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Moro considered releasing Odebrecht's bribes confession in Venezuela to harm president Maduro

Tuesday, July 9th 2019 - 09:59 UTC
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Brazilian justice minister Sergio Moro considered releasing construction giant Odebrecht's confession to paying bribes in Venezuela to harm the country's president Nicolas Maduro, The Intercept investigative website reported on Sunday. Read full article


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  • imoyaro

    Good idea...

    Jul 09th, 2019 - 10:04 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    The IntercePT's accusations all part from the principle that the Operation Carwash - launched March 2014, to investgate corruption in Petrobras - had only one objective : to prevent the 9-fingered toad from running for a 3rd term in 2018.....Yeah, really likely...4 and 1/2 years before our last presidential election, Moro knew Lula intended to run again, despite the fact he was campaigning for Dilma's re-election. All the prosecutors, likewise....their crystal ball must be really powerful.
    Bolsonaro, as far back as 2014 knew he'd be elected in 2018...but only if the toad were in, as reward, he appointed Moro as his Justice inister....the fantasies of the left, unconformed with losing the election, believe any tactic is valid to destroy the Lavajato, Bolsonaro, Moro, Paulo Guedes, the pension reform and others (being planned), so that Brazil can keep on sinking - after a 14 year PT experience - in order to gain power again....for the sake of power, to further their Bolivarian dreams - as reflected in the Statutes of the Foro de São Paulo - and most important, to keep themselves out of jail.

    So, IF TRUE that Moro intends to divulge the dirt between Odebrecht (with BNDES money) and VZ's government, see nothing wrong with's rotten to the core, and just a matter of time before it implodes.

    Jul 09th, 2019 - 03:17 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • DemonTree

    ”There will be criticism and a price (to be paid), but it's worth exposing oneself to help the Venezuelans.“

    Deltan seems quite a believer in leaks. Have there been any messages released from Telegram groups where he is not a member, or private chats not involving him? I don't recall seeing any....

    Jul 09th, 2019 - 06:34 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Enrique Massot


    These days it looks like judge Sergio Moro has more pressing issues than Venezuela.

    JB may believe MP readers are getting little information about what's going on in the world.

    He may very well one of the last ones still attempting to cover up for this deeply in-trouble judge. To do that, he uses an old and proven tactic: Just shoot the messenger.

    So JB directs his fire to Glenn Greenwald -- the journalist who first broke the news about Moro's secret communications with prosecutors with the goal of jailing political inconvenient individuals.

    In his rabid anti-left, anti-PT, anti-Intercept tirade, JB forgets to mention the latest news:

    A partnership has been formed between The Intercept and Brazil's largest newspaper the Folha de São Paulo to jointly report on the Moro affair from now on.

    Brazil's largest weekly magazine, centre-right Veja, which for a long time published sympathetic stories about Moro, has also partnered with The Intercept and will be publishing Glenn Greenwald's material as well.

    Right-wing journalist Reinaldo Azevedo of the Band News radio network has also joined the publication partnership.

    Sorry, JB. Nice try though. Unfortunately, Moro is already a politically dead man walking and no amount of semantics or anti-left ramblings can save him.

    Jul 09th, 2019 - 06:47 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • imoyaro

    Kamerad /Komrade Rique once again tries to run interference for his favorite fellow murderous bus driver, Maduro. Sorry, Kamerad/Komrade, this is about the Bolivarian Narcokleptocracy paying off the known criminal entity known as Odebrecht. That should definitely made public. ;)

    Jul 09th, 2019 - 07:28 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Enrique Massot


    Imoyaro appears to believe in the magic power of adjectives:

    “Kamerad/Komrade,” “fellow murderous bus driver Maduro,” “Bolivarian Narcokleptocracy” “criminal entity known as Odebretch.” Who is to argue against these powerful arguments?

    As for making public any crimes or offences, I am all for justice (real justice). It's just that, in light of the new revelations about Sergio Moro, any information coming his way must be carefully weighed, since the man has, at the very least, become suspicious in his dealings as judge.

    However, those considerations should be of little concern to imoyaro, who has already gone ahead and designated the guilty parties. Otherwise, he seems totally unconcerned by Moro's partiality.

    But who needs judges when you have imoyaro, who already knows everything that is to know about the guilty parties?

    Jul 10th, 2019 - 04:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • imoyaro

    Who are you kidding, Kamerad/Komrade?You don't believe in justice. You believe in twisting words, using half truths, and outright lying to support torture, murder, selective starvation as a political tool,and of course the Fascist invasion of peaceful people. Indeed, “your country” has a long history of genocide and anti-semitism. You are a chameleon and a weasel, but it seems that your neighbors are well aware of your extremism. Indeed, you lost your last attempt to get your claws on public money by getting a smashing 27% of the vote in a 2 man race. Should you attempt to do so again, I suspect you will have to move to another area hoping to hoodwink a new set of marks. I look forward to the day you move from being a subject to an object of the law. That will be true Social Justice. ;)

    Jul 10th, 2019 - 06:53 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • :o))

    REF: “harm president Maduro”:

    When the Most Powerful of the 1st World Countries have no guts to take concrete steps against The [so far] Supporters of Venezuela; Moro's screeches may go unheard in any political block!

    Jul 10th, 2019 - 11:29 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Terence Hill

    “Bolsonaro Came to Power in Brazil Through Election Fraud
    An investigation between the US DOJ, the SEC, and the CPO. OCC, laid off 230,000 after Moro paralyzed their operations because of LJ. There’s companies that were crippled in 2015. Brazil lost 2.5 percent GDP that year; it was 500,000 layoffs. This destabilized the economy, causing a drop in popularity of, Rousseff, and impeachment on a budget infraction technicality that was legalized the day after she left office, by the senate.
    So the US involvement, the tactics they used are the same from the DoJ. These tactics, like arresting family members, creating a media circus, leaking things to the media and suppressing information beneficial to the defense. In the case of LJ, Moro barred 86 defense witnesses for Lula, ..
    What Gramsci used to call the “integral [US] state,” which is the government, the political parties, educational institutions, think tanks and the big media companies. And what I see them doing that this investigation is undermined, that Lula stays in jail, that the PT doesn’t rise back to power and undo the privatizations that governments have enacted in Brazil, that directly benefited all of these huge US companies, like Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Boeing, Monsanto; they all benefited because of this, which started with LJ, that threw Dilma Rousseff out of office—she wasn’t tied up in L J, the investigators leaked, all of this misinformation about her in the lead-up to the impeachment.
    People don’t talk about, Brazil’s most important nuclear scientist was arrested by LJ, and this killed Brazil’s submarine program. The shipping industry has been destroyed. The five largest construction companies were destroyed or weakened; 75 percent of Brazil’s petroleum reserves, which are huge, have been sold off at below market rates, mostly to American corporations.”

    Posted 6 days ago - Link - Report abuse -1
  • :o))

    @Terence Hill

    REF: “Brazil’s most important nuclear scientist was arrested by LJ, and this killed Brazil’s submarine program. The shipping industry has been destroyed. The five largest construction companies were destroyed or weakened; 75 percent of Brazil’s petroleum reserves, which are huge, have been sold off at below market rates, mostly to American corporations”:

    Good News for the Ignorant+Retarded+Brainwashed!

    Posted 6 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Terence Hill

    Forty Lawyers Meet With Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro
    The country's leading defense groups were present to represent the journalist and establish a committee to defend freedom of the press.
    By Richard Mann -July 10, 2019
    RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - On Monday, July 8th, a group of 40 lawyers met with journalist Glenn Greenwald, from The Intercept Brasil website, to make themselves available to him and other journalists Involved In the disclosure of Sérgio Moro's messages with prosecutors who worked in Operation Lava Jato.
    The group Intends to establish a Committee for Freedom of the Press to defend threatened reporters, in this and other cases that could lead to reprisals by the Government.
    This mobilization began following the announcement that the Federal Police, under Minister Sérgio Moro, allegedly called for COAF (Council for the Control of Financial Activities) to scrutinize Greenwald's bank accounts.
    This was regarded as blatant attempted persecution and retaliation by senators, who demandedexplanations, by deputies and by political parties.
    The meeting with Greenwald brought together representatives of the leading Brazilian legal bodies, such as OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), IDDD (Institute of Defense Law), IBCCRIM (Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences), ABDJ (Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy), IAB (Institute of Brazilian Lawyers), the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Rio de Janeiro and the SASP (São Paulo Lawyers Union).
    Both federal and Rio de Janeiro public defenders attended.

    Posted 6 days ago - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Jack Bauer

    “D’you think I'm lying abt my opinion..”. No, just that you’ve been brought up believing what is anti-left is unreliable…'n as such, you usually speculate - w/ some of the most improbable things…such as “Hah, I'd say taking him (Moro) from LJ was ‘half the point’, 'n the rest was to strengthen B's govt ‘n bolster his anti-corruption credentials by appointing the popular judge as Minister”.
    Given B’s preference for technical ministers, his reluctance to appoint career politicians (to avoid corruption), makes sense he’d appoint Moro, i/o of a politician who might secretly try to sabotage the L J (as the PT, PSOL, PCB unashamedly do). For ex., the 1st vote in the Lower house for the pension reform, passed 379 x 131 ; needed minimum 308 votes (60% of the House), ‘n ‘not one’ member of those 3 parties voted in favor of it. One more item on the list of what the PT votes against.
    In most countries, the Law dictates that evidence obtained though illegal search warrants (w/o a judge’s authorization), cannot be used….here too…especially when the evidence is authenticated leaks obtained criminally.
    Afaic, if u want to argue it, why aren’t the ‘pavão misterioso’ screen shots as reliable as you believe the GG leaks are ? “An investigation the guy they just accused of corruption is in charge of? Please tell me you're joking”. YOU must be joking…who has just been accused of ‘corruption’? ‘n by whom ? based on unauthenticated leaks ? which even IF true prove nothing.
    Re O Antagonista” I read 20 of their articles per day, ‘n believe me (if u want) when I say they lambast B as well. Am not going to search through 100s of articles to prove it.
    Re GG defending Crusoe, was simply a matter of banding together against a common threat : the STF.
    Yr insistence Lula was deliberately removed from running in 2018, is proof of your denial that my timeline/conclusions are correct. You know, I confess I am getting tired of having to explain the same thing over ‘n over again. “FUI”.

    Posted 5 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    There were many good reasons for B to appoint Moro, which are not mutually exclusive. My speculation is taking the cynical view, and I'm afraid you are partly to blame for that, describing all politicians in Brazil as corrupt and self serving.

    We don't know the leaks were obtained criminally. GG never said they came from a hacker, that's all speculation by the biased Brazilian press (inspired by Clinton campaign?) It's perfectly possible they were leaked by someone on the LJ team.

    “why aren’t the ‘pavão misterioso’ screen shots as reliable as you believe the GG leaks are ?”

    They would be easy to fake, but hard to obtain for real: screenshots from several different people's phones - hacking just one would be more plausible. AFAIK nothing in them has been verified in any way, but there are some suspicious inconsistencies: the phone number attributed to Demori that in fact links to the pavão account on Twitter, the time difference for Jean's phone is the wrong way round, the bitcoin transaction where the maths is incorrect, and it refers to 'Russian Rublos'.

    Besides that, it just seems implausible that GG would do something so certain to put him in the public eye and draw attacks and scrutiny if he had obvious skeletons in his cupboard. By contrast, I think it's clear Moro believes he did nothing wrong, and that was his first response to the leaks. But then he realised they have more material and probably thought it safer to deny everything. Apparently they told him and DD in advance they would be releasing audio, and Moro took a leave of absence... I bet he was relieved it was Dalla in the recording, but they have others.

    Have you listened to it yet? And do you prefer the theory that it's faked somehow (hacked DD's voice-box? ;)) or that it doesn't show any wrong-doing? I find it interesting the right insists on both simultaneously.

    You read 20 articles a day on O Antagonista, and couldn't find one that attacked B, or supported anything from the left??

    Posted 5 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    REF: “all politicians in Brazil as corrupt and self-serving”:

    If at all, by any chance they aren't; why on earth are they wasting Their Time+Public-Funds; particularly when they get to enjoy innumerable/special Benefits+Legal Protection?

    Is all this “sacrifice” due to their uncontrollable+addictive “Patriotic-Urge”?

    Posted 5 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    “My speculation is taking the cynical view, and I'm afraid you are partly to blame for that,...”

    Well, glad to see something got through, even if you think I'm to 'blame'. On the other hand, I reckon there're still a few - very few - who are clean.

    “We don't know the leaks were obtained criminally” NO ? well then, a hacker invades officials' private communication systems - to extract information which “can” be used dishonestly, i.e., after being adulterated by the IntercePT, to reinforce it's views, presented as evidence to smear Moro and Dallagnol, amongst others...all without a legal search warrant...but of course, we must presume we don't know that it was criminal....the obvious question :how did the supposed messages end up in GG's possession ? the obvious answer : thru criminal hacking. Yr speculation that someone on the L J team might have leaked them, imo is aburd, but even IF, still criminal.

    You say the “‘pavão misterioso’ screen shots” are easy to fake....and the GG leaks are not susceptible to adulteration / fake insertions ? Afaic, GG thought he would make his point - to throw shit on Moro & the Govt - 'n then it would die down, after serving its purpose.
    What abt the wrong names, dates, workplaces of prosecutors in GGs leaks ?
    What Moro may have thought, we don't know, but it's also possible he just reacted like any honest person who is being framed by his political adversaries..

    Re “O Antagonista” , I get three of four bulletins per day, highlighting various apects of politics, government...I have no reason to defend them, but I must say they have a knack of getting information before all others, and IF mentioned at all, always confirmed later on by bigger media outlets, either defending / attacking the government, whichever they deserve. One example (seen on the news yesterday, read on Antagonista, a bit before): attacking B's stupid idea/decision to appoint his youngest son, ambassador to Washington DC....I agree with the Antagonista.

    Posted 5 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Would it be a crime to send your own chats with other people to a reporter? Or messages you copied off a colleague or family member's computer? I don't know the law in Brazil. Presumably social-engineering attacks (much easier than actual hacking) such as was used to get the Podesta emails are illegal. Would be the hacker who was guilty though, not the journalists who publish them.

    There's nothing stopping the journalists changing the quotes, but they'd be taking a terrible risk. There's a high change the principles still have the chat logs on their phones/PCs, so if the Intercept lie about something, one of the LJ team could go to the police or the press, show the logs and prove them wrong. But a month has passed and that hasn't happened. By contrast Moro and Dalla will only say in general terms that the messages might be adulterated; if they recognised something as untrue there's no reason not to deny it, but if the quotes are correct and they deny something specific, they risk being proved liars themselves. I don't think DD has denied the audio is him, either, although the Bolsominions keep crying 'FAKE'.

    “What abt the wrong names, dates, workplaces of prosecutors in GGs leaks ?”

    What were they?

    “must say they have a knack of getting information before all others”

    Straight from the horse's mouth and into your inbox, benefit of being friendly with the government. Is B serious with this blatant attempt at nepotism, or is it meant to be a distraction from other news? Trump likes to stir up shit whenever something inconvenient for him makes headlines. Seeing the minions attempts to defend it have been entertaining, though.

    I also saw in the news that Brazil has been voting with the hard-line Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia in the UN Human Rights Council. A sad sign of the Evangelical block's real intentions.

    Posted 4 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))

    @JB / @DT

    Looks like I'm missing too many issues!

    Issues such as:
    - Why is/are The Hacker/s still not caught?
    - Why is the Intercept-Team still free?
    - Why don't The Authorities prove that the Leaks ARE fake?
    - Why is the Govt. on such a “Defensive-Mode”?


    Why don't the miserable masses DEMAND answers?

    Doing it casually, when there is nothing better to do [more important than football, churrasco, carnival, soap-operas, etc, etc, etc], is ONE thing but to do so Non-Stop; increases the severeness, awareness, and seriousness!

    Do you agree?

    Posted 4 days ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Terence Hill

    Using Democratic Institutions to Smash Democratic Aspirations (the Brazil Model)

    Lula approval rating of 86 percent. His poverty reduction programs earned his government praise from around the world, some are calling for him to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Income redistribution through social programs lifted almost 30 million (out of 209 million) Brazilians out of poverty. The number of public university campuses more than doubled, leading to a 285 percent increase in Afro-Brazilians attending institutes of higher education. Brazil paid off its debts to the IMF.
    Substantiated The Intercept shows evidence of political persecution and a coordinated attempt to stop Lula from winning the presidential election and put a halt to the country’s progressive social agenda. The corruption charges against Lula were manufactured in order to recover the right-wing’s control of the government, despite a lack of evidence against him.
    Is there evidence against Lula?
    The prosecutors could not prove that Lula owned the apartment or the farm. Nor prove any benefit to the contractors. Lula was convicted of unspecified acts. There was no material evidence against Lula.
    What has been the role of the United States in the Lava Jato investigation?
    US Department of Justice officials visited Judge Moro during the investigation, and how US Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco said in 2017 that the U.S. justice officials had “informal communications” about the removal of Lula from the presidential race. On 6 March 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice said that it would transfer 80 percent of the fines it received from Petrobras to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to set up an “anti-corruption investment fund.” It is fair to say that this is a payment to the Lava Jato team for its work on removing Lula from the presidential race.

    Posted 3 days ago - Link - Report abuse -1
  • :o))

    @TH / @JB / @DT / @EM / @imoyaro

    Well, as long as there is hope/optimism; not everything is lost:$p$f$q$w=7060dfe

    Posted 1 day ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Terence Hill

    JUNE 9 , Intercept published the first articles in the #VazaJato series, dealing with abuses committed by former judge Sergio Moro and the Lava Jato task force. Both the task force and Minister Moro responded by denying any impropriety, but did not challenge - and implicitly confirmed - the veracity of the material published. They say “do not recognize authenticity,” They never pointed out a single phrase that would have been, according to them, invented or adulterated.
    Only after the repercussion that the ex-judge and the prosecutors changed of discourse. The Estadão, for example, published an editorial on June 11 demanding the resignation of Moro from the Ministry of Justice and the removal of Deltan; and Veja dedicated the cover of the edition of the day of June 19 to the dismantling of the image of Moro. From then on, the duo then adopted the tactic of insinuating - without ever expressly asserting - that while, in Moro's words , “there are some things that I may have possibly said,” “messages may be wholly or partly adulterated.”
    Despite the abundance of evidence of the authenticity of the material published by the different vehicles, several sources told Intercept over the last few days that the Federal Police, during the departure of Minister Sergio Moro , is considering this week an operation that would target a supposed “hacker”, which hypothetically would be the source of the file. This alleged hacker would be encouraged to “confess” to having sent the material to Intercept and the adulterated.
    This wrong tactic will fail. The reason is simple: the evidences proving the authenticity of the material are so great, and come from so many sources of known credibility, that no such “confession” would be plausible.

    Posted 1 day ago - Link - Report abuse -1
  • :o))

    @Terence Hill

    REF: “Wrong tactic will fail”:

    Well, not ALWAYS:$p$f$w=9a2eab8

    Posted 6 hours ago - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Terence Hill

    Vaza Jato: Former Odebrecht Director Claims he was Coerced by the Federal Prosecutor
    By Arkady Petrov -July 17, 2019RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Another bombshell strikes Lava Jato. In a statement to the São Paulo Court of Justice, executive Carlos Armando Paschoal says he was coerced by the Federal Prosecutor's Office to build a report on the ranch in Atibaia (São Paulo State), which resulted in the second conviction of former president Lula, who has been held as a prisoner in Brazil since April of last year.Carlos Armando Paschoal, former director superintendent of Odebrecht, told the São Paulo courts that he was “virtually coerced into making a report about what had happened” and that he had to “build a report” on the Atibaia ranch, reports journalist Nathan Lopes, in UOL. The case led to former president Lula's second conviction.
    Paschoal testified in the TJ-SP (Court of Justice of São Paulo) on July 3rd as a witness. “In the case of the ranch, which I have absolutely nothing to do with, for instance, I was almost coerced into making a report about what had happened. And I, in fact, in that case, identified the money to do the work on the ranch. I had to build a report,” he said.
    When asked to explain what he meant by “building a report”, Paschoal said it would have been something like “look, this happened, this, this, and this; and I appointed the engineer to do the work.”
    Paschoal did not explain precisely what the prosecution's coercion would have entailed, nor did he provide further details as to what had been “built” into his testimony.

    Posted 1 hour ago - Link - Report abuse 0

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