

    2 - Britian leave plaque cementing their claim on sovereignty of the islands in 1776.

    3 - Luis vernet seekes permission to set up a commercial enterprise on the islands from the british consolute in regonition of britains sovereignty of the islands.

    4 - How viceroyalty of rio del la palto illegally tried to estabish a garrison on the islands in 1832, which resulted in a formal protest from britain in regards to impeding on british sovereignty, which was ignored.

    4 - In ignoring Britsh protest, britain sends a warship in 1833 to the islands to reassert their sovereignty on the islands which was accepted by the commander of the illegal garrison and the general pouplation was invited to stay by the british ships captain whilst only the garrison was asked to leave peacefully, which they did.

    As for the rest of your drivelling indoctuniated crap... Well if you think your hard enough, come and have another go as we are more than willing to remind you how it feels to get your butts kicked... again.

    Jan 25th, 2012 - 12:24 pm 0
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