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CFK defends Argentina’s economic model and capacity to honour debts

Friday, August 3rd 2012 - 08:36 UTC
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While addressing the nation from the Buenos Aires stock exchange floor, Argentine President Cristina Fernández strongly defended the policy of drastically cutting debts, which guarantees “greater independence”, and of stimulating the economy because only with resources can debts be paid, “the dead don’t pay debts”. Read full article


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  • War Monkey

    Argentina might well have the capacity to honour her debts although I doubt it. What Argentina lacks it a willingness to honour her debts.

    The less said about the 'economic model' the better.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 09:14 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • WestisBest

    Some of that almost makes sense, is CFK sickening for something?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 09:57 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Idlehands

    “cancelling all liabilities with the IMF in 2006, which was achieved with no access to global money markets.”

    Isn't it rather easy to simply cancel debts without borrowing money to do so? Is that an achievement to an Argentine?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:21 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Frank

    “Please, let’s not be stupid anymore. Let’s not be dumb,” she urged to population.

    Oh OK

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:29 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ElaineB

    @ 3 This was achieved with money from Venezuela. In reality they just transferred the debt from one place to another.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:35 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • wesley mouch

    If anything justifies armed insurrection this is it. Where is a guerilla movement against Botox Evita?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 11:40 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • yankeeboy

    The more they talk about how good the K model is working the worse it must actually be. EVERYONE is talking collapse now, even the inner circle is trying to figure out how to save the Ks legacy. This article basically talks about the same things I have been since I have been posting here.
    Too bad it is too little and too late.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 12:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Anbar

    “”“”In the speech CFK recalled how Argentina became indebted particularly during the last military dictatorship“”“”

    Out of interest can anybody tell me if there were ANY Argentines involved in the dictatorship period as it seem to me that there could not possibly have been so: the current Argentines blaming practically everything upon them and taking no responsibility for anything during that period.

    Thus one can only assume the dictatorship was comprised entirely of Brits and Falklands Islanders.

    Is that true?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 12:26 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    This is so easy. Just check out “financial” events. How many people has CFK stolen money from? Less her “cut”, of course. Virtually everyone in argieland, except the CFK clique and supporters, is suffering. Such a wonderful economic “model”. Inflation heading for 35%. Wage increases headed in the same direction but lagging. Underfunded and “inexperienced” fuel industry. Failing industry and agriculture. Excessive and inappropriate taxation. Corruption. Widespread poverty, hidden wherever possible. Major criminal activity. In addition to the criminal activity of the “government”.
    @8 No, there were no argies involved. Everything was done by “little green men” wearing “costumes”. This includes the hundreds of thousands of aliens that congregated in the Plaza del Mayo, surrounding streets and other towns and cities. I wonder why the “aliens” didn't use their advanced science to win the war when the British Task Force arrived?

    Here's the truth. argieland is composed of around 40 million war criminals. Criminals who were more than happy to use their psychoses to justify their criminal actions. Criminals who have accepted the same psychoses subsequently and are, therefore, just as psychotic as their “older” generation. Let''s not forget that argies are genocidal by nature. They seem to be inordinately proud, instead of ashamed, that there are no indigenous people left in argieland.

    Really and truly, they are pretty sickening things. They must not be allowed to hide their past and pretend to be human beings.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:21 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    Most of the Argentines I know are ashamed of the current direct and their past.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:33 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    SSSSSShhhhhhhh.......learn up IMF followers!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:34 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Welsh Wizard

    Just off the phone with some firends and they were saying who the “news” is trumpeting hte figures above and how wonderful they are. I told them that it was prety easy to show good figures when to start from such a low point. I suggested that they watch “Yes Minister” as i continually gives the perfect example of how to use selcted figues to highlight your point. This says nothing of any of the other troubles in the countyr. Smoke and Mirrors once again...

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury


    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:43 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    One in 40 million damn she's good!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:51 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ElaineB

    Why is your son at private school? That goes against the 'socialist' ideals of CFKC.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 01:54 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    Same reason china sends their kids to American schools

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:00 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • LEPRecon

    Gustbury's son is in a private school because the state ones are sh!t.

    I don't blame him, I wouldn't want my child to have a sub-standard education.

    However, Gustbury, it's nice that YOU can afford all of this, but the majority of Argentine's can't.

    Whose fault is that? Whose fault is it that Argentina's state schools aren't very good at educating people?

    Hmm, I wonder if it's the governments fault? After all, it's the governments responsibility to run things like this. But Argentina always refuses to accept any responsibility for anything - period.

    Until Argentinians as a majority oppose corruption in government, then Argentina will always be like this, living hand to mouth despite having massive amounts of natural resources, always defaulting, always in debt.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:04 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    Private school is a little better just that.You must understand Argentina is changing,All LATAM is changing,chek Brazil superating uk economy all region is growing up.Why you don't want see Argentina grow up! wath's the problem!?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pirat-Hunter

    Argentina isn't in any worst shape then austerity riddled europe or war riddled middle east, but Argentine might be in better shape then most because there is no more british pirates in our ports anymore. And we will soon all be fishing in Islas Malvinas Argentina to pay our debt. With our resources as it was the plan of the banks many years ago.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    The level of corruption is what surprises me the most. Every government has some sort and level of corrupt individuals, it's sociologially normal. But the level of it in Argentina is astounding, as if thats organized crime in itself.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:31 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ElaineB

    @17 Yes, I have visited a number of state schools in Argentina and I wouldn't house a dog in them. They don't have enough books, chairs, desks or even loo-roll. They are filthy and haven't been decorated since about 1940. All this might be forgiveable if the standard of teaching was good but it isn't. If the teachers bother to turn up - and that is a rare event - the teaching is poor. There is no incentive for students to do well because they know absolutely anyone can get into a state university just so they can bum around for a few more years doing nothing. The idea of leaving home and going out to work is anathema to most of them.

    I raised the point because the CFKC hard-liners would have you believe they have a fantastic free education system and anyone with the money to use private schools is 'rich' and, therefore, the enemy.

    I can only assume Gustbury's 'thanks' is for the bribes he is picking up working for the government.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:34 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Simon68

    I think *gustbury* is a public employee of the federal government, probably paid by SIDE, the secret police organization. No one else could afford hous, car, motorcycle and private school.

    The other possibility is that he is a union boss, as they are doing pretty wel at the moment!!!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:37 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • EnginnerAbroad

    “and of stimulating the economy because only with resources can debts be paid, “the dead don’t pay debts””

    I agree but how are you going to stimulate the economy Mrs Presidente? Economic growth? No the growth is shrinking. How about capital funds? No dont have any of those? Foreign Investment? Ummm, noo struggling with at the moment. Trade surplus? Well, we have kind of pissed of the rets of the world and thats shriking to. SO you admit you made a mistake? No I defend my dead idiot of a husbands economic model and all my boot lickers opps sort I meant advsiors tell me it is working. I dont really udnerstand tho I dont really understand economics.

    “Argentina doesn’t print dollars. The US does, and it passes on its problems to the rest of the world,” she accused, and said that Argentina obtains dollars through:
    international tourism - shrinking,
    foreign investments - shrinking
    and the trade balance surpluses - shrinking.

    despite the fact we honour debts, and despite that in 2001 they never warned about the debacle that was going to sweep the country and the people’s savings and jobs”.

    Oh honouring your debt, you mean like in 2001 with the world slargets ever soverign deby crisis. You never paid your debts you just restructured them so you only had to pay a small percentage of what you actualy owed. even if this want true do you not believe that the credit agencies may be cocnerned about shrinking growth, rampant inflation and a govenment following nationlist measures including seizing the assets of foreign companies as well as isolating itself from the rest of the world.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:44 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    HAHAHAHA simon68:I'm not a public employer I'm a decent worker ,I work for a GPS recuperation company in the technical part,I'm not peronist but this goverment is doing things very better than others.!
    don't be bad people all come back!! god bless you

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 02:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • yankeeboy

    gustbury, Did you know in civilized countries that they have toilet paper in the student's bathrooms!! Ahh Wow!!


    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 03:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    yankee boy you're poor guy you know!?--To the serious people posting here:who full your heads,I can't believe hate to us,I just want you get back our islands ..only that, and everybody friends!!Obvioulsly respecting culture of the islands people.!!wath's the problem!? why not share everything!??there are British people in Chubut living in peace so!?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 03:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Britninja

    They might as well wipe their arses on 100-peso notes, for all they're worth.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 03:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • jerry

    This debt payment is to go to the banks. The ordinary citizen will get nothing - nothing - nothing.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 03:26 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    hahahahahah lol.... ok!!!......I can see SOME people with a little little mind posting here!! a shame (for you)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 03:32 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo

    you will find most people here dont have a problem with the average Argentinian in the street, it is mostly the president and other politicall leaders that come in for the most stick on these boards, dont take it all personal just becouse most posters will riddicule youre president!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 04:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    ok!!!but I can see problems at other places too : so!?? Nobody urinate blessed water!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 04:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo

    Why bring that up?
    this forum is about Argentina, as i said earlier, dont take it all personal!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:19 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @24 You need to understand “terms”. You are an argie shitty genocidal maniac. It is doubtful that you even understand the word “decent”.
    @26 Here's an idea. Despite my age (63) I am willing to travel to the South Atlantic and rip your fecking head off.
    @31 Do you understand that I really want to rip your rotting guts out with my bare hands, force them down your stinking throat and then kill you slowly over a period of 48 hours? I want you to die in so much agony that you would prefer to be chopped, alive, into compost. Actually, I want to see you indistinguishable from mashed sh*te. But, most of all, I want watch, and enjoy, seeing you die. All 40 million of you!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:20 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    (2) WestisBest
    You say:
    ”Some of that almost makes sense………..”

    I say:
    Yes it does…..........................................................., doesn’t it?

    “This isn’t a reason to celebrate, but to reflect”, said CFK.

    ”The Boden 2012 payment, worth 2.2 billion dollars will represent a further decrease of Argentina’s foreign debt“, said CFK.

    “Argentina doesn’t print dollars. The US does, and it passes on its problems to the rest of the world”, said CFK.

    “We need dollars so our businesses can buy basic supplies in order to maintain production“, said CFK.

    ”Nestor Kirchner argued before the IMF the need of no more austerity, but rather growth because “the dead don’t pay debts”, said CFK.

    Argentina’s sovereign debt ratio to GDP dropped from 168% in 2002 to 41.8% at the end of 2011”, said CFK.

    ”Ten years ago Argentina needed 815% of its reserves to pay foreign currency sovereign debt in private hands, but nowadays it is down to 88%”, said CFK.

    ”This new profile of the debt gives Argentina an immense independence to address world market volatility and to act effectively against the club of the ‘debt tempters’, those who recommend Argentina takes debt because they are sure it is the state that will end paying”, said CFK.

    “We must continue on the path of eliminating debts to avoid falling in the dramatic situation of the developed world, which is also having an impact on us”, said CFK.....................

    You seem as surprised about all this as Alex Betts was first time he visited the Continent and found out that we were not all Gauchos hunting down Guanacos and Ñandúes with our Boleadoras as he was taught at Malvinas School………..

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:27 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Tobers

    ---Argentina doesn’t print dollars. The US does, and it passes on its problems to the rest of the world”, said CFK. ---

    Says multi millionaire president who was happily using and trading in dollars until media pressure forced her to -pesify- a significant cash holding (and likely not all of her cash holdings ) and later still to charge in pesos not dollars in her hotel.

    ---We need dollars so our businesses can buy basic supplies in order to maintain production“, said CFK. ----

    The problem isn't the dollar - its the import restrictions and tariffs immense independence to address world market volatility----

    what exactly does that mean?

    an -----IMMENSE----- independence?

    If Argentina is independent and that independence is -----IMMENSE----- than -the global crisis- shouldnt be much of a problem should it?

    Hyperbole bollocks.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:47 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • WestisBest

    Indeed it is surprising when something CFK says isn't complete bollocks (please note that I did say 'ALMOST makes sense'...and 'isn't COMPLETE bollocks' too).

    I wouldn't be too worried though think, any shred of sanity she displays is probably temporary, she'll be back on form directly.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Truth_Telling_Troll


    And I'm sure the “people minded” anglo-saxons bail out the people and not the banks...

    About the only think that may garner my symphaties of other countries is the banks. I think all of the banks on the PLANET should be immediately intervened and likely EXPROPRIATED from the current administrators... put interim leadership that answers to a publicly elected authority, award some free scholarships to the upcomming banking graduates, and hand the reins to them... after the largest banks are broken into 20 pieces.

    I can't believe the nations of the world continue to allow themselves to be sodomized by these funest institutions.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:49 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Yuleno

    Conkerer.63 and still an idiot.Says a lot for the British.
    Yankeeboy.You really feel up there don't you.No comments on the article?Are the fiqures correct and the scenario accurate.Im sure you can find some discrepancies?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:50 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • KFC de Pollo

    Argentina doesn’t print dollars. The US does, and it passes on its problems to the rest of the world,” she accused, and said that Argentina obtains dollars through international tourism, foreign investments and the trade balance surpluses.

    shame she's scaring away the tourists with the huge problems in crime and civil unrest, Scaring away all the foreign investments with crazy trade rules.

    Many international companies have already left and many more are leaving. once they go and setup shop elsewhere will they ever come back? doubtful.

    she's ruining a country for many many years to come.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Truth_Telling_Troll


    Why don't you prove some of your lies?

    Like solid numbers on tourism, like pictures of the supposed civil unrest.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 05:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo


    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Truth_Telling_Troll



    I want numbers showing tourism is down because of CRIME and CIVIL UNREST.

    Let's try again, duh duh duh...

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:10 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    NAtiona garbage stirkes.....train and bus strikes, Pots and pans protests.....sounds uncivil to me. Probably not if you are use to it.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    ( 36) WestisBest

    You say:
    “Please note that I did say 'ALMOST makes sense'...and 'isn't COMPLETE bollocks' too”.

    I say:
    Don't worry, I did noticed..........

    “ALMOST makes sense”
    “Isn't COMPLETE bollocks”

    Are incredible positive statements coming from a gruff & shrewd Gran Malvina Kelper......;-)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo


    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:15 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Mrlayback

    whats happening in ...Jujuy, looks to me like they are trying to build a “che guevara” army but for what purpose ??

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo

    Argentina suffers most from drug-related crimes, says FTI Consulting
    This year, Chile is at a level 2 of insecurity, on a 1 to 5 sale (1 being the safest country and 5 the most insecure). Level 2 is labelled 'stable without changes'. Reasons for Chile's positive ranking include the respect for the country's police forces (Carabineros) and the punishments for petty crimes such as robberies and vehicle theft. Chile shares this position with Uruguay and Costa Rica.

    Data used in the study came from local police stations and NGOs. Like in 2009, Chile's evaluation said “only a few regions show a high murder rate.” FTI Consulting says “the lack of security continues as the main concern of city dwellers and the private sector in the whole region, from Argentina to Mexico.”

    High risk countries have shown no improvements since 2009. Haiti and Venezuela remain the most dangerous countries in the region, with a level 5 ranking (most insecure). Compared to last year, Venezuela's situation worsened, since it rose from level 4 to level 5.

    Haiti, after the earthquake in January is also being plagued by higher delinquency. El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico follow closely with a level 4 ranking (high insecurity). The latter country's problems, according to the report, are mostly due to drug trafficking.

    Argentina also suffers most from drug-related crimes, despite its efforts to improve the city police. It is still a high risk country with city crimes as the country's second cause of danger. FTI says Brazil, rated level 4 is handling its security problem best.

    im sure figures like these, and warnings from embassies really encourage tourists!!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Harry Stamper

    How about the debts to the rest of the world?

    Daft deluded bat, stealing the money of your own people, letting them suffer for years in poverty and then “crow” about how good to pay some back

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Truth_Telling_Troll


    Yawn. If you want to believe your own fairy tales that Argentina is at the same level of Haiti, Venezuela, and Mexico, you are beyond help.

    What do I care anyway if you believe that, it makes you the retard, not me!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo

    u mad

    My fairy tales? lol

    No need to be so butt hurt :)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 06:57 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Truth_Telling_Troll



    Though I guess I would believe you, if you also admitted the UK is bankrupt.

    Oh, wait, you are bankrupt!! (stealth default, and never ending austerity and recession!)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 07:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo

    youre number 51 lol

    ohhh dear

    is that really the best you can do to refute those figures???

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 07:05 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • redpoll

    Why do you people bother to reply to TTT? He is a neo Peonist Nazi. Like Hitler he looks for Lebensraum. First the Falklands and then my country Uruguay incorporated into Argentina as just another province. Well the Penguin Hitler is dead but we have Eva Bruan in control who has about as much clue as to how to run a country as her female predecesor Isabelita, a go-go dancer from Tucuman had. She was also a succesor to the Perón dynasty and lead her country into the dirty war where thousands of Argentines were murdered´
    He professes to be an isolationist but seems quite happy for China and Venezuela to assume the commercial hegenomy of his independant (?) homeland

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 07:46 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    Conqueror you old fool, come to Denmark and rip my head of :)
    You are so full of it, all talk and no action. It's not our fault you are getting beaten by your good wife. Try talking to the authorities, although they might laugh a bit, I'm sure there's a law to save your arse :)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 07:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • War Monkey

    @54 Guzz (#)
    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 07:58 pm

    Buzz. I thought you were in Uruguay?

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 08:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    What you think never has anything to do with reality, it would seem...

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 08:42 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    wow ...I can see many people with nervousness here !! Fear to lost the land may be!??? mm

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 08:46 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • redpoll

    @55 Guzzle He has been eating too much Danish Blue cheese or is he a Danish Red Cow? Too much time sitting in Copenhagen viewing naked lassies on rocks I think has clouded his judgement on what is going on in what he calls his home country

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 09:32 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ElaineB

    @57 What is there to fear? Argentina's army couldn't beat a girl's hockey team and the law is on the side of the Falkland Islanders. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 09:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    hhhhhaaa I don't know,who knows.!!!! time to time my faty Elaine!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 09:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Joe Bloggs

    57 Gutsbury

    Why wouldn't we the Falkland Islanders be the ones who are a little concerned? I think we're entitled to be. We're the ones who stand to lose our homes, not the Malvinistas. Nothing is at stake for you. Scared is way OTT though. After the intensity that CFK went at this with over the last 12 months there is clearly no legitimate way for her to get her hands on our islands. More like 'pretty interested' sums it up nicely for me. In fact I definitely get more humour out of reading Malvinista dribble on here than I get concern that CFK is making any progress.

    As for the Argentine economy: I think CFK is actually doing a very good job and I would encourage her to keep it up.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    And still our leader is the President of our nation :)
    We are here, we are there, we are bloody everywhere :)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • A.J.Rimmer

    Guzz, Denmark u say?? i am certain that u stated Uruguay in earlier topics, so which are you? år du Dansk?

    I happen to live in Finland, and if you so wish it, i would be more than happy to to take the ferry or plane from Helsinki to Kobenhaven, and meet up with a person like yourself, and show some, how did you put it “some action”.

    Incase ur wandering, i happen to live in Turku, but have family in Vantaa, so trust me when i say that it would not be a problem to make my way to Denmark.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    Another head ripper :)
    Mate, you know what your problem is? You guys just don't rip enough heads off, because yours are sadly enough still on your shoulders.
    If you want to show your wits with your fists, try conqueror, he's witty like that...

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Britninja

    Guzz, I think even Mother Theresa and Gandhi would have eagerly tag-team wrestled you to the ground and given you a kicking. You're just one of those special people that nobody likes.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    Being disliked in these threads is a compliment of higher degree :)

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 10:54 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pirat-Hunter

    I think Argentina can do a lot more then we give it credit for. Maybe the war mongers can start learning somethings from civilized leaders like CFK.

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 11:02 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    this is better than comedy central

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 11:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    61 Joe Bloggs ,I respect your point of view but nobody haves to lose nothing!we want respect your form of life, your lenguage ,your homes!!

    Aug 03rd, 2012 - 11:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • redpoll

    So guzzle is living in Denmark and drawing all the benefits that the EU can give him Perhaps he should move his buttocks and come back to his homeland and take part in day to day living in his homeland and the debate. But he wont do that. He is far to comfortable where he is. As for gustbury, his name sounds like a fart buried in a sofa cushion and his wind is worth about the same

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 12:57 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    Juas juas redpoll :)
    Keep on speculating and working on your alternative realities, I'm merely in Denmark for 2 reasons, seafare and sustainable energy. Make what you want out of it, that you are good at :)

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 01:56 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • gustbury

    redcock sorry redpoll!! Gustbury is not my name you know asshole! my name is Gustav RivasHellwig REC IT SUCKER!!!

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 03:14 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Ottona

    The majority of Argentinos would vote for Cristina again, if she could run for a third term! In Brazil, 69% said they would vote for Lula da Silva in 2014 - if he runs again!

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 06:01 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    (66) Guzz

    I can see that Mr.Redpoll, our “Resident Neo-Liberal Uruguayan”, has turned his “cheap points” sarcasm at you.

    I have had the pleasure of exchanging some opinions with him….
    ...... until I committed the ”Sacrilege” of asking if the workers at his Uruguayan rice farm were duly registered and paid in white….

    Needless to say; Inever got an answer…...............

    Hils den lille havfrue for mig...........

    To get back on topic….
    The black market dollar closed yesterday under 6,10 pesos.....
    With nearly no buyers….
    What do you “Think” that means?

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 07:32 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    Well Think, he's not the only one that uses invented origin on people as major arguments for his ideas. Quite funny he typo'd respetable to respectable... How very... english of him :)
    Havefruen is surrounded by Chinese people, they're everywhere :)
    And for the Arg peso, great news. About time the currency becomes more than only official.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 08:29 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @54 I'm happy with Danes. But you aren't one, are you? You're just a little piece of sh*te cowering out of the way. How about going to LatAm and learning how to fight? I do apologise. You're short on guts, aren't you? Tell you where I'll meet you. If my country agrees, I'll meet you on the shores of the Falkland Islands. And we'll find out what you have in the way of guts. Because I'll be happy to spill yours all over the sand and jump on them.
    @64 I'm sorry to have to admit that I'm quite old now. Is it OK for me to smash your head with a rock? My first thought was to smash your balls, but you clearly don't have any as you can't be honest about where you are. I forgot. Argie=liar. Is it OK with you if I bring my kukri? I think I will be entitled to a trophy. Your head will be a good start. But I also fancy the idea of your 2 inch dick where you could suck on it.
    @67 Been licking CFK's sh*t again? Fresh and steaming, was it?
    @71 So that would be an argie seafink. Whose vessel are you stowing away on? Do the world a favour. Go clean the keel for a couple of hours and then see whether you can “surface” through the propeller arc. Can you hold your breath that long? Like I care.
    @72 Thanks for identifying yourself, nazi. Please state your serial number and whether you were in the SS, the Waffen SS, the Wehrmacht or are just a civilian/descendent awaiting extermination.
    @73 Always good to see stupidity.
    @74 “Think” means “Twinky”. Most likely a necrophiliac, transsexual, butt-f*cking rapist. How to describe argieland? Sh*te attracts sh*te.
    @75 In Copenhagen I'm sure you can find many statues with upturned hands to enable you to satisfy your perversions. If you get “moved along” try the mooring bollards aboard ship. A couple of dozen extra turns with a cable should make them fit in your butt. Except for the 2 inch all round clearance. You must should try to get satisfaction from the business end of a cannon! Tears of anticipation, assf*ck?

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 01:20 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Guzz

    You think a lot about stuffing thing up people arses, don't you? You need to know that whatever that man of God did to you is NOT applicable to real life. Now, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences, but with that said at least I hope you enjoyed it :)

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 01:33 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • British_Kirchnerist

    Brilliant speech, the beautiful and brilliant Queen Cristina really wipes the floor with the likes of the haters on here who's only policy seems to be appeasing the banks and markets and declaring theres nothing to be done that can help ordinary people

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 04:33 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • SussieUS

    Comment removed by the editor.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 05:08 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo


    Thank you once again for youre great contribution to these politicall forums, youre wit, intelect and insight into politicall matters concerning Argentina is both inspiring and mezmerizing, please do keep up this sterling service.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 05:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • cornishair

    BK must be a girl, because only a woman could call kfc beautiful!.

    80 scarfo. I'm thinking SussieUS has a weird thing for man-on-man porn, its very insightful into her state of mine.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 08:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Zhivago

    Sussie, I'm hurt, you posted that same poem in another thread but you used my name first instead of Conq! I thought you had written it for me. Such bitter disappointment, oh well, how did that vaginoplasty go for you?

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 09:15 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • axel arg

    The article is excellent, anyway if we could get much more economic autonomy, i hope that in next years, we can erradicate defenetly the structural poverty that we still have, and diminish significantly the inflation level. We improved so much our social situation, but we are still a very unequal society. I trust c. f. k., i know that despite some negative aspects that her gov. has, like the denounces of corruption cases, which are being investigated by the justice, she will continue making a great progress for us. What i will always admire from her, is her bravery, she's one of the few presidents who made front some of the most powerfull corporations which have always conditioned all the governments, in fact they made fell tyhe administrations of all those politic leaders who weren't functional to their interests. Like i said a couple of weeks ago, the best legacy that she can leave to us, is her bravery, we dont need only honest presidents, we need brave men and women, for all this reasons, despite some contradictions and some negative aspects of her government, nobody can deny that she made a lot for us, and i'm sure that she'll be remembered by most us, not only as a good president, but like a great woman.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 10:45 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • RICO

    “the dead don’t pay debts” thats something the dead and Argentina have in common.

    Aug 04th, 2012 - 11:41 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • toooldtodieyoung

    wow!! “CFK defends Argentina’s economic model”

    Argentina has an economic model??? who would have known......

    79 SussieUS

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear....................

    Aug 05th, 2012 - 09:34 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pirat-Hunter

    Austerity anyone?? Yes sure in Europe. Lol no wonder the envy is so great, their attitude makes it impossible to sympathize with them. I am sure trashing Argentina will not help them solve the austerity riddled europe. Go well you live and learn.
    #80, #81, #82 SussieUS is right about british homosexuals who come to Argentinas news links to get attention because the poor ugly short fat homos wouldn't even collectivly gather enough beauty to attract a pervert. This might be the reason they travel the world in search of young poor children to abuse.
    #84 even dumb people have rights to free speech you are not the exception. But rights don't mean right. Good try, play again
    #85 yes we have an economic model because we dont solve economic problems with austerity, I think we overcame dependency on foreign debt with support from the national bank and Argentine citizens who will be collecting interests on their loaned capital, soon there might be more Argentine's surfing the net then british.

    Aug 05th, 2012 - 07:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • scarfo


    ah the intelligent one speaks again lol

    Aug 05th, 2012 - 07:45 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Hepatia

    Responsibility has been taken for the Junta. You may not be aware of this but there have been a number of trials of Junta members. Given the facts and evidence I believe there should be more trails.

    Aug 06th, 2012 - 03:31 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • LEPRecon

    @86 - Pirat-hunter

    Common sense would suggest that you can't borrow yourself out of debt, as the debt just keeps increasing and you end up robbing peter to pay paul (just like CFK is doing at the minute).

    Argentina has still to honour it's foreign debts which stand in the billions. Until it does that, no one in the world (with the exception of Chavez) would be willing to loan money to Argentina.

    CFK is busy doing a very dangerous juggling act, kept up with support from Chavez, but even he doesn't have bottomless pockets.

    The only way for Argentina to truly make enough money, not only to pay off it's sovereign debt but to have enough left over to benefit the lives of ordinary Argentines, is the oil and gas industries.

    Unfortunately CFK's insistance on capping the prices, whilst helping the poor in the short term, will damage the poor and the rest of Argentina in the long term.

    That's why no foreign investors will touch Argentina with a barge pole right now, no way to make any profit. Venezula's assistance might help, but offshore drilling is an expensive and not always successful venture. They money may run out before the black gold can be struck.

    Aug 06th, 2012 - 11:25 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Hepatia

    The problem is that they can see the future and it does not look good for them. As a result they are in denial and are trying to live in the 19th century.

    Aug 06th, 2012 - 02:59 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • SussieUS

    Has a rossy arse
    and likes to touch his toes
    for UK men
    on a row.....
    This includes briton rossy arse
    ConQUEEERRRRRRR yells.....
    bring the baby oil
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    briton goes first
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    easy to screw by UK men
    By the way................
    Isolde tells Simon
    you get pay one peso
    for telling lies.......
    to discourage SussieUS
    for making comments
    the one with rossy arse...........
    now is turn for old briton
    to bend and touch his toes......
    needs to ejaculate!
    poor Briton rossy arse
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    here he comes
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    drip drip drip
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    Aug 06th, 2012 - 05:47 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • British_Kirchnerist

    #83 Excellent comment. I agree that courage is needed as well as honesty for a real people's leader, and I agree history will see Cristina as a great woman. I actuallythink in centuriesto come she will be remembered like Cleopatra or my own country's Boudicea =)

    Aug 06th, 2012 - 09:56 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • redpoll

    ~@92 Perhaps Anne Boleyn or Lady Jane Grey would fit more into her model woman. Didnt Cleopatra get bitten by a snake?

    Aug 07th, 2012 - 01:34 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • LEPRecon

    @92 - BK

    Who is Boudicea? No such person. Do you mean Boudica Queen of the Iceni tribe? An English tribe, and I thought you were a rabid Scottish nationalist, and here you are trying to steal other country's Queens.

    Feel free to compare CFK with Cleopatra and Boudica, boths lives ended in tragedy, both killed themselves, Cleopatra using the Eygption method of a poisonous asp, rather than being taken prisoner by the Romans; and Boudica by her own sword, rather than being taken prisoner by the Romans.

    CFK is free to take her own life any time she wants too, but I doubt she'll ever be remembered with the likes of Cleo and Boudica. I doubt she'll even be remembered with the likes of Eva Peron.

    CFK will be remembered along the likes of Emelda Marcos.

    Aug 07th, 2012 - 07:16 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Zhivago

    I was thinking Elena Ceausescu.

    Aug 07th, 2012 - 10:14 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Captain Poppy

    Finding brave men and women are going to be a tough search. You can't import them.

    Aug 07th, 2012 - 02:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • British_Kirchnerist

    #92 “I thought you were a rabid Scottish nationalist”

    You thought wrong, I support the Union

    Aug 08th, 2012 - 05:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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