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US approved the nomination of Bolsonaro's son as next Brazilian ambassador in Washington

Saturday, August 10th 2019 - 07:37 UTC
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Brazil has received an “agreement” from US authorities that would allow Bolsonaro to officially name his 35-year-old son Eduardo to the post. Brazil has received an “agreement” from US authorities that would allow Bolsonaro to officially name his 35-year-old son Eduardo to the post.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday the United States has approved the nomination of his son Eduardo as ambassador to Washington.

“I'm delighted and I'm sure the friendly and commercial ties will be strengthened thanks to Eduardo,” said Bolsonaro at an impromptu press conference at the presidential palace in Brasilia.

Brazil has received an “agreement” from US authorities that would allow Bolsonaro to officially name his 35-year-old son to the post.

However, the appointment would still need to be approved by the Brazilian Senate.

Bolsonaro said he wasn't “in a hurry” to send his nomination to the senate, although last week he said he was sure it would be accepted.

The far right leader said he'd even received a letter from US President Donald Trump, written “by his own hand,” approving the nomination.

Trump described it on Jul 30 as “a great appointment,” praising Eduardo as “outstanding.”

“I don't think it's nepotism,” said Trump, who counts his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner among his most senior advisors.

Bolsonaro had promised to fight cronyism as well as rampant corruption while campaigning for president last year.

Eduardo Bolsonaro pushed his own case last month, citing his experience flipping hamburgers in the United States during a work exchange program in 2005.

In March, Eduardo said on Twitter that when he was younger he “washed plates with Mexicans and Peruvians in a kitchen surrounded by snow in Maine and Colorado.”

Bolsonaro, who heads the foreign affairs committee in the lower house of Brazil's Congress, has no previous diplomatic experience.

But he accompanied his father to a private meeting with Trump during a diplomatic visit to Washington in March.

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  • Terence Hill

    “Who Will Invade Brazil to Save the Amazon?”, Asks U.S. Magazine Foreign Policy
    For Harvard professor Stephen M. Walt, “it's only a matter of time” before the international community intervenes in the largest tropical forest in the world. And since Brazil isn’t a true great power, threatening it with either economic sanctions or even the use of force might be feasible.
    Researcher Stephen M. Walt, of Harvard University, points out that 60 percent of the Amazon basin belongs to Brazil and states that President Bolsonaro’s policies have put at risk the largest tropical forest in the world, responsible for much of the planet’s carbon absorption.
    A further point raised is how world leaders, from the European Union (EU) to the United Nations (UN), have prioritized the fight against environmental degradation in recent years.
    The question, therefore, is how far would the international community be willing to go in order to prevent, halt, or reverse actions that might cause immense and irreparable harm to the environment on which all humans depend?” writes the author, arguing that, in the near future, even military action could be acceptable in this context.

    Aug 10th, 2019 - 06:24 pm 0
  • :o))

    @Terence Hill

    REF: Q: How far would the Int'l. Community is willing to go in order to prevent, halt, or reverse actions that might cause immense & irreparable harm to the environment in which all humans depend?

    A: The Environment-Issue & Pollution-Issue are not new at all and go hand-in-hand!

    The so-called professionals, experts, scientists, the Nobel Laureates, UNO, etc, etc have failed miserably + have proven themselves as totally ineffective + inefficient in forcing - obliging - the countries to take care of the worsening climatic conditions & pollution [air, water, sound].

    So the Honorable Researcher can expect nothing more than the blah-blah-blah to continue to go on & on & on.$p$f$q$w=904c3fd

    Aug 10th, 2019 - 10:04 pm 0
  • Terence Hill

    (STF) justice Luiz Fux granted a preliminary injunction ordering the conservation of the messages seized by the hackers arrested in Operation Spoofing, on July 23rd, another justice of the Court, Alexandre de Moraes, requisitioned on Thursday night, August 1st, the complete material seized by the Federal Police (PF).
    “Given the news reports pointing to evidence of illegal investigation against justices of this court [STF], may a request be sent to the 10th Federal Criminal Court of Brasília for a complete copy of the investigation and of all seized material in the operation,” instructed Moraes. The inquiry was also extended for 180 days.
    Last week, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro, head of the Federal Police and himself hacked, advised some officials who had also been affected by the cell phone hacking that messages, “obtained illicitly,” would be destroyed.
    The announcement triggered several reactions from jurists and even STF justices, who considered that it would never be up to a minister to decide on the disposal of this material. It would only be up to the courts to assess the fate of material seized in the police operation, which could become evidence in a criminal trial.
    Fux granted a petition from the PDT Party to forbid the disposal of messages. The decision still needs to go through a Federal Supreme Court plenary vote, with all eleven justices.
    “There is a well-founded concern that the dispersal of evidence may thwart the efficiency of judicial performance, in contradiction to the fundamental principles of the Constitution, such as the rule of law and legal certainty. In addition, the establishment of this Court’s full conviction as to the lawfulness of the means for obtaining such evidence requires the proper assessment of its entire set,” wrote the magistrate.

    Aug 12th, 2019 - 11:35 am 0
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