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Argentine ex president, “no elections next year”, and “we are the champs of military dictatorships”

Tuesday, August 25th 2020 - 09:31 UTC
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Duhalde who was interim president in the last major Argentine crisis at the turn of the millennium 2001/03 did not specifically mention a military coup Duhalde who was interim president in the last major Argentine crisis at the turn of the millennium 2001/03 did not specifically mention a military coup

Argentine former president Eduardo Duhalde emphatically said that the scheduled midterm elections next year will not be taking place if no consensuses are reached by the political system and the overall situation continues to deteriorate.

Duhalde who was interim president in the last major Argentine crisis at the turn of the millennium 2001/03 did not specifically mention a military coup, during a late night Monday television show, but did recall that Argentina is the champion of military dictatorships.

“From 1939 to 1983, we had fourteen military governments, people are fed up, when the pandemic is over, the country will be devastated, so yes we could end up in a military coup. Opinion polls are showing the institution most respected by the Argentines are the armed force, and we are the champs of military dictatorships”

To the surprise of the anchor person interviewing Duhalde and members of a midnight panel, Duhalde insisted “no elections next year”. Impossible was the reply from panelists, “why  not?, the system can stand the situation, and people are fed up, desperate, the economy is stalled and they want to eat, to feed their families...”

But people will not let it happen, insisted the panelists, are you sure of what you are saying, “completely convinced” was the reply from the veteran leader.

“Look around, militarism is back in the region, Brazil is a co-government of the military with a civilian president, Venezuela, Bolivia, even in Chile, the institutions standing for the country are the Carabineros and the Army. And I repeat, we are the champs of military governments....”

Duhalde added, “ Argentina is heading for a scenario worse than that of 2001, when I was interim president next to Ricardo Alfonsin. The environment is clearly against the presidency of Alberto Fernandez, this is the most complex presidency...”

“I've met the president four times and talked about all this, and what is coming but he is also affected by the pandemic. I've known him all my life, he's not the man I knew, he hardly

sleeps and is overwhelmed by issues. Every president needs three hours a day for himself, this I learnt the hard way back in 2002/03, and Alberto is committing the same mistake...”

And what did he reply to your comments, “that yes he agrees, but that is all”

Alberto Fernandez is facing a disastrous situation, rather Argentina and nothing good can come out of it, people are going to rebel, we are heading for the same scenario as back in 2001/02, when people marched in the streets calling “out with all the politicians...”

“How many times has the democratic system fallen in Argentina, fourteen times, and it's not Alberto Fernandez, there is no need to make it personal. To have elections next year we need political consensus, we must get rid of all those things contrary to the needed consensuses, there are only two/three basic things we need”

Finally, ”with all the leaders I meet I ask them to toil for unity, the unity of all Argentines. If not, no dialogue is possible, Sure it's much easier for all of us who can enjoy lunch every day, but what about the people?, do you think they are going to remain quiet much longer...?

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  • border rover

    Very reassuring ! Is it any wonder that the Falklanders completely reject any overtures from their untrustworthy neighbours ?

    Aug 25th, 2020 - 10:23 am +1
  • pgerman

    President Alberto Fernández has been so disastrous that the Peronists are planning a self-coup to avoid disappearing from history.

    The usual history of Peronism .....

    Aug 25th, 2020 - 05:36 pm +1
  • Jo Bloggs

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Like the guy say, it’s nothing personal. Argentina are the world champions of military dictatorships. Not the undefeated world champions though; they tried to go up too many weight divisions in 82. Bullying the dirty kids with no shoes in the streets around you is one thing, but attacking the residence of a global giant is another.

    This explains the higher-than-usual Malvinas rhetoric. Give them cake.

    Aug 26th, 2020 - 10:57 am +1
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