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Critical Friday for post-Brexit talks: EU insists Johnson must make concessions

Friday, October 16th 2020 - 09:01 UTC
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The negotiations between Britain and the European Union over their future relationship are lurching toward a crisis after European Union leaders told Boris Johnson he must make concessions only hours before the prime minister is due to decide whether to walk away. Read full article


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  • Don Alberto

    Johnson has said that the UK should get the same conditions as Canada. He forgot to tell where Canada and EU has a land border. That is the important difference.

    But a hard Brexit will be favorable for the UK, some say, as the UK will only lose a little more than 40 percent of its export, while the EU stand to lose a huge 4.2 percent of its export. As anybody knows 40 is better than 4.2 - or ...

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  • Pugol-H

    Don Alberto
    I told you before “The UK are some 18% of the total EU exports to non EU countries, second only to the US.”

    You don’t “lose” your exports, you have to contend with tariffs paperwork and sometimes quotas, as the EU will find out with their second largest export market.

    Anyway following the EU summit and the statement that The UK must now make the necessary moves to get a deal, Boris has cancelled negotiations as there is now no basis for further negotiation.

    They will not re-start unless the EU fundamentally changes its position.

    So no deal it is then, squeaky bum time, we shall see who has the “courage of their convictions”.

    Difficult in the short term no doubt, however we will be free of interference from Brussels, permanently.

    A price worth paying.

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  • Don Alberto

    “we will be free of interference from Brussels, permanently.”

    Surely you are joking, Pugol-H.

    If the UK wants to export any goods to the EU it will be according to EU regulations. If the UK wants to business with the EU at all, it will almost always be according to EU regulations, while at the same time the UK will have no influence on the EU rules.

    The UK used to vote FOR (slightly) more than 84% of the EU regulations.

    You are fantasizing, Pugol-H.

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  • Pugol-H

    Don Alberto
    Actually this is quite normal, the biggest single UK export market is the US, where everything has to meet US standards/regulations, where we also have no say in regulations.

    It will come as no surprise to anyone that it is now the same with the EU.

    Although it will come as a surprise to the EU their exports must now meet UK regulations.

    What is not normal is one party in a trade negotiation demanding the other mirrors its domestic laws/regulations.

    For example, the EU has the “working time directive” which limits the number of hours a person can work in any given day/week, also that someone has to be away from the workplace for at least 11 hours before returning.

    As far as I am aware the US has no such regulation and in the US/EU trade talks the EU did not insist the US adopt EU working regulations, as a condition of doing a trade deal.

    Nor did they insist the EU court had to be the final arbiter in any dispute.

    In this negotiation the EU are far more concerned with keeping control than they are about “free trade”.

    Except they have cut away so many things from the deal, on the grounds it would be “cherry picking”, that what is left is such a thin and one sided deal that it is simply not worth doing on its own, before you get to the big concessions demanded on fishing etc. To get the deal.

    They have actually negotiated themselves out of a negotiating position.

    16% of regulations not working for you is more than enough to F*uck up large swathes of your economy.

    Is the reality.

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  • Don Alberto

    I am not going to waste more time on this. You'll undoubtedly enjoy those delicious chicken washed in a chloride solution, plus 32 other foods forbidden in the EU but not in the future UK imports from the US.

    Good luck! - you'll need it.

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  • Pugol-H

    Don Alberto
    Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine.

    BTW “chloride washed chicken” was a completely “fake news” story, we won’t be getting any, nor will we be selling the NHS.


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  • Don Alberto

    Of course the UK won't be selling the NHS, now that we know that it will get £350,000,000 more a week from 1 January 2021 as the PM promised.

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