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Uruguay is much respected in international affairs, said President Mujica

Friday, September 27th 2013 - 07:26 UTC
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Mujica during his meeting with Rockefeller, tea and mate, two different styles, two different realities Mujica during his meeting with Rockefeller, tea and mate, two different styles, two different realities

Uruguay’s voice is much respected in international affairs and this can be attributed to the country’s foreign policy, although ‘it’s not only a merit of this administration but a long term achievement’, said President Jose Mujica on Thursday in a brief exchange with the media delegation covering events in New York.

“This is an achievement that leaves us well positioned: the voice of Uruguay is listened to in foreign affairs and there is an international acknowledgement” said Mujica.

He added Uruguay has a well earned respect overseas “which is far larger than the dimensions of the country and of what we are. We are seen as a serious country with solid institutions and a bonhomie which we don’t recognize or value”.

But Mujica also pointed out it was not an only merit of the current government but rather a course of action that somehow Uruguay has been capable of sustaining for decades.

“There is an international acknowledgement and we are well listed in the regional and global context, which should make us feel proud”.

To that respect Mujica pointed out that all the meetings he had, be it with Vice-president Biden, Colombian leader Santos, billionaires Soros and Rockefeller and others were all requested, “we didn’t’ ask for them and the truth is, I think they are much interested in knowing what is going on in Uruguay”.

In effect one of those meetings was with David Rockefeller, 98, the patriarch of the family, one of the richest in the US and with many investments in Latam.

During the 45 minute-meeting Mujica and Rockefeller exchanged opinions on how the societies of the two countries are organized and while the US businessman drank tea, the Uruguayan leader had ‘mate’ the infusion tea from ‘yerba leaves’ which is so common in the River Plate.

Mujica a former urban guerrilla leader who in the sixties pledged to defeat the ‘imperialist Rockefellers exploiting South America”, when he was running lose robbing banks, kidnapping diplomats and shooting police forces admitted that “coming to visit you is like crossing the Rubicon, because you are the symbol of a reality and we always acknowledge realities”.

The president also revealed that the magnate was interested in knowing how Uruguay was planning to implement the policy to regulate the market and consumption of marihuana.

Mujica said that Rockefeller admitted that his father had adopted a very radical position regarding prohibition in the thirties in the US. “But after some time when he saw the positive effects of the new approach he realized that prohibition had been a terrible mistake given its practical effects”.

“My father had the intellectual concern of being knowledgeable and I realize that the current anti drugs and anti narcotics policies implemented are not working”, said the US billionaire.

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  • golfcronie

    LMAO HaHaHa

    Sep 27th, 2013 - 09:54 am 0
  • Conqueror

    I think he meant to say that Uruguay used to be much respected in international affairs. It's been gradually losing that respect ever since it became an argie doormat and mouthpiece. It's foreign minister, Almagro, seems to be fairly pro-argie. When it comes to the Falklands, I wonder whether they've ever researched the matter themselves. As most of us on here know, the argie “claims” are bunkum. And not assisted by the fact that argieland keeps changing the “facts”. Now, is it that Almagro and Mujica have trouble with the longer words, they just believe whatever argieland tells them and say what they are told to say, they are so frightened of argieland that they have no choice, or is it a case of supporting another latam state no matter what? None of those options would generate much “respect” for Uruguay. After all, Chile says one thing and does another. And we have done the research on here. Every argie “claim” has been refuted. Either its been a lie, or its been a lie. Does Uruguay believe that if it “steps out of line”, the argie army will march across the border? Has argieland browbeaten the whole of latam. I know we call her a harpy, but she can't really swoop down out of the sky and steal food from people's hands and befoul the rest. Or can she? Anyhow, this makes the Uruguayan government either stupid or cowardly. Or both. And who respects such a state?

    Sep 27th, 2013 - 11:47 am 0
  • ChrisR

    Uruguay, under previous administrations WAS internationally favoured, certainly out of the cesspit that was SA and remains that way with many of the commie nations on the southern cone.

    This old commie twat has done his best to screw that up big-time and he is succeeding, unfortunately.

    Given an excellent financial position by Vasquez he has managed to piss that away on “social inclusion” aka the DOLE in the UK, the Pluna fiasco and allowing the likes of the monopolistic fuel supplier ANCAP to raise prices by almost 10% when spot prices are dropping.

    But his crowning glory has been to roll over the debt he has caused after four years of his “rule” as he likes to think of his presidency, so that the next two generations will be paying for it.

    A major disappointment for everybody except the lazy bastards he is financing to stay at home.

    I can’t wait for hom to go and good riddance.

    Sep 27th, 2013 - 12:50 pm 0
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