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Malvinas 'sooner than later' will return to Argentina, forecasts Maduro

Saturday, April 26th 2014 - 06:00 UTC
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Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro forecasted that “sooner than later, the Malvinas Islands will return to the hands of the Argentine people” and recalled that during the recent Celac summit in Cuba (Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States) Latin-American was declared “a territory of peace and free of colonialism”. Read full article


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  • golfcronie

    Bring it on you numbnuts, you will not see Argentina sovereignty over the FALKLANDS.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:51 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, rhubarb, rhubarb, etc etc ad nauseum.
    Usual hot air from South American politicians.
    As usual it means JackS.
    Anyway, they can have their malvinas…if they can find them,
    We'll keep the Falklands, thank you very much.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:01 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Evil Colonialist Pirate

    In 30, 50, 100 years his equally deluded successors will say exactly the same thing. And exactly nothing will change; the Falklands wil remain British territory.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:08 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    It's hard to see how a claim based on a fictitious account of events two centuries ago, in clear violation of modern international and custom, can survive indefinitely the light being shone on it. In this respect, Argentine irrationality remains the best guarantor of the Falklands current and future status.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:21 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Don Alberto

    'sooner than later'

    Undoubtedly based on advice from a little bird :-D

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:24 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Steveu

    The way things are going in his f***ed up country, Maduro will be out of office “sooner or later”.

    I think the Falklanders can sleep safely in their beds

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:05 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • CaptainSilver

    ...and Maduro can't be sleeping safely in his. Petrol bombs, bazookas, continuous riots, no bog rolls. Oil wells galore as well as vacant skulls. Another South American failed nation.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:13 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • toooldtodieyoung

    oh dear god!!!!

    I'm sure that if Stalin was still alive, the argentines would be trying to wheel him out to add his weight to their cause.....

    Yes, yes, yes we know.... Laughing boy titman said that they would be in the hands of the argentine people within 25 years. That was while he was running away from a meeting with 2 members of the FIG. What a brave man you are timermen!!

    Ok guys, you can talk the talk.......Now lets see you walk the walk..... or is the talk THE only thing you can do.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:28 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • yankeeboy

    My bet is he'll be swinging from a lampost or have a Magnum 357 headache sooner than later.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:41 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Livingthedream

    What are the Argentinians plan to do with the Islands once they have them? The south of Arg is unpopulated enough as it is and who wants a baron islands with a bunch of hillbillies on them anyway. Let them be in peace!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:03 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Mendoza Canadian

    In this “territory of peace” they need defense agreements? And more military training and equipment? Who are their enemies? Oh yes...its the bad citizens of these countries who want freedom from these dictators.

    Good luck with that Falkland Islands thing.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:11 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ilsen


    What a clown!

    The usual, useless hot air.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:23 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • downunder

    “……..and recalled that during the recent Celac summit in Cuba (Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States) Latin-American was declared “a territory of peace and free of colonialism”.

    Well, if that’s the case, the political future of the Falkland’s is assured. I am sure the people of the Falkland Islands will welcome the declaration that Celac has persuaded Argentina to shelve its colonial claim to the Falkland’s and accept that the Islands exist as a separate, albeit small. country within Latin America.
    “a territory of peace” does that mean there will be no more dirty wars where Argentina murders her own citizens and launches brutal invasions of her tiny neighbours?
    Argentina must be hoping that CELAC and Venezuela can deliver what invasions, alliances , the UN and all its other so called ‘friends’ have been unable to.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:39 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Britworker

    Pure comedy, I love these proclamations, it would be nice though if an explanation was forthcoming as to how exactly the islands can become Argentine.
    The UK probably has the most advanced weaponry on the planet, just as advanced as the US, if not in smaller number. What are Venezuela and Argentina going to fights us with? Their military is ancient and they have combat experience in modern warfare.
    I think Maduro might be trying to compensate for something!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 12:10 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR


    What a clown, just when you think it can't get any worse for the poor sods in Venezuela their “president” starts wittering on about the mythical Malvinas being “returned” to The Dark Country!

    He obviously went to school in Argentina or a RCC school wherever he was dragged up, the latest Antichrist from The Dark Country agrees with the crap.

    But are we surprised, he is the Pope (who should be on a rope, ROUND HIS NECK).

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 12:15 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Mick23

    Moron... Back on the Bus'

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 12:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Ahh the british ignorance and propaganda to feed the morning.
    In response to comment number 10, only in Usuahia's city, there are more than 20 times the population that exist in the whole of the Malvinas territory.
    #13downunder, let me remind you that the islands are already considered a colony. And not only by Argentina. The islands are one of the 16 remaining colonies in the process of decolonization.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 01:07 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Mendocinovino

    “build the real integration, the union of Latin-American in the XXI century”, said Maduro.”
    Falklands islands are not Latin.
    South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are not Latin.
    Guyana is not Latin.
    Suriname is not Latin

    Stupid bus driver.....see a problem there at all?

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 01:16 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Yaaaawnnn......Yes, yes, but decolonisation means the indigenous population determine their future, no? It DOESN'T mean any sack of sh1t banana can put in a speculative bid for the goods. That's all part of the 1945 UN ethos. Any probs then take it to the ICJ. Of cource you won't because you haven't a chance in hell of winning.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 01:29 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pete Bog

    “We have also agreed on technology transfer for the complementation of a ammonia nitrate plant,“

    How impressive......

    ”Similarly the Argentine could purchase fluvial patrols and Venezuela the Pampa III training aircraft”

    Fluvial patrols? Toilet inspections? River patrol boats?

    Goodluck with the Pamper 3s MADuro (thanks ChrisR).

    These people sure know how to impress us with their cutting edge technology.


    “only in Usuahia's city, there are more than 20 times the population that exist in the whole of the Malvinas territory.”

    And how much does this population earn per head of capita?

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 01:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Brit Bob

    @17 Decolonisation simply means what it says. It does not mean re-colonisation by Argie-turdia.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 01:44 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Monkeymagic

    “Returned to the hands of the Argentine people”?

    Which Argentine people where the islands ever “in the hands of” ?

    Perhaps the “Spanish Argentines”? Who inhabited the islands between 1766 and 1811. These Spanish who left the islands in 1811 to go to Uruguay to fight the Argentines and then most returned to Spain and none ever became Argentine??

    Those Argentines?

    Or perhaps the Argentines in the German Luis Vernets community, who in 1833 where under the leadership of the British Matthew Brisbane?

    Those Argentines?

    Or maybe even those Argentines who arrived in November 1832 on the SS Sarandi, mutineed, murdered their Captain Estban Mestevier, raped his wife in front of their children and were evicted six weeks later??

    Those Argentines?

    Or perhaps still he means the Argentines who invaded in 1982, caused the death of 1000 people, planted unmapped minefields, used human shields, and sent untrained children to their deaths 1000s of miles from home based on a lie....

    Those Argentines?

    I wish he'd be more specific which Argentine hands he thinks the islands should be returned too....the first three groups are all dead as are their next 8 generations...I am not sure anything can be returned to “those Argentines”.

    The fourth group were subject to a UN security council resolution ordering them to leave the islands (which they ignored), so it can't be those Argentines either.

    Perhaps he means the “Argentines” who have lived peacefully on the islands for 180 years, have built their homes, their community and businesses, and are without any doubt the only rightful owners of the islands.....

    The only problem with those “Argentines” is that 99.8% of them have no wish to be Argentine.....Ho hum.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 02:02 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • CaptainSilver

    #17. I have been to Ushaia - what a dump! A damp miserable place with soggy rugby pitches, a stupid mythical Malvina's monument covered in black mould, and a sewage system that doesn't work. Surrounded by beaver damaged forests with indigenous Mapuche Cartoneros living in tin shacks with leaking roofs on a few Pesos a day..

    Is this what the Argienazis are offering the Falkland Islanders who live in neat little houses on clean streets with incomes more than treble RG salaries?

    You must be barmy!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 02:07 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • golfcronie

    Admiral Carmen Melonhead, be very afraid FALKLANDERS, be very afraid.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 02:21 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    ”Nicolás Maduro forecasted that “sooner than later, the Malvinas Islands will return to the hands of the Argentine people”...
    First of all, coming from the MADman that he is, I wouldn't worry about it...
    Second, just another tactic to try to downplay the mess in his own backyard ....

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 04:09 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Ohhh im so sorry for you brits that feels that Argentina wants to “colonize” a colony (Malvinas)!!!!!.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 04:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @17 I think I've just heard a fart. Did you open your mouth? The only “Malvinas” territory I know of is in Cordoba City. You are welcome to invade, occupy, murder and rape there. Make sure you do a good job. Kill all the men and rape all the women. Or is that 'kill all the women and rape all the men'? Seeing as it's argies, it'll be 'kill all the women and rape all the men'.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 04:16 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #27, Conqueror, we are not britain!!!!. We do not invade, occupy, murder and rape.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 04:18 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    @28 LOL

    General Roca?.....genocide of native peoples....Patagonia conquest?......Stolen Paraguayan territory?......General Galtieri?.....

    You idiota.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 05:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Andy35

    “Our nations will continue to share experiences and support each other to consolidate South America as a territory of peace”

    Shame Venezuela was not a territory of peace now nor Argentina in 1982.

    Politicians eh? Will talk any old rubbish.

    It's not wonder the people of the Falkland Islands do not want to be taken over by such poor management.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 05:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #29 FI-Frosty, only 5? in all our history from General Roca in the 1800's?. I dont know if you are dumb, ignorant or indoctrinated. When General Roca was born, Britain had at least, 1000 years of experience of invading, conquering, murdering, and raping, among other stuff.
    If we only take the last 10 years!!!!!!!, Britain invaded illegally Iraq, Afghanistan, colaborated with the terrorists in Lybia, in Syria. Tortured suspects of terrorism, raped civilians on concentration camps, etc.

    So you think the british are the good guys?????. There are 10 non self-governing territories that needs to be decolonized. It is a shame that the uk do not colaborate with the UN to end the colonial situation on those territories. Grow up.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 05:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    @ 30 Liberato

    How old are you, 12, 13 or 14, because you know nothing of the real history of the Falklands and what about YOUR invasion with 10,000 cowards in 1982?

    Dear me, do you not know there are NO Malvinas, except in Espanol gibberish?

    No need to thank me, pleased to help.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:09 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    What the hell is your point? You did less bad things then us in the 18th/19th century therefore you get first digs on the Falklands Islands. Ehhh, how the freak does that work in the modern world?

    Grow up. We live in the 21st century. Why did you people not take this to the UN and ICJ in 1833? Besides, Gaucho Rivera was a common criminal - your own historians agree on that point of fact. So stop wasting peoples time; go read a book and learn your own history properly.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Actually, i was talking about Britain in general. Not specifically about the Malvinas Islands history. Its the same people, but not the same place, Britain is located in Europe, Malvinas, in South America.
    About 1982, first, it was not an invasion. Secondly, it was planned and executed by a dictatorship. A dictatorship is a government made by people we didnt choosed. If you tell me the british people did not choosed Tony Blair, i would certainly not judge them for the ilegal invasion, murdering and bombing of civilians, and the tortures of suspect illegally detained on the Iraq's war.

    About the name of the islands. For the UN, there are two names to reffers in all oficial documents to the islands. One of them is Falklands Islands(Malvinas) used in all documents written in english or Islas Malvinas (Falklands) to all documents made in spanish.
    So you are wrong. Not only in spanish exist the Malvinas name, but on the enlighs name too, becouse as there is a sovereignty dispute both names have to be used.

    If you need a link, please let me know. The pleasure is mine to get you out of your ignorance.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Tobers

    @17 Liberato

    The Argentine state created special tax free zone of tierra del fuego to encourage Argentines to populate the area and stop depopulation of its natives heading up north. Meanwhile The Falklands are thriving.

    You are mistake if you think your government actually wants the islands back. The theme has proved too valuable as a political tool to 'resolve the problem'.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:32 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Andy35

    Talking of colonial outposts in South America should not all peoples speaking Spanish be thrown out of the continent?

    The whole of Argentina is a colonial enclave, they should get out of there and leave it to the indigenous people .

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:33 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    @33 Einstein

    “...About 1982, first, it was not an was planned and executed by a dictatorship. A dictatorship is a government made by people we didnt choosed.”

    Oh, this gets better...this gets so much better....You people are hilarious.....

    Sooooooo, by your same logic, can you “forgive” the UK for its past sins because: well, basically, we (the now living UK'ers) weren't around at the time to put a stop to all our past naughtiness ?

    I await your reply with eagerness. Regards.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 06:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    No it is not the same. The germans choosed hitler, and the sons of those germans, have to live with the desition their parents made. You have to live with what your parents did. I have to live with what my parents did. Parents, granpather, grand grandfather, etc.
    I do not legitimate what the junta did. I think the war should never had happened under no circunstancies. But being me, you, your father or my father under a dictatorial regime, there was nothing you can do to stop what they did. my uncle was tortured and imprisioned by the junta just for taking a photo, in a wrong time, in a wrong place without fighting nor supporting the junta. He was just there and thankfully survived.
    So i cant blame my uncle or my father for the junta, becouse i know that if they opposed them in any way they would be one of the 30.000 dissapeared that the junta left in my nation's history.
    So if you as your people, the british people, are in no way responsible for the Blair government it would still not legitimate the Iraq's war, but i would certainly not judge you or your people.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 07:10 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    Dear Mr Maduro,

    The many many men on this planet, past present and future, that have claimed they will either rule the world or get everything they wanted , would fill this blog to the Rim,

    And just like all these men, they were , are , and always will be, confined to the graveyard or crematorium, Dead,
    your ideals will end up in the same place. Dead.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 07:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Again I ask, how does YOUR logic mean the people of the Falklands have no right to determine their future???

    If they are implanted usurpers then YOU need to pack your bags and go back home to Europe to set an example.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 07:49 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    The fact is old chap,

    You cannot justify the threats, abuse, intimidation, attempted blockading, and belittling abhorrent lies about the Falkland islanders

    You cannot justify the ignoring, and abuse of their right to self determination, freedom, or human rights, in any shape of form,

    Or can you ??..

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Monty69

    33 Liberato

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Islander1

    Liberato- question your population figures for Ushuaia? 20 times Falklands 3000 is 60,000 - are you sure that many in Ushuaia?

    If you are correct then it must be a bloody supply shambles in your shops going by what the cruise ships say who come here saying they cannot get this or that in Ushuaia - only to find it here no problem in our little town of 2500!
    Yes one day we will indeed be fully 2decolonised” - we already are over halfway there as a B.O.T. with internal self Government - one day we will be Independent and a small member of the Commonwealth, probably not in my lifetime, but one day we will - the only surety is that we will NEVER be a
    COLONY of Argentina - now that would be against the UN wishes!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:32 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Gordo1

    Madur0 - get your own house in order before you make such comical declarations!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 08:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo

    I just read the following:
    From Aviation week: Sky Team partner, Aerolíneas Argentinas announces planned new routes for next year including Porto Alegre, Brazil, La Serena, Chile and the Islas Malvinas, currently administered by the United Kingdom.
    These new exciting destinations will be in full service by the first quarter of 2015. Special tour promotions, including enticing ticket pricing will certainly be of interest for all segments of air travel customers.
    Founded in 1950, Aerolíneas Argentinas is one of the leading South American carriers. From its home bases in Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Aerolíneas Argentinas flies to 18 international destinations in The Americas, Europe and the South Pacific.
    Along with Austral Líneas Aéreas, Aerolíneas operates flights to 35 destinations in Argentina, flying to more cities in the Argentine territory than any other airline. Aerolíneas provides dynamic links between Argentina and the region through its relaunched hub in Aeroparque Jorge Newbery city airport. The Aerolíneas group is carrying out an ambitious fleet renewal program.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    @43 Chicureo

    Yeah but Islas Malvinas is likely some yocal airport in the middle of the pampas; these jokers like to call everthing by this fantasy name; bit like a drunk constantly trying to escape relailty. Where you read this?

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    @38 Liberato,
    1982 was an invasion, speak the truth.
    Your ridiculous country invaded the Falkland lslands…a land that does NOT belong to you.
    No matter all the lies that you were taught at school, this is NOT your country.
    lt would be impossible to “return” this land to you because you never, ever owned it.
    You would like to own it, but you never will.
    Just go away, ldiota

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:28 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Kirk Nelson

    Are you serious about it?
    The statement made by the Colombian citizen and President of Venezuela, is unrealistic thought and much more acceptable as idea.
    It is incomprehensible to accept such comment, because Maduro cannot take control Venezuela, country currently in sever need of basic human goods, among others, such as milk, meat, cooking oil, toothpaste and toilet paper and thinking about to to solve other country's needs?
    Fantasies are free, but unworkable ones.

    Kirk Nelson,
    New York, USA

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 09:39 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    @ 45 Islas Malvinas Airport in Ushuaia, I didn't see the Falkland islands on the list :)

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:18 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo


    I don't know, it sounds like the Falklands to me...

    It is very clear that the Argentine government is planning to go ahead with pushing LAN aside and taking over the exclusive right to fly to what they claim is their territory. LAN is in a difficult position as CFK can retaliate by cutting off their other routes across Argentina.

    Argentine government spokesperson, Juan Carlos Mancini, elaborated that Aerolineas Argentinas would be acquiring three jet aircraft capable of operating the route. In an earlier announcement, Alicia Castro, Ambassador to the United Kingdom mentioned that current plans of Aerolineas Argentinas will make the current LAN service no longer necessary. With the new flight service to Mount Pleasant, this will facilitate easier and more timely service “Argentina is committed to its territorial inhabitants best needs and remains serious about its promises for a peaceful solution with an opportunity to improve communications and the quality of life to the Islanders.”

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    We will just cut the flight, they think we will have no choice, but we will just go without a link to SA unless we go for the other option which is in the pipeline and fly direct to Uraguay.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    @ 51 Falkland Islands

    I would be very pleased to see you at Carrasco Airport in URUGUAY! ;o)

    (I have no idea where Uraguay is. Is it by the mythical malvinas?)

    Just pulling your leg!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:38 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    As usual, they think they can sneak through the back door, they are going to put LANS nose out of joint, spend millions buying new aircraft, reorganising routes and then to find out that they can't land in the mythical Malvinas, I'm going to laugh my socks off. Then their invading veterans will have to enroute Uraguay. ;)

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:45 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo

    From the press: ”An Argentine government spokesperson elaborated that Aerolinias Argentinas would be acquiring three Tupolev 154 modern aircraft to service the route. With a cruising speed of 975 kilometres per hour (606 mph), the Tu-154 is one of the fastest civilian aircraft in operation and has a range of 5,280 kilometres (3,280 mi). Capable of operating from unpaved and gravel airfields, it was widely used in extreme Arctic conditions where other airliners were unable to operate and where service facilities were very basic.
    Aerolineas Argentinas will eventually include a connecting non-stop flight from Buenos Aries to London via a new proposed fleet of Tupovev 404 jumbo airliners to facilitate and timely access for passengers originating and arriving at Mount Pleasant. The changeover to an exclusive Tupolev fleet for Aerolineas Argentinas is part of the current government’s strategy to offset trade swap in goods instead of depending on obtaining international credit allowing for a complete modernization of the fleet. The TU154 connecting with the forth coming TU404 service will prove that Argentina is committed to its territorial inhabitants best needs and remains serious about its promises for a peaceful solution.”

    I don't know if eliminating service from LAN Chile is a good idea, but the Argentines seem sincere... Plus, maybe this is the time to give CFK another chance to show that she only has the islander's best interests at heart.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:53 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    AA will never touch it's wheels on British Falkland Islands soil.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 10:59 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • golfcronie

    Gotta laugh, you can't just decide to send commercial flights to countries, you have to ask their permission for landing rights.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:02 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    as usual, lets be pushy! typical arrogance, this is why we will never trust them.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:08 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • darragh

    @54 C

    Oh no not the dreaded Tu-404. This was a concept aircraft from the late 80's early 90's and never got past the drawing board. Try Googling it!!!!

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #57: Typical arrogance?????. Arent you pushing for what you consider is right? regardless that you claim you are self governed while the UN clearly say the opposite?.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:41 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo

    #58. Tu-404

    It was cancelled, but now has been resurrected. Read and open your eyes.

    (Excerpts from RIA Novosti) – The giant Russian UAC will realize seven projects proposed by the Russian aircraft industry, including the Sukhoi Superjet 100 currently in production, MS-21, the ll-389, the Su-200, the Ir-81, the MS 28 and the Tu-404. (by Sukhoi, Irkut, Ilyushin and Tupolev).
    The Tupolev assembly aircraft plant has been designated as the lead builder of Russia's re entry into the jumbo category with the proposed TU-404 which is targeted for the 300plus passenger capacity that should begin production by the end of this decade. The 404 will use four of the domestically designed PD-14 engines that will go into testing by the third quarter of 2016. Manufactured by the United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC), these fourth generation generation engine is Russia’s first domestic development in the area of civilian engine-building for the last 25 years. Russia has invested 70 billion rubles ($2.26 billion) in the development of the engine.
    “At present, the engine is being prepared for tests on an Il-76-based airborne testing lab, scheduled to take place in 2015,” UEC spokesperson Anastasia Denisova said. The engine is expected to be certified in 2017 and go into production in 2019.
    The PD-14 has been developed by Russia’s Aviadvigatel company to become one of the alternative power plants for the new family of MS-21 twin-jet engine MS-21 aircraft are to replace all models of Tu-154B and Tu-154M aircraft as well as Yak-42 in Russia.
    The deliveries of MS-21 will start in 2018 and the initial production models will feature Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engines.

    Apr 26th, 2014 - 11:59 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • paulcedron

    “Malvinas 'sooner than later' will return to Argentina, forecasts Maduro”

    but they will return to argentina with the parasites, (sorry, islanders) included?
    mmm...not the best deal then.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 01:22 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    The Falklands cannot be returned, because you theiving Spanish/Italian immigrants to south America never had them in the first place. by the way, you can have the parasites back, I will go and fetch them from Darwin and send them to you, got an address?

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 01:52 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • paulcedron

    Comment removed by the editor.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 01:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Islander1

    Chico and others.AA will never EVER be landing at Mount Pleasant Airport or anywhere else in the islands.
    Why? - simple:
    Civil Aviation in AND out of the Islands is 100% under the control of the Falkland Islands Govt Dept of Civil Aviation.
    Any airline wanting to fly to the islands thus under IATA rules has to contact the designated aviation authority of the territory concerned to make arrangements regards verifications of airworthiness, insurances, landing facilities and safety etc etc.- and arrange to pay the appropriate landing fees.

    AA or any Arg airline will have a wee problem here - how can they be seen in Argentina to be talking to and negotiating with al “illegal Govt that does not exist” - as says Buenos Aires Govt.

    AS AA have found out before- they can apply a thousand times to London and the UK Govt - all it does is refer them to the appropriate civil aviation authority in the islands.
    So for so long as Buenos Aires wants its 1982 veterans and next of kin families to be able to visit the Islands - it will have to continue to allow the current weekly Lan flights with their monthly stop in Rio Gallegos each way.

    And even if AA did- who wants to fly to UK via S.America - we can - and have been for nearly 30 years - flying direct to UK from here anyway!

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 03:18 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    63 little boy

    “imbecile 62
    and you, 3rd class british wannabe, talk about thieving?
    first read the history of your beloved britain, you dimwit.”

    Who the Fu€k do you think you are??

    You're a pimply teenager living with Mummy and Daddy and you are telling adults, parents, workers, university professionals, war veterans, 9th generation inhabitants and homesteaders, that you WANT their homes and their islands because you have been told to FEEL they are yours.

    You are an ignorant little sh!t with some spoiled brat's feeling of entitlement.

    Have you ever, ever done anything in your life to claim any credit, or “right” to anything?

    Ever contributed to anything, at all ?
    To society, to mankind, your country, your family?

    No, the answer is No. You are at the point in your life where you have done nothing but take from others.

    You are worthless up everyone except your mother or your granny.

    You are in no position to comment on others or their societies.

    Perhaps one day when you have contributed, you will have a relevant perspective.

    Until then, you are nothing.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 06:06 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • downunder

    “It is a shame that the uk do not colaborate with the UN to end the colonial situation on those territories”
    Oh yes colaborate (sic) with just the UN, and if that happened Argentina would take absolutely no interest of course. That is typical of the disingenuous sort of statement that we get from Argentina about the Falkland’s. The UN position on former colonies like the Falklands is that the inhabitants should have self-determination and not be recolonised by another coloniser, especially one with the appalling human rights track record of Argentina, a country that hovers around failed state status.
    Britain is advancing the decolonisation process by transferring governance to the Islanders that is why they are no longer a colony.
    Yes Carlos a great shame!
    “The TU154 connecting with the forth coming TU404 service ”
    Are you serious? Apart from anything else (like you need permission from the FIG to do this), Second rate aircraft may be good eneough for Argentines but they are not for normal travellers who take their safety very seriously.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 07:06 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    This TU flight nonsense is just a hoax. Think this is an old story.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 08:45 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • toooldtodieyoung

    63 paulcedron

    “and you, 3rd class british wannabe, talk about thieving?
    first read the history of your beloved britain, you dimwit.”

    Back to the insults again I see, you poor little lost lamb?

    Judging by the quality of your “posts” ( I am feeling generous so I will call them posts ) you have learnt nothing and it is you who is the un educated dimwit.

    Ever seen “The Lego movie”??? There is a scene in it where one of the characters steps inside the mind of the hero....... and finds it completely empty........ When I watch this now, I think of you..... I think of KFC and I think of Laughing boy timerman.

    When paulcedron? when will the facts get through to your simple, one-thought brain that the Falkland Islands are not yours?? How long will it be before that happens?

    Come to think of it, how long will it be before you have an opinion that is your own? and not one that dictated to you by your masters at La Campora HQ?

    You would do well to try and take in what friend Troy Tempest has been trying to tell you, but I am going to tell him to knock it off, you are not worth his time and effort. You are a lost cause, a failed human being, living in a failed country, presided over by a failed government.

    Hush now, little one. The adults are talking.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 09:00 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    Pay attention, paulcedron & learn something.
    Repeat after me:-
    The Falklands do NOT belong to Argentina.
    Say that 50 times before you go to bed, every night.
    Hope this helps.♥

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 10:09 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    No chance.

    You represent everything they hate: you are more successful, lack a shambolic dysfunctional history, speak English, are not Korrupt, superior in just too many ways...As long as you maintain these characteristics you will remain a focus of envy and source of humulation. Truth, history and facts mean nothing to these malvinista trolls.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 10:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    From the press: ”An Argentine government spokesperson elaborated that Aerolinias Argentinas would be acquiring three Tupolev 154 modern aircraft to service the route

    This is just a rehashed story that came out last year.

    I would dispute that the TU 154 is a modern aircraft, with the last commercial examples built about 20 years ago. Although a decent enough aircraft for the job, they would obviously have to be acquired second hand which raises questions about their current airworthiness.

    As to all these wonderful commercial aircraft coming from Russia, we will have to wait and see.
    World airline fleets will be hard to convince leaving Boeing/Airbus with whom they have been buying for decades to chance aircraft which are being designed in what is a possible unstable country commercially and politically.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 11:27 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    @ 60 Chicureo

    I think that I am correct in saying YOU were the one who posted a similar story last year and then admitted it had all been a hoax, you little tinker!

    I fell for it last year and I am NOT falling for it this year, so you might just as well own up!


    Apr 27th, 2014 - 12:04 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pete Bog

    ”Argentina is committed to its territorial inhabitants best needs and remains serious about its promises for a peaceful solution with an opportunity to improve communications and the quality of life to the Islanders.”

    Bahahahahhahahahaahaha-this is from a stand up comedian?

    I see, so it's best needs are typical of what it provides for most Argentines-a currency that is practically worthless (like Vernet's promisory notes that even Rivero rejected in favour of British Silver), infrequent energy supplies, street riots and theft, a military that could not protect Argentina against an empty crisp packet blowing in the wind? Add a few thousand ways in which Argentina cannot provide properly to the farcical statement that TU154s would be an 'improvement 'in communications on the up to date aircraft that either Lan Chile or the RAF operate, and this will have me laughing all day.

    And all these food shortages and poverty, unemployment will improve the quality of life in the Falklands?

    What if the TU154 cannot be purchased through a Soybean swop? Would the next aircraft service offered to the Islanders be with Boeing 707s? Avro Tudors? Biplanes? Dakota aircraft towing gliders? Hydrogen filled airships?

    Gone away to PMSL

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 12:17 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    @63 paulcedron so i'm a dimwit? well this dimwit lives in the Falklands, unlike you who is so desperate to take our islands, but deep down you know it will never happen, i actually dwell on that fact that you will never get the Falklands, So keep wasting your time slobbering over the falklands, here life goes on.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 12:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • cheekychulo

    Nobody cares what Borat has to say ... he can't even make sure the venezuelans have enough paper to wipe their back sides

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 01:31 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo

    You in the know must admit that there is a message which is the promises of Argentina in the Falkland Islanders is just as serious as providing Tu-404s to transport them to London. Of course it's a hoax, that's my point. You cannot trust Argentina.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 01:53 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Cognitio

    “Latin-America was declared “a territory of peace and free of colonialism”. I'm actually lost for words...I mean should I attack this on the basis of hypocrisy or maybe on the basis of that the statement is just utterly stupid?
    Such a huge, fat indolent target to take a swing at yet no fun at all because its all far too easy.
    Pointing out to everyone that Maduro is a stupid, incompetent a*** is so obvious and has been so overdone that it is now a cliche. It's like critcising the ”special educational needs kid” at school for being a bit slow.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 02:34 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • paulcedron

    Comment removed by the editor.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 02:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    I think you'll find ethnic cleansing is rather frowned upon in this day and age: your German roots are evident. Good luck with that.

    You'd think a country the size of Argenzueala would have enough lebensraum, apparently not!

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 04:14 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #79: And you would be the civilized right?. stop torturing, kidnapping and murdering inocent people in camp Bastion in Afghanistan will you scum?.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 04:21 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    Pablo niño

    We have tried to reason with you and shown the patience to present the evidence that the Falklands are not Argentina's
    - legally
    - historically
    - morally

    but you remain unconvinced and defiant.

    You are free to 'make up your own mind' and have your own opinion.

    That's fine, but you can offer no argument to prove your beliefs. Instead you just resort to grossly insulting and mocking the Falkland Islanders, without basis in fact.

    You have shown that you are an affront to reason, and you do nothing but deliberately offend others repeatedly, for your own pleasure.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    Never mind answering, that's only a rhetorical question for you to think about.


    The Falklands were uninhabited when they were settled by the British and others who became the Falklanders.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 04:41 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Gordo1

    paulcedron - for a juvenile idiot you seem to be so full of hate for the brave inhabitants of the Falkland Islands - have you ever met a Falkland Islander?

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 04:46 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • paulcedron

    81 + 82
    insults is all you have, you, pair of idiots.
    it is impossible reasoning with people like you both.
    and worst of all, you are boring the rest of us to death

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 04:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @31 Shall we pick holes in what you said? Pity that England, not Britain, only came into being around 927. And that's not certain. It might have been 939. Or somewhere between. Britain only came into being in 1707. There's just a good start in your uneducated “history”. And for the last 10 years? Since you mention “legality”, let me direct you to Article 51 of the UN Charter. And if that isn't enough for you, may I remind you that the UN is not a “world government”. So, “illegal” by whose standards? Let's take precedent. In 1982, argieland invaded and occupied a peaceful group of Islands with no defences to speak of. Thanks argies, you created the precedent. On to Afghanistan, where Britain, with others, was asked to intervene and was authorised by the UN, Libya , which you can't spell, asked again, Syria, where there are NO British forces and only non-lethal aid. Torture? Says who? The last case collapsed when the witnesses and, eventually, the lawyers who were making millions had to admit there was no evidence. And just to remind you that the spanish invented concentration camps. In Cuba. With the slaves they got from Africa. Long before Britain had any involvement in the slave trade.

    Why don't you trot off to those 10 non-self-governing territories and ask what they want? Mostly they want to be protected from “people” like YOU!
    @34 Don't be ridiculous. The UN only tries not to upset anyone. In reality, for breaching at least 2 UN Security Council resolutions, argieland shouldn't even BE in the UN. It lies, cheats, steals and acts illegally at every opportunity. And the Falkland Islands are in the South Atlantic, NOT South America!
    @38 Please explain the tens, at least, of thousands “celebrating” in the streets. I may still have some videos if you want. I like to document argie war crimes.
    @45, 50. Well, I do hope Aerolineas will be carrying lots of fuel. Embarrassing when they get refused permission to land. Or will it get shot down?

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 05:05 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pete Bog

    “you are boring the rest of us to death”

    Troy and Gordo1 aren't boring me, so your wording is inaccurate unless you can define correctly who 'the rest of us' refers to?

    Or you could type “you are boring the rest of us except for Pete Bog.”

    A bit like 'the whole world/everyone supports Argentina.' which really means 'not everyone' or everyone minus a lot of people, support Argentina.

    Typical Argentine arrogance without substance, no wonder with you watching all those propaganda films about the glorious Argentine motherland (with arms swinging, shiny biceps and patriotic songs accompanied by tinny trumpets etc etc, ).

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 05:33 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Devonian

    A meeting of two of the worst governed and worst performing countries in South America - both absolutely besotted by a political and social ideology that is clearly not benefiting vast sections of their respective populations. Both Bolivar and San Martin must be turning in their graves.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 05:37 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #84, conqueror: I take your correction that i said britain instead of England that later became britain and in both cases committed all kind of atrocities like i described and you didnt refuted.
    About the last 10 years and your quote of article 51 of the UN Charter, let me ask you why the UK thinks that Iraq atacked them?, In what way you validate that a sovereign nation like the uk invaded two others sovereign nations like Iraq and Afghanistan with the sole purspose of finding a terrorist organization that the US created and trained, by the way. Where are the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq?. Why did you invaded a sovereign nation that did not atacked the uk to find a suspect of the terrorist atacks on 9/11?.
    Those group of islands were and are governed by the uk so stop the crap they had no defenses.
    About Libya, Under UN Security Council Resolution 1973, countries were authorised to limited use of force “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack”. The text noted that the measures used to achieve this aim excluded “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”. While the british objective were a change of regime, training terrorist, armed them and deploying sas teams.

    Conqueror, Iraq invasion was a lie and proved there was no weapons of mass destruction. Invading with a lie its the new colonialism. You said some nation is terrorist and invade it.
    Afghanistan? Did the UN authorized the uk to kidnapping, torture and detain people only for being suspect without proof as if they were animals:
    Did the UN authorized the uk to change the regime?
    Syria? Are you sure there is no uk forces in there?.
    You are full of crap conqueror.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 06:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest


    You are saying nothing - again.

    No more responding to you - a waste of time, obviously.

    Should I speak with your Mum or Dad and tell them what you are up to on the Internet, when you are not surfing porn??

    Maybe you should go get a job instead of sitting around the house.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 07:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Cognitio

    88. Your knowledge of history seems to be quite selective. I seem to remember that Saddam Hussein not only owned chemical weapons but he had actually used them as well. Lets not forget Iraq wasn't so innocent. Previously it had launched separate invasions against both Iran and Kuwait as well as carried out oppression of the Kurds and the marsh arabs. Saddam got what was coming to him. His history of playing hooky with the weapons inspectors over a decade was a “chicken that came home to roost.”. Unfortunately when the world changed post 911 no one believed him when he said he had no weapons of mass destruction even when didn't. The UK didn't invade Iraq with selfish motives. We haven't appropriated land or gained economically from our intervention.We intervened because we were supporting a close ally and we did it because we thought we were doing the right thing. Like we did in Bosnia, like we did in Kosovo, like we did in Sierra Leone, like we did in Afghanistan and in Libya. Unfortunately there is no morality in Argentinian foreign policy these is only avarice and selfishness. I'm proud of what we do and why we do it. I wouldn't trade 2 minutes of British history for 200 years of Argentinian. You are a deluded and selfish who's entire contribution to world history seems to be some funny dancing and corned beef.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 07:37 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Gordo1

    @83 paulcedron

    Instead of “throwing your toys out of your pram” why don't you answer my question? I repeat - have you ever met a Falkland Islander?

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 07:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest


    Thx Pete,
    I am wasting my time with Pablo niño

    Are you directing that comment at me?
    I was making my last post to teenage “niño” Paul Cedrone

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 09:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #89: The UK didn't invade Iraq with selfish motives???????????????????????? You are having a laugh arent you?.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 09:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • bushpilot

    @92 Liberato.

    Take a look at the second sentence.

    “ The UK didn't invade Iraq with selfish motives. We haven't appropriated land or gained economically from our intervention.”

    Liberato, to you, the UK had a selfish motive and the UK obviously gained something.

    What did the UK gain from attacking Kuwait? If you are going to answer oil, demonstrate how they benefited like that.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 10:18 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    @87 Liberato

    Gosh. Malvinista support for Saddam, Gadaffi, Assad, and the Taliban? What's the pattern here?

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 10:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #93: There is a saying in Argentina that says: “No aclares que oscurece”. You question me about Kuwait quoting me talking of Iraq?.

    #94: Not at all. It was the british that supported Saddam against Iran. It was the british and specially Blair that supported Ghadaffi. And it was the US (as far as i know) that created and supported the Talibans.

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 10:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    @95, bend over and give your bum to MAD “duro” and all the world's shitty little dictators...fed up of reading yr crap !

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 11:18 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Apr 27th, 2014 - 11:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • reality check

    Understandable the way he tries to paint the UK as the “Bogey man” of the world. It's his way of justifying their actions and making the humilitaion of their defeat more palatable.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 03:59 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    Le me see if I can get my head round this. According to your logic, it was wrong to oppose the Taliban et al, but also, allegedly, to have supported them.

    Precisely which ethical position would Argentine moral philosophy recommend for us benighted, dastardly gringos?

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 07:50 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    Its funny this Liberato joker should now throw in Kuwait to support RG's pathetic victim status against the nasty inglish.

    The irony of a brutish dictator using a territorial claim to distract attention and outrageously invade a smaller neighbor appears to be lost on this thicko. At least Sadam had perhaps more of a claim on Kuwait than that drunk Italian acting up in front of a chest thumping mob.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 08:48 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    If there is anything more comically unfounded than the Argentine claim to the Falklands, it is the Argentine claim to the moral high ground.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 09:10 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Heisenbergcontext

    I see Nicolas has been listening to his 'little bird' again.

    @95 Liberato

    The Taliban was originally an I.S.I. ( Pakistani ) creation. They still had some of their agents in place when the U.S. led invasion took place. Afghanistan has long been a sphere of influence for Pakistan, an interest that both the Iranian revolution and the Soviet invasion inevitably sharpened.

    When the last western troops leave the Pakistani's will still be there. Waiting.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 10:12 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Livingthedream

    ALL this is political BULL FEATHERS! Both sides should get over it!

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 11:38 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • RICO

    I agree with half of what Maduro is saying in that the Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands will not transfer to Argentina later.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 12:04 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    No guys, im not taking the moral high ground, becouse we cant compare two nations like the uk and Argentina and i dont know how Argentina could behave with the years of development, history and power the british have. Perhaps we could behave as nasty as you with that power.

    What im saying is that when you talk about about us calling us dictators, becouse we had to survive a dictatorship 30 years ago. Or when you accuse us of being genoside that killed the aboriginals, i tend to laugh becouse your government is doing to the world as we speak what our dictatorships made to us 30 years ago. You bomb civilians, kidnap inocent people and torture them and murder them without a trial and im sure they appeared later as if they were killed in combat.
    Your government change regimes as they like, dont have the minimun respect for sovereignty of other nations and that is even recognized by Blair when he admitted there was no weapons of mass destruction on iraq but admitted he would still invade to change the regime he considered brutal.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 12:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Again, what exactly is your point? And how does this relate to the Falklands?

    Whatever the UK has done, past, present and future, means nothing to the status of the Falklands. THEY, and THEY alone decide who they wish to associate with.

    How absurd is the notion that a nation of European immigrants - such as Argentinian is - with LESS history than the Falklands, should interfere in their business and demand they be assimilated?

    Why? Because a 15th century pope “gave” South America to the Spanish!!!

    You simply have no case, but it’s just too painful for you to admit; give it time, it will. The idea that the Islanders or UK are going to walk away is just too ridiculous to ever see.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 01:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #106: I think you have a twisted history of events. You said the islanders alone decide who they wish to associate with, but you fail to underestand they are not a self determined people. They are a non self-governing territory with a colonial situation that differ from other cases of colonialism in light of the sovereignty dispute. And since 1965 the UN ask both governments (UK and Argentina) to negotiate sovereignty.
    The islanders do not have more history than Argentina. They were implanted in 1833.
    You think we have no case, well too shame your account of event fails to convince the UN and the international community.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 05:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Philippe

    Mr. (in)Maduro: Democracy will return to Venezuela 'sooner than later.' Don't forget that. In the meantime, keep your nose out of the free Falkland Islands.


    Apr 28th, 2014 - 06:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    This is where your argument fails “They were implanted in 1833”
    You implanted your bunch on British territory prior to that and the CORRECT position was restored at that time. Thank you and good night !

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 07:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    The UN recognises a dispute between the FI and Argentina, but has it has no view as to the veracity of your claim. That's all the UN recognises. Such claims are dealt in a court, i.e the ICJ. But you have such a weak case you will never, ever take it there. 1833! and your fake history would be laughed out of court; I mean how many years after that was that was it till you massacred Patagonia.

    Show me me facts that the UN specifically says the FI have no right to self determination. You can not.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 07:01 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • toooldtodieyoung

    107 Liberato

    ”And since 1965 the UN ask both governments (UK and Argentina) to negotiate sovereignty”.

    .....And that particular UN resolution was rendered null and void in... ( altogether now!! ) 1982!!!! When your government at the time decided to invade. There was another Security council resolution that was passed AND WAS binding, that YOUR government ( in it's wisdom ) chose to ignore. That was resolution 502.
    You do remember resolution 502 don't you? It called for the immediate withdraw of ALL argentine armed forces from the Falkland Islands, so yeah, not only have you got no case, you also have got no leg to stand on either.

    Suck it up, Junta boy

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 07:17 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Yes but, no but, Argentina was a victim of an unelected CIA, UK supported Junta and so that's not fair and does not count.

    Apr 28th, 2014 - 07:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    Good for Maduro and Good for Latin America for looking after one of their own!
    Argentina. Feel sorry for The Falklanders....all alone on the South Atlantic Ocean..ummmm

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 12:46 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    113 spanishsunshine

    ”Good for Maduro and Good for Latin America for looking after one of their own!

    erm... what are you saying?

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 01:35 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #109: british territory?
    -The british were not the first to discover the islands.
    -They were not the first to claim the islands.
    -They were not the first to settle the islands.
    -They were not the first to administer the islands either.
    What the hell can claim the british prior to 1833?.
    In fact, they started claiming for discovery rights, then ocupation of terra nullius in 1833, then acquiescence and they claimed prescription.

    #110: All UN GA resolutions about the dispute recognize the colonial situation of the islands, the sovereignty dispute and the need to negotiate taking in mind only the interests of inhabitants, not its wishes and will.
    I remind you that it was Argentina the one to suggest to take the dispute to arbitration in 1884 and 1885, while the uk took Argentina to the ICJ for all the south atlantic disputed sovereignty but not Malvinas sovereignty.

    #111: UN GA resolutions did not ended in the 1982 conflict. It continued until 1989 where by a decision of both (the uk and Argentina) to try a sovereignty umbrella agreement.
    The resolutions 502 and 505 was, like the rest of res of that body on all cases, resolutions to restore peace and security. The british vetoed one that time, remember what it said?.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 01:43 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest


    “I remind you that it was Argentina the one to suggest to take the dispute to arbitration in 1884 and 1885, ”

    I remind you that Spain did not bequeath the Falklands to Argentina, and they did sign a treaty in 1850 that there were no outstanding disputes with the British in the region. A permanent, continuously settled, British administered community of settlers was inhabiting the Falklands openly, at that time.

    Honestly, your claims have been successfully refuted publicly and on this forum, dozens of times in the past 2 years alone.

    Your government has backed down on its public assertions in official literature, saying Argentine settlers were “expelled” in 1833.

    Get up to speed please, you are way out of touch...

    sigh :-(

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 02:07 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    Prior to 1833, there was contested sovereignty between Britain and Spain, resolved when Spain abandoned the islands in 1811, leaving the British in sole possession.

    The Spanish claim was never left to Argentina, and there was no Argentine settlement, administration, or claim on the islands until Vernet had himself declared governor in 1829, at which point the British immediately protested. Argentina, as ever, chose to ignore the protest until 1833, when law and order had to be restored after various episodes or piracy and murder involving the so-called Argentine ‘authorities’.

    Of course, this history is all very entertaining, but it is also entirely irrelevant. It was made irrelevant by the Arana-Southern Treaty of 1850, by the repeated statements of Argentine leaders in the 19th century, by Argentine acquiescence in the 20th century until the 1940s, by Argentine signature of the UN Charter in 1945, and by the failure of the Argentine attempt to seize the islands through warfare in 1982.

    The history argument survives, feeble and false as it is, only because Argentina rejects any application of the modern principles of law, democracy, and human rights in pursuit of its territorial ambitions in the South Atlantic. It refuses any form of dialogue, negotiation, discussion or meeting, on any topic with the people whose home it seeks to seize. It celebrates the war it started and lost, honours a murderer on its banknotes, and uses its education system to foster hatred, year after year, for a tiny and peaceful population of different ethnicity, some hundreds of miles away.

    Most remarkable of all, it has somehow contrived to convince itself that the UN supports it in this attempt at re-enactment of the the 1930s, if not the 19th century, although any reading of actual UN texts, speeches by the Secretary General, or voting records, will show that this is not the case.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:43 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    Did you read what Hans has written @ post #117?
    Your country has no valid claim,
    You have no hope,
    You have no case,
    The Falklands are NOT your land,
    And never have been.
    Learn to live with that, or you'll go mad.
    Regarding the state of Argentina's economy,
    the crime,
    the lack of infrastructure,
    inflation etc etc,
    Haven't you got anything better to do thats more important in mooning over some lslands that are not yours & never will be?
    Do something positive for your country, instead of crying.
    Hop to it, man!

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 09:26 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    115 Liberato (#)
    Apr 29th, 2014 - 01:43 am
    Report abuse
    #109: british territory?

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 12:16 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    115 Liberato

    The British were not the first to discover the islands.
    [Neither were the Argentines,,

    -They were not the first to claim the islands.
    [Neither was Argentina

    -They were not the first to settle the islands.
    [neither did Argentineans ,

    -They were not the first to administer the islands either
    And argentina never has,,

    Your logic
    Ok to invade and claim the Falklands,
    But not ok for Britain to do the same to you,

    Ok for Argies to have a referendum, but not the Falklands,
    You want freedom, yet deny it to the islanders.

    One day you will understand democracy and freedom,
    That you seem to easily to laugh off,
    Millions did not sacrifice their yesterday, so CFK and her government can abuse the and deny the islanders of theirs..
    And the disgraceful UN should remember that, or dissolve itself…


    Apr 29th, 2014 - 02:38 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #116: I remind you that Argentina independized using the utis possidetis iure. A universal principle adopted in 1816. By the way, by 1825 britain recognized argentine independence without protesting the argentine lonely administration of the Malvinas islands.

    #117: You are wrong. The only time the sovereignty of the islands was contested by the british was the eight years that lasted the british settlement in Port Egmont. A settlement that was created in secrecy hidden from the power that controled the islands. When the british left in 1774, There were severals spanish and later argentine administrations without a single british protest until 1829. 55 years!!!!!!!.
    There was no Argentine acquiescence, and the argentine protest of 1884 made that clear, And if you think the period of no argentine protest means an Argentine acquiescence, then what does it means the 55 years of no british protest?????.

    #120: Briton, go to any university, talk to any historian and tell the crap you are telling here. You will make a laugh to someone.
    You are taking about Argentina as another power different to Spain in the time we were still part of Spain. We became another power AFTER we got independence. When mexico got independence. They did not said hey lets go to South America or Europe to find some place to create our republic.
    To claim a territory, you need first to prove that you discovered it, that you claimed it first. That you settle them first, etc. It is clear that the spanish discovered them first. It is clear the french made the first claim and the first settlement and they recognized spanish rights. It is clear the spanish administered them alone without a british protest. It is clear we are the succesors of the spanish colony.
    So what the british had was a settlement in Port Egmont that were not the first and the only to settle there and lasted a few years. Thats why the changed their base of sovereignty from discovery, to acquiescence, to self determination, etc.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 04:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    It's not that the basis of British sovereignity has changed from discovery, to acquiescence, to self-determination, etc, it's that ALL of these arguments are valid.

    Or to put it another way, whichever way you look at it, you lose. All you have is a claim of an inheritance that was never left to you, from a country that never held undisputed possession, for whom you are not the recognised successor, and not even the best candidate.

    And even if any of what you claimed were true, none of it matters any more anyway. Nobody in their right mind is going to penalise people living today because Argentina lost out on a minor colonial skirmish two centuries ago.

    The really curious thing on the other hand is how you continue to demean yourselves by clinging to a Peronist victim fantasy that can be shown to be false by anybody with half a brain, a browser and 30 minutes to spare.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 04:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    You keep producing the same tired arguments that have been a feature of this subject now for years.
    So, what are YOU personally going to do about YOUR so -called sense of injustice ? ?

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 05:00 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #122: Hans you start from the base that you think the british has the ownership of the truth. You just have to read all UN GA resolutions, all UN DC draft resolutions and how the UK voted on each one. Even resolutions not affecting sovereignty that implies that the uk as the administering powe,r should invest in their non self governing territory, they refused saying the costs were privatives.
    Shamefully even pretend the USA to support the british position arguing they helped in wars. As if helping in a war would be the same as having sovereignty rights over the land.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 05:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    Establishing the truth is a matter of facts, evidence, and reason. None of these are on your side. Every argument you put forward is easily refuted. This is why none of your governments have ever dared go to court, despite the fact that this possibility has existed for nearly 100 years. You have preferred instead to rely upon lies and false appeals to knee-jerk emotional issues such as colonialism, anglo- and gringo-phobia, etc, etc, and the myth of UN support, but this really only resonates with your fellow implanted Italo-Iberian populations of Latin America, a few nutters and dictatorships, and a smattering of others who oppose self-determination for their own reasons. Virtually all of these know you have lost anyway, and pretty much everybody else would just wishes you would shut up and grow up.

    The US, as you surely know, has no power, role, business, or jurisdiction to adjudicate sovereignity. This is just as well, since it declines to take any position at all on the question, urging only that a peaceful solution should be found. This is pretty much the same position as the one that is held by most members of the UN, and the one that is consistently voted. It constitutes neither support for, nor validation of, the Argentine claim. It amounts if anything to a vote for the status quo.

    The only country, of course, which has ever rejected the notion of a peaceful solution to the dispute is Argentina, in 1982, and to a lesser degree now, what with attempted economic blockade and so on, although it is clear that rhetoric and underlying belief have changed not one bit since the junta. But should Argentina ever try violence again, I have no doubt whose side the US would come down on.

    on the sovereignity does not support the British position, and it does not support the Argentine position either. This is effectively a vote for teh status quo.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 05:38 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    124 Liberato
    , go to any university, talk to any historian and tell the crap you are telling here. You will make a laugh to someone
    The UN states the Falklands have a right to self determination, are they crap.
    We were still part of Spain. We became another power AFTER we got independence.
    The Falklands were already British then, so you have no claim.
    To claim a territory, you need first to prove that you discovered it

    Did Argentina discover the Falklands, and did argentina discover that land that they are claiming in the Antarctic..?
    Spanish discovered them,
    So by your logic, Spain can re-claim parts of America, or argentina can via that claim..
    It is clear we are the successors of the Spanish colony
    By your logic then, you can claim all Spanish possessions in south America.?

    your logic is illogical in the 21st century..

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 06:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #125: Quote: “Establishing the truth is a matter of facts, evidence, and reason. None of these are on your side. Every argument you put forward is easily refuted”

    What???? What argument did you reffuted me? When?. Lets forget about Argentina, imaging Argentina did not existed, Over what bases can claim the british sovereignty against Spain or France for instance to legitimate the colony on the islands?.
    -Discovery? no.
    -First claim? no.
    -first settlement? no.
    Self determination? not a chance!!!
    About the US, i never said they were supporting Argentina's side. They are neutral about sovereignty and recognize a de facto british government. What i said is that it is shamefull that the uk has to reclaim the US support for the british view of event becouse they supported the north americans in wars instead of claiming their support for being (the uk) the “rightfully owners” of the islands with a “solid legal case”.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 06:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    You can talk scream and dream all you like,
    But let’s talk truthfully, before you get on your bike,
    The way eye sees it,
    There is only 4 four ways you will ever get the British Falklands,
    1, the ICJ gives them to you
    2, you fight and ultimately win them
    3, A treasonous British government hands them over, via orders from their overlords the unmighty EU,
    4, CFK via the pope, gets a reply to her wishes of a divine victory,
    And god almighty appears to the world, and magically removes the dreaded nasty British pirates,
    And gives them to you, and why not, seeing as he would most probably give you the world as well..
    They do say, if you believe in fairies, then you will almost certainly believe in any fantasy that you can dream of,
    No insult intended..


    Apr 29th, 2014 - 06:31 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Put it another way Liberato, rardardless of who's right or wrong (and you will never accept the historical facts), EVER country border in the world today was forged through war, victory, loss or treaty. What happen 200 years ago means nothing, you invaded in 82, you lost again and surrendered.

    How on earth can you realistically believe you can gain the Falklands from such a ridiculous time scale (~200 years later) and military defeat? You think Upper Volta or even China offering half hearted support progresses your cause?

    War, is your only option.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:15 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    When it comes to war-

    These 5 Nations Could Win World War III
    And Argentina is not one of them,
    Be civilised, mature and friendly
    And take it to the ICJ you know it make sense…

    no offence intended..

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:19 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    It's a typically silly question, because neither France nor Spain makes any claim on the islands at all. Otherwise the UK holds title to the islands on pretty much the same basis that Argentina, or indeed any other country in the world, holds title to its territory, in that that it has held the territory long enough for the territory to have become British.

    The point you seem to be missing is that the dispute isn't about who had the best claim in 1765, or 1833, or whatever, the dispute is about who has the best claim in 2014. If Argentina wishes to overturn the status quo, it needs to come up, not just with an argument, but with an argument that is strong enough to overturn two centuries of governance and the legally recognised human rights of the inhabitants. You are light years away from anything of the sort. From a legal point of view, your case was already preposterous in 1833, which is why it was never seriously pursued by any contemporary Argentine government, and in 2014 it is bordering on insanity. Which is why you can only pursue it by through lies designed to appeal to prejudice and emotion. This can't possibly work, but that's no big deal really, because what your masters want to do is perpetuate the grievance rather than resolve it. As a means of manipulation, it's much more valuable than some windswept islands, oil or no oil.

    And personally, I don't see anything especially shameful in the American attitude. It makes no difference to anything. They have nothing to gain by coming down off the fence, and the UK has no real need for their support.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #129: Your conclusions are wrong, history and diplomacy make big enemies become friends, makes sovereignty disputes becomes oportunities. British polititians many times recognized their lack of sovereignty rights and even have negotiated with Argentina a transfer of sovereignty. Time will tell.
    Isnt Hong Kong chinese again without a shot?. Cheers

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    And yet by supporting
    China's increasingly aggressive maritime advances into the South China Sea and Indian Ocean.
    Perhaps you are hoping that they might in some way come to the aid of Argentina,
    Or hoping to take strategically, the opportunity to attack whilst the British are occupied in the pacific and Indian ocean helping our allies…

    But your naked aggression would be punished again..
    Take it to the ICJ and think of the innocent lives you may well save,
    ICJ three letters , one word , open 24-7,
    Try it….

    Just Chinese whispers

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:42 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    That's just a further illustration of how clueless Argentina actually is. If Argentina were Sweden for example, or Canada, or India, or anywhere sensible, the islands would have ceased to be British years ago. British politicians would at one time have quite happily transferred sovereignity to Argentina. Even now, one invasion and 1000 deaths later, you could have the islands tomorrow if only you could convince the islanders.

    But by invading, the junta has made sure that any deal over the heads of the islanders is inconceivable, now and for the foreseeable future, while the CFK regime has also done its damnedest to keep the islanders alienated and ensure that any accommodation remains politically impossible for any British government.

    But the interesting question is, are they really this stupid? Or have they got exactly the situation they wanted?

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 07:47 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #134: If we were Liberia, Zimbabwe or Burundi?. What difference does it make?. Do you have to be a swedish, canadian or indian to have justice and be returned the land a foreing power stoled from you?.
    You think all solutions pass through islanders will, becouse the uk says so. Until the uk see fits to change the arrangement and then you will say fuck all those islanders. As happened with the people of Hong Kong where no self determination rights was invoked nor alowed. Or the people of Diego Garcia or the people of the Banaban's island.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 08:08 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    You're right, in the 60s and 70s, the FI where an irrelevant colony at the end of the world that no one in the Foreign Office cared about or the general public knew about. But it wasn't Malta, Cyprus, Kenya etc, it had no independence movement. It was like St Helena, another BOT. Don't confuse a small number of civil servants in the 1960s carelessly dumping irrelevant bits of Empire as a tacit acknowledgement by the UK of your claim. Big, big mistake.

    How ironic, and painful for you, that one of the most important persons in FI history and their future is General Galtieri. There is simply no going back. Your diplomacy, such as it is, will sour relations for a generation.

    When will you ever learn that the only people that matter and make decisions now are the islanders themselves; talking over them, talking about them, telling them they are non-people is uttterly, utterly self defeating.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 08:23 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    That's the whole point. The land was never stolen from you. A sane society would have recognised this by now. But I guess there is none more outraged than a robber who thinks he's been robbed.

    It's interesting that you mention Hong Kong. Not just because the UK never owned Hong Kong but leased it, but also because the Chinese had Hong Kong removed from the list of NSGTs in the 1970s, precisely so that the rule of self-determination wouldn't apply. If Argentina were smart, Argentina would be demanding that the falklands be removed from the list of NSGTs, for precisely the same reason. That would really strengthen your case. Why aren't you doing that?

    It's curious also that you mention Diego Garcia. The only people who seem to approve of British behaviour in that archipelago are Argentine Malvinistas, who seem to regard it as terribly, terribly unfair that the UK won't do the same to the Falklanders just to please them. You must be really pissed off that the last two UK governments have recognised that a wrong was done to the Chagossians (notwithstanding the compensation that was paid), and that moves are underway to correct it.

    Of course nobody's holding their breath waiting for Argentina to make similar restitution in Patagonia.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 08:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    A sane society would not have a population of 95% of british origins in the other corner of the planet nor a copy of a shantytown from London. Or their judges imported from london, or their teachers, or their medics, or their clothes, etc. All made in London, except for the fruits that comes from Chile.
    The Antartic named as your queen, the military ships that patrol and control the commerce and movements on all the South Atlantic, etc.
    You have a colony at the oldest kind, a colony recognized by the United Nations and you claim to me we are not a sane society?.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 09:51 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    Oh very well put, HansNiesund.
    lt is as you say.
    You can see the malvinistas' attitude in Liberato's post #135 when he says that the land was “stolen” from his country.
    That is the Argentines biggest stumbling block, they will not see that this land has NEVER been Argentine.
    lt was NOT “stolen” from you, Liberato, you have NEVER owned it.
    We have no intention of joining your failed country, either.
    And calling us “squatters”(actually you are the squatters on lndian land),
    “parasites”,“thieves”or any of those other Spanish insults just makes us dislike you even more.
    l know its the Argentine way, but threats & intimidation will not work, in fact it hardens our resolve not to have anything to do with your country.
    Hope this helps

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 10:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    I'm just wondering why you apparently consider it perfectly normal that South America should be populated by Spanish speakers primarily of Italo-Iberian descent, whereas it's a dastardly crime that some people of British origin are living independently of you hundreds of miles off shore. As if the Southern hemisphere was for conquistadors only. That sort of logic was considered OK in about the 16th century, but these days it's really not sane at all.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 10:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    A sane society would not invade a foreign territory and invent history as an excuse.

    A sane society would take responsibility and apologies for 1000s of unnessary deaths and injury as a result.

    A sane society would not celebrate such an invent and then pretend to be victim and blame others.

    As a society you, are a dysfunctional schizophrenic mess.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 10:27 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #139 Isolde, at the opposite of islanders that threatened James Peck, and Alexander Betts lives and accused them of being traitors, we treat islanders like anybody including common british that comes to continental Argentina. Islanders are free to come here as usual, many did. You forgot the years where we build them their airport, when we gave them medical treatment, food, transportation, etc when nobody else did. Many even were born in the continent with argentine documents. Even one came here for trials in Boca Juniors to play Soccer. Or the case known of Peck and Betts. Betts even went to political elections in cordoba city.

    So for your education, let me tell you we do not threat, we do not intimidate, we act accordingly to international law, against a well known colonialism that persist since our independence. And more important, not the only colonial situation the british have. 10!!!!! non self-governing territories are still, in this century, waiting for decolonization.
    The islands were spanish first, and later argentines. Still you fail to explain how are the islands british?. They did not discovered them, they did not claimed them first and they did not settle them first either. So what is your case? are the islands british only becouse there is a british population living there?. Well part of the antartic have argentine population too, can they claim self determination over the Antartic continent?.

    Perhaps you isolde should explain why you think the islands are british in the first place dont you think?.

    #140 hans: taking away the fact the islands were stolen, the fact the islands remains being a colony, the fact the uk from Europe continue to benefiting with that colony, the fact the uk claim vast areas of the antartic in base of that colony and control militarily all the south atlantic thanks to that colony, we have no problems with more nations existing in south america. The problem is they are not south americans. Read their census for crist sake.

    Apr 29th, 2014 - 11:31 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    Right. Invading the islands doesn't count as threats or intimidation. Neither does an attempt to put in place an economic blockade, nor does travelling the world telling lies to anybody who'll listen. Having members of your government calling the islanders squatters and pirates doesn't count. Having your President insist the islanders have no rights doesn't count, and nor does the claim that the islanders have no right to democratically express their own opinion as to how they wish to be governed.

    Why on earth would anybody feel threatened and intimidated by such evident good intentions from a country which still celebrates the war it started 30 years ago, and remains notorious for the torture and murder of its own citizens?

    At the risk of repeating myself, the islands are British because Britain has legal title, the islanders have been British for 2 centuries and more, the inhabitants of the islands have expressed with near unanimity their desire to remain a BOT, and the only other claimant, Argentine has no legal, moral, or historical case to the contrary, has failed in its attempt to seize the territory militarily, has failed to deceive the UN into abandoning its fundamental founding principle, and has failed to take its case to the only international body that could possibly advance it.

    The fact that there are 9 other British is totally irrelevant to the validity of Argentina's claim. The common factor among the 10 British BOTs, is that they are British BOTs only because they want to be, and can choose whatever political status they like at any time they like. This is the only permissible mechanism for decolonisation.

    The UK hardly benefits from the Falklands, more usually we are being told by Argentines that it's a great expense we shouldn't be incurring. Make your mind up.
    The UK is quite competent militarily, as you have seen, but even we struggle to control the entire South Atlantic with 4 aeroplanes and one naval vessel on periodic visits.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 12:03 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #143 Hans: I personally cant feel identify by the junta that decided to go to war becouse that dictature was imposed on us and on all over latin america, but as argentine, i am responsible, ergo i take the responsabilities that it carries. For me, fighting the tiranny of a colonial power that occupy part of our territory cant be a reason for appology or regret.
    You could not underestand that becouse you are on the side that mostly encouraged dictators. Do you remember Pinochet and all the weapons they received? or the british weapons we send to Malvinas? or the school of the americas?. Or did you think that it was a fashion period that dictators were cool among south american states.
    All governments in Argentina supports in the UN the self determination rights to all peoples, that include too, the islanders. And recognize human rights to islanders and its interests. What my government will never recognize to them is a self determination right ON argentine territory. We have islanders living in continental Argentina that can freelly express what they think as in the islands. The difference is that from the islands those islanders are threaten to dead. They cant express a different idea than the british position and return to the islands safelly.
    In Argentina, we do not celebrate the war. We conmemorate it. It was the british that celebrate winning the war. There was a couple of year ago an invitation from the british to celebrate the “liberation” of islanders and my government replied that the war is not for celebration but to conmemoration, and the invitation was declined.
    For you the islands are british becouse british lived there for 2 centuries. You still thinking like a pirate?.

    A military base, in a strategic place that communicate two oceans, a destroyer, a controled and “ecological” exluded zone in Georgias, a 3d radar, a possible sub and you dont know what's going on on the south atlantic???.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 12:45 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    144 Liberato

    “For me, fighting the tiranny of a colonial power that occupy part of our territory cant be a reason for appology or regret.”

    LOL !! Are you out of your mind??? LOL !!

    “ The tirrany” - omg, wtf are you talking about???

    Falklands 1982 - an unarmed civilian community of 2,500
    sheep farmers, women, children, and elderly, on two windswept islands, and a military “force” of 68 Royal Marines training on the Islands.

    Was THAT the “tirrany”, threat, and affront to your nation ???

    That's ludicrous.

    I think you overstate your case, somewhat.

    *rolls eyes*

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:17 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    #145: Quise decir tiranía, pero bueno las únicas clases de inglés, las tuve hace 20 años en la escuela secundaria. Sin embargo vos, sos un pobre infeliz que estás leyendo estas líneas con la ayuda de un traductor.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:54 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    146 Liberto

    You probably sound like an idiot in 2 languages now!!

    I expect it's insulting, but you are too cowardly to say it to me in English.
    I've asked the editor to remove your post.

    You really must be a fool if you believe that a civilian community living on the Islands for 180 years is in any way yours.

    Apart from 6 weeks of occupation by murdering criminals ( murdered and raped their fellow UP citizens btw) sent as REPRESENTATIVES OF THE U.P. GOVERNMENT, no less, you have NO history on the Islands.

    I say “criminals” because they were arrested by UP authorities and returned to Montevideo to face trial for murder, rape, and mutiny.

    Truly a great showing - fine representation of your people.

    I don't know how you could have felt threatened or offended by some farmers and their families going about their business. Was it their “aggressive” flag-waving perhaps??

    If you did not object to the Islanders themselves, maybe they were just the wrong culture or ethnicity ???

    What's left,
    Small Penis Syndrome ??

    The only other thing I can think of, and you deny this, Peron and the Junta vilified a peaceful neighbour to exploit your Patriotism and Nationalist sentiments, for their own ends.
    And YOU CHEERED them on - dupes.

    I have to laugh at how inept you are - 11,000 Argentines mobilised against 9 Falkland Defense volunteers and 68 full time Royal Marines with pea-shooters.

    Your arguments on here are as flaccid and useless as your humiliating invasion was.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 03:47 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Well if you are that stupid to believe, the junta made war to a nation that do not exist, full with only a few civilians there is not much else to talk. Continue to believe there is a nation called “falklands” and that they “self-govern”, “self-determine”, etc..... Reality is something else. Far from your little head.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 03:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest


    ““For me, fighting the tiranny of a colonial power that occupy part of our territory cant be a reason for appology or regret.”

    Please tell us about the ”tiranny of a colonial power“ !!!

    You ARE stupid.

    Whatever you call it, a country or something different - it is not yours and never was.

    Sorry, ”Reality is something else”, no matter what your fascist governments tell you.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 05:07 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    How do you manage to believe two contradictory things at once?

    You take responsibility for the junta, except it wasn't your fault, it was somebody else's. You repudiate the junta, but share its contempt for law, democracy, and rights. You're in favour of self-determination, but you're against it. You fight against tyranny, but seek to impose it.

    And then you wonder why anybody would want to keep a couple of aeroplanes close by just in case you entirely lose the plot again, as recently happened once before.

    What a strange place the Malvinaverse is.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 07:44 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    lt is as l said, you cannot get the idea out of your head that these lslands are yours & they are not.
    All the proof that you demand has been provided on here many times.
    l couldn't be bothered to go into all that again.
    lf you really had a case, have you not asked yourself why Argentina has not taken it to the ICJ?
    That is the only body who can give you OUR lslands, unless you invade us again & conquer us.
    You will receive a different reception, this time, l can assure you.
    btw-Liberato, what is the basis for Argentina's claim on South Georgia?
    Bearing in mind that the British discovered the lsland & no Argentine has ever lived there.
    l would be interested to hear your reply.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 08:53 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost

    @148 Liberato

    Listening to you I now fully understand why Argentine history is such a mess, why your politics and institutions are, and will always be, poisonous, murderous and corrupt.

    You twist and tailor facts so ridiculously its embarrassing to read. You apply standards, ethics and tests to others that seemingly don't apply to you.

    As a nation, you are incapable of taking responsibility for your actions - there's always an excuse.

    If Argentina were a person, it would be a Sociopath.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 09:07 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • AzaUK

    they will be saying this in 50,100,150 years time with the word soon written on every sentence.

    save your time and your breath. it is not going to happen in our life times and if it does its a number of generations away

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 09:14 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    When you're confronted with such evident racism and flagrant irrationality, it's clear that there is no appeasement or accommodation possible. You have to ask who benefits.

    Here is a picture of Maximo's new pad, I understand it's his fifth.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 09:34 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    let me tell you we do not threat, we do not intimidate, we act accordingly to international law
    let me tell you we do not threat, we do not intimidate, we act accordingly to international law

    and next ladies and gentlemen we have the world of happiness,
    CFK today has ordered that all argies will get extra rations this XMAS.......

    Come on pull the other one its got laughter hanging from it....

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 12:41 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    You don´t need a University Degree to know that Spain discovered the Falklands/Malvinas. They were with the Portuguese the masters of the World´s Oceans, they were the first people to sail around the world.The English and Dutch came after these two GREAT NATIONS.....ummmm

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Indeed “aussie” you were masters of the world in your galleons....You was top dogs....

    Now? Well, you travel the world looking for work as waiters, bottle washers, chamber maids, cleaners etc....where did it all go wrong....

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:52 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund


    You don't need a University Degree to know that it makes no damn difference either.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:56 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    ha ha,
    156 has been in the sun to long..

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 01:57 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    Yes, Spain and Portugal were the top explorers of the world's Oceans as far as Europe was concerned, Portugal contributing more to world exploration. That soon went tits-up when the British, Dutch and French usurped their pre-eminence in the 17th century.
    Spain and Portugal then left the scene.
    Eventually leaving Britain and France to slog out supremacy, resulting in Britain's dominance of naval and commercial shipping in the 19th century.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 03:27 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • HansNiesund

    Spain was the first country to discover that it's possible to steal so much, you impoverish yourself. And so it's imperial economy was brought down by inflation, borrowing, and defaulting on its debts.

    Curiously, some former parts of the Spanish Empire still cling to the belief that wealth comes from plunder.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 03:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    *157 Spaniards are doing all kinds of jobs from skilled to unskilled.....
    who runs the Uk airports?
    who runs Scottish Power?
    Who runs Bristal water?
    who runs o2 communications?
    who runs Abbey Bank?
    who is building the extension to the Panama Canal? All Spanish
    who is building the new speed train in Saudi Arabia worth 7 billion
    so you see Spaniards of all types are working overseas from skilled to
    unskilled until the economic recession blows over.......just like The Brits
    moving to Australia for the same reasons....
    *160 exactly.
    *159 no. I wear my hat in the sun...LOL

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 03:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • FI_Frost


    Well done! (...but don't forget our future kings bum cleaner as well!)

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 06:41 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    @ 162 aussiesunshinee
    “who is building the extension to the Panama Canal? All Spanish Companies.....”

    Are you for real? Do you not know the complete FU they are making of this and want BILLIONs of dollars more to complete the thing? Even your King Charlie has had to stop elephant shooting and get involved BUT, (there’s always a but, eh) the Chin are going to screw the Panama cut before your bunch have completed it and they are going to do a proper job of it. Airports W&E, cities W&E, WIDER as well!

    You beloved Spanish Crap Ltd will be lucky to get out alive if they keep pratting the locals about.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 07:07 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    Liberato thinks he has all the's obvious he doesn't....why doesn't he ask himself - and CFK -- why Argentina doesn't take the sovereignty issue to the ICJ ?? Because they know damned well that they'll lose, and then they'll have no ridiculous dream to hold onto long as they keep on with their absurd claims and refuse to take the matter to the ICJ they can keep on deluding themselves....seems it's all those fanatic Trollies have left....feel sorry for them.

    Apr 30th, 2014 - 08:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    well dome to REAL MADRID AND ATLETICO MADRID for their great performance. TWO SPANISH FOOTBALL TEAMS IN THE FINAL OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE..NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL WINNERS!!!!!!!ummmmm (should have listed both teams on my list 162)

    May 01st, 2014 - 12:17 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    156 aussiesunshinee
    They were the first people to sail around the world
    Out of interest,
    They were not the first to explore.

    1, the Phoenicians circumnavigated Africa,
    And the Polynesians migrated across the pacific c, 50,000 BC-1150 AD
    2, Saint Brendan’s miraculous voyage
    An Irish monk crosses the Atlantic in a tiny leather boat c.530 AD

    3, the Icelandic sagas of Erik the red and Leif Eriksson
    Norsemen land on the American continent centuries before Columbus 982-1000 AD

    4, madoc ab Owen Gwynedd’s voyage across the Atlantic
    A welsh prince lays claim to America c.1170
    5, the epic journeys of the Ming dynasty
    Four great Chinese armadas navigate the world’s oceans 1415-1421
    Henry the navigators colonization of the Atlantic islands
    Portuguese captains cross the equator and map the coast of Africa.

    7, two Portuguese navigators travel east to India 1487-1497
    8, America is discovered by Christopher Columbus- 1492
    9, john Cabot [British] Bristol to Newfoundland 1496—1499
    Wow not bad…….


    May 01st, 2014 - 09:38 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    There is a difference between owning and running organisations.
    You can buy a company if you have the money BUT it is the workforce in the country who make it work. I don't see an influx of skilled Spanish workers pouring into the UK to take over the jobs of the companies you quote.
    Rolls Royce cars and Jaguar are foreign owned but it is the workforce and UK designers who make the successful products.

    Good luck to the teams-obviously the best in the game just now although my interest in football is practically zero.

    However, as a 15 year old I did play against Real Madrid in Blanes, on the Costa Brava, in a “friendly game”....but that's another story !

    May 01st, 2014 - 09:42 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    Sorry forgot the reference source,

    Voyages that changed the world -- peter aughton..

    May 01st, 2014 - 10:00 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    *167 yes but...none circumnavigated the globe before Magalllan´s epic journey.....
    That was ONE HELL OF A TRIP!! LOL

    May 01st, 2014 - 12:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Devonian

    @170. See point 5 of no. 167. There is a strong possibility that more than one Chinese ship made it around the world at least 100 years before Magellan's epic voyage. The Chinese had a much more developed civilization than the Europeans prior to the 15th/16th century. Europeans and people of European descent tend to view history only from a western perspective. The Chinese were a great nation long before most European countries had come into existence and it appears that they are destined to be a great nation once again - as Europe gradually declines.

    May 01st, 2014 - 12:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    Mind you I have walked around the world globe at home, with my fingers, if that helps,

    and never got wet
    justa joka.

    May 01st, 2014 - 12:49 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    @172 Briton,
    There is also evidence that West Africans sailed to the Americas probably, but not certain, in our Middle Ages.
    Actually given the ocean currents, l would be surprised if they did not.
    The Olmec heads discovered in Mexico have African features.
    Also l read somewhere that Roman pottery & a shipwreck, thought to be Roman had been discovered in Brazilian waters.
    This is not to take away the credit from Christopher Columbus, he had the strength/vision to carry on when most Europeans thought that he would sail off the edge of the world.

    May 01st, 2014 - 08:56 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • aussiesunshinee

    * 171 The Chinese had also very good written records of their accomplishments....and sadly their is nothing written about the Chinese circumnavigating the globe..will leave that for Magallan and his brave crew..ummmm

    May 01st, 2014 - 10:45 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    173 lsolde
    Christopher Columbus was a great explorer,
    but , some one or some group reached south America thousands of years before, or the place would have been totally uninhabited what the Spanish arrived, the Aztecs and others came from somewhere,.

    but Christopher did a good job in lousy conditions.

    May 02nd, 2014 - 12:34 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Mendocinovino

    What about the legends from the Olmecs i think of “Blue eyed gods” coming from the sea? some 400 years previous to Columbus. Most believe it was a wayward Norse colony.
    Anyone here know about the Solutrians. That's interesting to say the least.

    May 02nd, 2014 - 02:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    @174..presumimg you are an Aussie - which I doubt - or would like to be, please do not regale us with your ignorance. Tks.

    May 02nd, 2014 - 11:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • lsolde

    @177 Jack Bauer,
    aussiesunshinee or aussiesunshine as he used to be called is definitely not Australian although he/she(think its a he)may have lived there at some time.
    The consensus on here is that he is most likely Spanish.
    Doesn't comment much about the Falklands but can be quite vociferously pro-Spanish when it comes to Gibraltar.
    l & several other posters have lived in Australia & aussiesunshine doesn't know a great deal about the country.
    He doesn't know the slang or idioms,
    He didn't know the Governor-General's name. ln fact he didn't even know about the office of the G-G.
    He thought Australia was governed by a Governor & was surprised to find a Governor for each state.
    When Julia Gillard was PM he kept calling the PM him, not her.
    As l said, he probably has been there but in my opinion he is definitely not an Aussie.

    May 03rd, 2014 - 08:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    He only has Spanish

    May 03rd, 2014 - 07:34 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    Isolde @178, you gotta be right...I've got quite a few Aussie friends , and they ain't stupid.

    May 05th, 2014 - 11:12 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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