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Bolsonaro claims he's fully recovered from Covid-19 but has “mouldy lungs”

Monday, August 3rd 2020 - 10:56 UTC
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Bolsonaro just coming off three weeks in quarantine said “I'm in the high-risk group,” during a visit to the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. Bolsonaro just coming off three weeks in quarantine said “I'm in the high-risk group,” during a visit to the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Fresh off a bout of Covid-19, President Jair Bolsonaro said that nearly everyone will probably end up catching the new coronavirus urging Brazilians to “face up to it” and saying there was nothing to fear. He also admitted taking antibiotics since he was suffering from “mouldy lungs”

The far-right leader's latest bid to downplay the pandemic came as Brazil closed in on the grim milestone of 100,000 people killed by the virus, the second-highest death toll in the world, after the United States.

Bolsonaro, who is just coming off three weeks in quarantine with a case of virus pointed to his own case as an example. “I'm in the high-risk group,” the 65-year-old president told journalists during a visit to the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

“I knew I was going to catch it someday, as I think unfortunately nearly everyone here is going to catch it eventually. What are you afraid of? Face up to it,” he said.

“I regret the deaths. But people die every day, from lots of things. That's life.”

Bolsonaro has faced criticism for his handling of the pandemic as it has surged in Brazil, the country with the second-highest number of cases and deaths in the world: more than 2.6 million and 92,000, respectively.

Bolsonaro has fought stay-at-home measures to contain it and regularly flouted social distancing hitting the streets of Brasilia to exchange handshakes and hugs with supporters.

He tested positive for the virus on July 7 after coming down with a fever, and spent three weeks in isolation at the presidential palace.

However back into his normal schedule, the president said in his weekly live broadcast on Thursday that he had felt weak and exams had revealed an infection.

“I just had a blood test, you know, I had a little weakness yesterday, they even found a little bit of infection too. I’m on antibiotics now,” he said. “After 20 days indoors, I have other problems. I have mold in my lungs.”

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  • Chicureo

    This horrible virus apparently has many different variations. I learned that my daughter, Madame and I — all have antibodies from an earlier undetected infection. Others, in their 30s and 40s have contracting a serious variation and they've died within a short time. Bolsonaro is slowly recovering, yet it seems has a lingering damage. (There are cases of secondary infections now reported.)

    What's clear, is its the grim reaper for our aged segment of society. It also seems that the disease is here with us for a lengthy period. I think, despite the criticizem, Sweden's model is just as effective as the strict lockdowns of other countries.

    Tonight's dîner avec ma mariée was fresh ostiones (scallops), a local artisanal Casablanca chorizo sausage, sourdough bread and perfectly paired with a treasured '97 Don Melchor — which was incredibly satisfying. With this evening's stunning sunset, we even saw the rare green flash as the orb of light disappeared on the Pacific horizon.

    If Nigella was a bit thinner and spoke français:

    The wine, the ambiance and my accompaniment féminin est sans précédent! Life now is truly magnificent!


    Aug 04th, 2020 - 12:26 am 0
  • Think


    You just spilled a golden opportunity to keep your ignorance about yet another world-topic for yourself...

    You say above...:
    ***“I Think?..., despite the criticicism..., Sweden's model is just as effective as the strict lockdowns of other countries....”***

    Let's review some COVID19 facts about them three neighbouring Scandinavian Countries that share some 2,500 kms. of land borders..., that are a statisticians dream for almost any analytical statistic purpouse.and that have suffered ALMOST IDENTICAL ECONOMIC DOWNTOURS AFTER ~FIVE MONTHS OF PANDEMIC.., shall we...?

    1) Norway..., (Strict lockdown modell...)
    Covid19 cases per million...: 1,721
    Covid19 deaths per million.: 47

    2) Finland..., (Strict lockdown modell...)
    Covid19 cases per million...: 1,350
    Covid19 deaths per million.: 60

    3) Sweden..., (“Relaxed” lockdown modell...)
    Covid19 cases per million...: 8,034
    Covid19 deaths per million..: 569

    My simple question to you is...:
    - In which freaking Armed Farces Academy on Earth did you learn that 569 casualities per million are “just the same” as 47...???

    Aug 04th, 2020 - 01:22 pm 0
  • Chicureo

    Estimado THINK

    That charming Chileana-Catalan-Occitan partner and I just returned from a long stroll along the seafront promenade and the weather is stunningly beautiful.

    When the pandemic emergency orders were first issued, we obediently obeyed and self isolated ourselves including cancelling a large annual traditional Easter family gathering because we believed what the experts were warning.

    Later, we discovered that ourselves, our youngest daughter and the live-in Peruvian housekeeper all carry the antibodies from a prior undetected COVID19 infection. We learned that many other Chileans have also been unknowingly infected.

    We also know that the death rate is reasonably low for healthy individuals, but deadly for those with medical complications and especially horrible for the aged — which Sweden has taken extraordinary actions to protect.

    We cannot keep our economies crippled and allow hundreds of millions of people to suffer the resulting consequences that the world media seems to be completely ignoring. (From my family's standpoint, we are all well and thriving because of our unique circumstances, but this pandemic has ruined the lives of a large segment of our people.

    Latest statistics in Chile: 353,536 confirmed cases, 1,948 new cases, 9,377 deaths. (Do the simple math and make your own conclusions.)

    This plague is treacherous and deadly, but Latin America cannot shut down like wealthy countries without severe consequences.

    I wish you a safe and healthy stay on the beautiful Ligurian coast!


    Aug 04th, 2020 - 04:20 pm 0
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