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Argentine President ironically describes vaccines against coronavirus as “poison”

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021 - 21:09 UTC
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“Let's stop contaminating Argentines with lies...” Fernández said “Let's stop contaminating Argentines with lies...” Fernández said

Argentine President Alberto Fernández Wednesday criticized opposition parties: “Now they demand the second dose of poison from us,” he said.

With people who have already received the first part of the immunizing treatment anxious to know when or if the full procedure will become available, opposition politicians took advantage of that situation to berate the Government's efforts in that regard.

Of all vaccinated patients, those most worried are the ones who have already received the Russian-developed Sputnik V, because the second component differs from the initial one, while most other drugs reportedly require just another injection of the same product.

Fernández downplayed the allegations against his administration during a banking event in Buenos Aires saying Argentina was among the first 20 countries in the world to apply the largest number of immunizers and ironically spoke about the delays in the arrival of the second dose of Sputnik V: “Now they demand the second dose of poison,” he joked.

At the opening ceremony of the 48th National Banking Congress together with banking labour leader Sergio Palazzo and Buenos Aires province Governor Axel Kicillof, the President said that what “matters most to him” was that “the salary of the workers” would not fall behind inflation and hoped this issue would be duly solved.

Fernández insisted on the “damage” caused by his predecessor and that now-former official of the Mauricio Macri administration were coming back from their ashes seeking gain from “tragedy of the pandemic, and leaving aside what they were able to do,” about vaccines expiring, the return of measles and the downgrading of the Ministry of Health to a mere Secretariat with its subsequent defunding, which also applied to public education.

“And now they come to explain to us what to do!” Fernández said. He added that the opposition does not like his administration's plan because “the plan they like is to tighten up” things on people.

Fernández also highlighted that Argentina as a country was “one of the few that produces vaccines.”

Regarding the delay in the delivery of the Sputnik V vaccine, Health Minister Carla Vizzotti has mentioned that in the future “it is a possibility” to combine immunizers to complete vaccination schedules.

“They said we asked for bribes to receive the vaccine, they said we bought poison. Now that the poisoner got the vaccine, they claim the second dose of poison. Let's stop contaminating Argentines with lies... How many people have believed that the vaccine was harmful?” Fernández wondered.

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  • Chicureo


    Another really beautiful mild Winter day here in the Aconcagua Valley and we fully expect to be at our apartment in Valle Nevado next week. (Yes, there is snow!)

    We went on an early morning ski conditioning aerobic hike ascending the hillside orchards before returning to delicious avocado California omelets with perfectly prepared café late.

    Today’s le déjeuner (by family demand) — are club sandwiches on toasted sourdough bread utilizing garden tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise, fresh baby romaine lettuce, sliced honey roasted chicken breast, crisp smoked bacon with our own Hass avocados. (We’re pairing the sandwiches with fried artichoke hearts and fresh made Meyer lemonade.)

    Our Schwiegertochter is preparing a German style pear streuselkuchen for today’s afternoon tea.

    I’m very amused that Skippy thinks anyone believes his silly pathetic beer mug photograph. He is definitely guilty of false military valor!

Terence Hill has provided us publicly with verified textual evidence that his real identity is Skippy Jessop and along with all the photographs as well as endless video — does prove beyond doubt the truth.

    As Skippy says — a picture says a thousands of words — and we have undeniable hours of videos exposing his actual identity as Skippy Jessop.

    Can you imagine the mental torture and humiliation poor Skippy is experiencing?

    There’s even a series of videos documenting Terence’s embarrassment being catfished — including his court trial which he ignominiously lost.

    After all — he’s brought this attention to himself after being so consistently nasty to the other MP contributors!

    Anyway — there’s no need to continue arguing with Skippy as anyone can clearly learn all about Terence’s real identity at his webpage:

    Enjoy life to its fullest!

¡Saludos de Panquehue!

    Jun 24th, 2021 - 01:33 pm +2
  • Chicureo

    Today’s marvelous le déjeuner was made with delicious honey roasted chicken breasts from a recipe by a famous Argentine winemaker Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, who was born in Tuscany and today makes Pinot Noir in Patagonia.

    (We are fortunate to have a few bottles of his impressive Bodega Chacra Treinta y Dos Pinot Noir in our cellar in Chicureo. His chicken recipe can easily found on Food&Wine “Honey-and-Lemon-Glazed Roast Chicken”)

    We source our frozen artichoke hearts for frying from a restaurant supplier and use sunflower oil. The batter however is the same as used for Japanese Tempura — which makes them a light healthy delicious accompaniment with the sandwiches.

    Unfortunately Skippy Jessop (who utilizes the user ID Terence Hill) is suffering from a delusional mental breakdown that I think is due in part to his destructive lifestyle.

    This last video was published for Valentine’s Day this year and it’s obvious he needs to embrace the truth about himself. (Pretending to be an octogenarian RAF veteran of the 1962 Cuba Missile Crisis is delusional.)

    His admitted prior abuse of imbibing Popov brand vodka has left him with a serious nervous tremor causing his apparent uncontrollable shaking — visible in his most recent videos.

    As I’ve mentioned earlier — perhaps bariatric surgery may be a prudent option — as his health has visibly deteriorated since the photographs in 2016.

    Considering the Utah has an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables currently available in supermarkets there — he should change his diet and certainly address the severe obesity problem he suffers.

    Meanwhile — our gypsy clan is excited about making a move to Valle Nevado next week.

    (We earlier recently visited our apartment there and everything is completely ready!)

    “All men die — few ever really live!”

    ¡Saludos de Panquehue!

    Jun 24th, 2021 - 04:05 pm +2
  • Chicureo

    Terence Hill does not want anyone to watch this highly informative video:

    There are numerous wonderful healthy and delicious uses for the superfood we grow.

    Of course Terence has constantly derided my country, our family farm life and certainly the enjoyment of living life to its fullest.

    Remodeling the farmhouse was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    We have a blazing grapewood fire on the hearth and the wondrous smell of baguettes currently baking is intoxicating.

    Madame is currently conducting a cooking class with our youngest daughter, our Schwiegertochter and granddaughter — the fine art of preparing soupe à l'oignon facon Occitan grand-mèr — (her grandmother’s Occitan onion soup) utilizing Gruyère produced by her girlfriend in Chillán along with homemade beef broth rendered from our last asado. (The critical element of the dish is the all important caramelization of the onions.)

    Although it’s partially a crime, I sacrificed nearly a half cup of a newly opened bottle of ‘14 Marques de Casa Concha Syrah — which surprisingly was far better than I anticipated for Madame to use in the soup preparation.

    Although tempting — I’m leaving the bottle for the evening as we still not have had afternoon tea with the streuselkuchen.

    Life currently is wonderful!

    ¡Saludos de Panquehue!

    (BTW: According to the Salt Lake Tribune Terence Hill is 43 years old.)

    Jun 24th, 2021 - 07:01 pm +2
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