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Presidential hopeful Scioli sends another 10.000 police on the beat in Buenos Aires province

Monday, December 1st 2014 - 08:22 UTC
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“Security has, is and will be my priority until the last day of my mandate,” said governor Scioli during the ceremony, speaking to the thousands of cadets “Security has, is and will be my priority until the last day of my mandate,” said governor Scioli during the ceremony, speaking to the thousands of cadets

Buenos Aires province Governor Daniel Scioli has reinforced his 2015 electoral platform promoting law-and-order and tackling crime after inspecting the 10,000 police cadets that graduated from the Juan Vucetich academy. The police officers will be joining the Buenos Aires provincial police and will be soon patrolling Greater Buenos Aires, rural areas and will be part of communal police forces.

 Scioli is the leading contender within the Victory Front (FpV) fold for the presidential nomination ahead of the 2015 elections. While continuously highlighting his allegiance to President Cristina Fernández, the governor has also made it a point to take a stance on crime that in many ways mirrors the tough-on-crime approach favored by Renewal Front leader Sergio Massa, one of his presidential adversaries.

“Security has, is and will be my priority until the last day of my mandate,” said the governor during the ceremony, speaking before rows upon rows of cadets standing at attention in the Berazategui district of the province.

“Today is a historic day because 10,000 new police officers are joining the all-out fight against crime. There are no magic formulas. I am convinced that greater social inclusion, greater police presence and greater operational presence, equals more prevention and security,” Scioli said.

The police recruitment drive is part of an ongoing security emergency, declared in April of this year. Along with the promise of recruiting, training and activating 10,000 new police officers, the governor also took a step toward the creation of eight new detention centers to remove inmates from police stations. He also promised to build four prisons for 2,000 inmates.

At the time, Scioli also urged the provincial Legislature to pass the bill ordering the creation of municipal police forces, one of Massa’s pet issues during last year’s campaign. Those efforts were hampered by legislative haggling between Victory Front (FpV) and Renewal Front (FR) provincial senators who could not agree on the authority granted to the forces. In the end the matter was resolved by a Scioli decree. The decree sparked a wave of criticism from human rights groups demanding greater clarification and commitments from the Scioli administration on the selection and training of the new police officers.

Scioli thanked the municipalities that had embraced the communal police move while also praising the work of his Security Minister, Alejandro Granados, who had pushed for the new force. Granados, a security hawk, was appointed shortly before the security emergency was declared.

Approximately 2,500 police officers will be assigned to 12-hour patrols in urban areas, 600 will be sent to rural areas and at least 5,100 will commence their official duties within the remit of the Operativo Sol (Operation Sun), the annual security campaign directed at ensuring security along the province’s crowded beaches during the busy summer months.

Tourist hotspots along the coast between Pinamar and Mar del Plata are attractive not only to residents of Buenos Aires province and the City, but are also a draw for tourists from all over the country. The hundreds of thousands of tourists along the coast thus provide an enviable public for Scioli to promote his administration to.

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  • golfcronie

    Crist, crime must be rife in BA if they need 10,000 police officers, is that one for every street corner or just concentrated near VILLA 31?

    Dec 01st, 2014 - 09:46 am 0
  • SebaSvtz

    Some areas around Buenos Aires, known as “conurbano bonaerense”, resemble an african war zone, where hordes of criminals, squatters, illegal immigrants and narcos run on the loose stealing and killing.
    That´s the peronist party backbone. It is from there where they purchase its main flow of voters, by exchanging votes for social welfare.
    And let´s not forget narcos, who pay for presidential rallies (remember, Cristina Kirchner?).
    LEO are unprepared, barely equipped, and if they dare to shoot a criminal (even an armed one) they end up jailed.

    Under that scenario, does anyone actually and reasonably believe that a change is possible?

    Short answer: NO

    They need that poor-factory working 24/7 (elections next year), they need the dirty money that comes from crime, they need to maintain such status in order to retain power.

    Peronism at its best.

    ...and then they pretend the folks from the FI to love Argentina and decide to be part of it. If given the option, Argentina should belong to the FI ASAP if we still have any hope to survive and get back on our own feet. Or, we can keep doing as we have done so far, and soon enough we will be like Cuba, Venezuela or 80´s Colombia.

    Poor Argentina, poor poor Argentina. It didn´t look it was gonna end up like that :´(

    Dec 01st, 2014 - 11:18 am 0
  • CabezaDura2

    25% of the Bonaerense officers have charges against them. Vucetich doesn't have the capacity to just graduate 10 k policemen even if with 6 months you can become a cop.Ohhh forgot its election times next year...

    Its all about having guys that bearly know how to write dressed up as cops and have them wandering around the conurbano for people to see them.

    No quality, just numbers that in future are going to be more of the problem than a solution

    Dec 01st, 2014 - 01:15 pm 0
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