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Prosecutors open investigations into allegations ex president Macri spied on political opponents

Saturday, May 30th 2020 - 08:55 UTC
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Among those allegedly affected is popular Argentine television personality Marcelo Tinelli, who accused Macri of using “a state apparatus to persecute”. Among those allegedly affected is popular Argentine television personality Marcelo Tinelli, who accused Macri of using “a state apparatus to persecute”.

Prosecutors in Argentina have opened an investigation into allegations that former president Mauricio Macri spied on political opponents during his four years in office, judicial sources reported on Friday.

The complaint was lodged by Cristina Caamaño, who was recently appointed by Macri's successor President Alberto Fernandez to carry out an audit of the Federal Intelligence Agency.

In her deposition, Caamaño asked state prosecutors to investigate Macri and said “emails from almost 100 people were spied on without any court order,” according to the sources.

Among those allegedly affected is popular Argentine television personality Marcelo Tinelli, who accused Macri of using “a state apparatus to persecute”.

“They listened to your phone calls, read your emails, put the squeeze on you with AFIP,” Tinelli wrote on Twitter, referring to Argentina's tax collection service

Federal prosecutor Jorge Di Lello has taken charge of the case, and is also investigating Macri's former intelligence chief Gustavo Arrivas and former secret service agents in the case.

The complaint was filed digitally in Buenos Aires on Tuesday because of an ongoing lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic. Caamaño provided computer equipment seized by the intelligence agency as evidence of the allegations.

Among those allegedly spied upon are ambassadors, television journalists, union leaders, businessmen, lawmakers, state governors and even officials close to Macri.


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  • Chicureo

    (I posted this last night on the MercoPress thread about Chile in answer to Enrique's continuous ignorant mendacity maligning both Brazil and Chile — that's also applicable here as he ignorantly glorifies CFK.)

    I'm currently savoring a wonderful Viña Laura Hartwig Cabernet this evening and I have to completely agree with Enrique about the tremendous undeniable social injustice and police brutality happening now in the Americas.

    I'm watching it on television tonight. Although the BBC terribly misspelled Florianópolis using “Minneapolis” and it's obvious that Bolsonaro has lost control of his country. (I never realized that Brazil had TARGET department stores.)

    Those brutal Brazilian riot police ordered by Bolsonaro obviously demonstrate that people are justified in burning buildings due to social inequality. (Those Brazilian rioters are frighteningly concerning as they are not maintaining safe and prudent COVID-19 social distancing.)

    Also, I'm fascinated how our progressive cousins' Ministerio de Salud statistics are far lower than ours. (Of course, Argentine government statistics have always been a paragon of truth.)

    However, I do need to politely correct Enrique who's confused about who was the Chilean Minister Public Works (and later president) who PRIVATIZED public utilities and so much more, that today is being blamed upon Pinochet.

    “In 1988, Ricardo Lagos Escobar helped put his country on the road to democracy.”

    (Read and you'll understand why I think Enrique is full of mendacious bullshit.)

    By the way, that “Island” Enrique refers to is progressing well and I have high expectations of an indoor bathroom facilities installed in two weeks time. He's correct that life is currently great.

    We should all be thankful for the opportunity to improve your own life as well as those people you care for.

    I do indeed embrace the British SAS motto: Who Dares Wins


    May 31st, 2020 - 02:13 pm 0
  • bushpilot

    We have asked your opinion about Venezuela for years. Not so much as a peep on that.

    You are the King of steering away from topics you'd rather not hear about.

    Argentina is burning and you just post when Macri comes up.

    You steer away from the mess Argentina is in.

    Now an article comes up about free-market Macri and everybody knew you'd be all over it.

    You don't like the suffering of people?

    What is your opinion about Maduro from Venezuela and how he is treating his people?

    What about their suffering? No comment from you on that for 3 years at least.

    If Maduro were a free-market leader trashing the lives of his country people the way he has for several years now, you'd be spending half your day bashing him.

    It is a socialist system and those people have been wrecked for years.

    This is how steering away works with you:

    Economic suffering in a socialist system = silence

    Economic suffering in a free-market system = long post

    Socialist ideology and promoting it is what matters to you. Not a people's suffering.

    Just like you are doing right now.

    If people are suffering under your socialist religion, the pain then is a necessary price for paradise.

    With you, people must first convert to your religion.

    Only then can they exercise their God given right to pursue happiness for themselves and their families.

    Those rioters in Chile should have been pursuing their own happiness. Now they can only extort it out of others by violence. The Marxist way.

    This is just CFK paying back Macri, on account of her being a shallow airhead.

    He deserves it anyway.

    You cry about people living on isolated islands in the midst of other people's suffering.

    Your CFK lives in a palace while Argentina burns. You live in Canada, how's that for being isolated from it all.

    Talk about steering away! You're practically English!

    Move to Caracas. Then you can shoot your mouth off about all the suffering in South America.

    May 31st, 2020 - 11:37 pm 0
  • Chicureo


    You have me all wrong, I love my Argentine cousins and avidly follow all the political scandals, that are (as all things Argentine) much larger than my little county is.
    (Certainly CFK going under investigation would capture the world's opinion.)

    Your Argentine dictatorship was far more successful than my was, with a reported over 30,000 “disappeared” compared to our approximate 3,000.

    As all adolescents of my generation in Chile — we always admired Argentina. In the '70s our cousins had everything far better. Buenos Aires was considered truly the Paris of South America. The most beautiful and seductive porteñas wearing the latest fashion were certainly thought by us as goddesses. I remember adoring the temptresses at the beach, wearing high heels and sipping yerba mate with a bombilla in their seductive lips.

    Argentina had finest world class leaders of tennis, boxing, Formula 1 racing. The richest agricultural production and certainly the most extraordinary bife I'd ever experienced. Undoubtably Argentine football reigned as the best, and everyone agreed the best wine in South America was from Mendoza.

    I remember in the early '70s we crossed the Andes to Mendoza where they had EVERYTHING in abundance to shop for, including toilet paper.

    And Argentina had the most powerful and advanced military in Latin America. The Airforce had advanced fighter bomber jets that could attack our capital within 20 minutes! Their mighty Armada was touted as invincible, including with a heavy cruiser and aircraft carrier that would easily destroy our decrepit fleet in a confrontation. Little did I know how events would affect myself, as my family was in near financial ruin.

    Argentina is indirectly responsible for paying for my higher education, my love life and family and certainly now enjoying because of making prudent financial decisions. Thanks to our country's economic policies, the poverty level has dramatically lowered and many of us are doing very well.

    Jun 01st, 2020 - 12:06 am 0
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