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Argentina intends to “colonise” the Falklands and use C24 to do it, MLA Mark Pollard at the UN

Thursday, June 24th 2021 - 15:00 UTC
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Falkland Islands’ Chair of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Mark Pollard and Deputy Chair MLA Leona Roberts both stood before members of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization (C-24) and each delivered a speech which spoke of their personal histories as well as the future of the Falkland Islands as a whole. Read full article


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  • Swede

    Argentina should not be involved at all. The Falkland Islands were put on that list back in 1946 together with most of the colonies of the time (72 territories). Almost all of them have been granted independence since that time. The rest are territories which are to small or to vulnerable to become independent states. In most cases the majority of their populations are in favor of retaining the relation with their “mother countries” or as the term is “administering powers”. The Falkland Islands are, for sure, such a territory. This must be a question between the UN Decolonization Committee, the United Kingdom and the people of the F.I. Argentina is just a neigbour which since long has a claim on the territory. The C24 is not a forum for territorial disputes. They could be solved by The International Court of Justice.

    Jun 24th, 2021 - 07:11 pm - Link - Report abuse +7
  • Liberato

    Yeah, the colonial power is Argentina. Wow, im going to look how the UK voted historically regarding resolutions adopted on decolonization in the UN. Nope, just like i thought, The UK voted against it in all of them.

    Ahhh Argentina is an invading and agressive neighbour. Even if they fought one conflict in an entire century. I knew it, The UK is the only civilised and protectors of freedom. Thats how they “liberated” Iraq, saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that were never found, killing millons of civilians in the process and stealing their natural resources.

    I think Bush and Blair failed not to include Argentina in their “Axis of Evil” list. After they did not atacked the UK in 1982, they atacked a “natural” developed and peacefull people different to those on the UK becouse they call camp when referring to the Farms.

    Did the feudal FIC makes them a promotion every time they go to shop their grosseries in the supermarket?. Or may be a benefit in their bank account?.

    Im sorry about my sarcasm. But it is not islanders that distrust the argentines. It is us distrusting them, a colonial power that dreams with find a new north sea oil and wanting the antartic and all the surraunding. Do you think i saw a lot of movies?. Well in Diego Garcia, the FCO said the UK did not recognise Mauritius' claim to sovereignty, but would stand by an earlier commitment to hand over control of the islands to Mauritius when they were no longer needed for defence purposes. Which means never. Even with ICJ rulling.

    Swede, there are many forms of colonialism. One is when a people is subjugated. Another is when a nation invade another nation's territorie implanting their own subjects, keeping out any inmigration from the region that would naturally change the composition of the population as long as it do not represent a danger to the unnatural britishness of their inhabitants. Did you know that St Helena have more inhabitants than the Malvinas and its way more isolated?.

    Jun 24th, 2021 - 10:44 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Myfalkbrother

    The argument of brits came from tragic and now is comedy..such an arguments of the imperial power!!!

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 08:25 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Swede

    Types of colonialism: “Another is when a nation invade another nation's territorie implanting their own subjects, keeping out any inmigration from the region that would naturally change the composition of the population as long as it do not represent a danger to the unnatural britishness of their inhabitants”. Well that is the way Argentina (and all countries in the “New World”) have been populated. Colonized by Britain, France, Portugal, Spain etc which have taken in people from Europe, Asia and Africa (the Africans involuntarily brought there as salves) outnumbering the original (Amerindian) peoples making them minorities in their own countries. Does that mean the the Americans, Mexicans, Argentines, Canadians, Brazilians, Haitians &c, &c of today who have lived there for generations have no rights of self determination in their respective countries? And what about the Russians and Poles in East Prussia? Only 75 years ago millions of Germans who have lived there for generations were expelled and replaced by “implanted” citizens from the USSR and Poland. In the case of the “Malvinas” 1833 only a small military garrison, which had been there for a short time was “expelled”. Most others stayed.So you strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. So, you mean that a very small population, implanted in the islands 200 years ago by the government in Buenos Aires and had only been there of a decade or so, is more important than the present Falklanders which in some cases have been there up to nine generations. In that case many of the present borders in world have to be reverted.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 12:31 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Liberato

    Swede, the simple comparison you make is dumb. And to respond to such .... i would require to make other simples comparisons. What you suggest is that no matter how the islands were adquiered by britain but instead the importance is the population implanted 200 years ago?.
    Well we are not talking of a population implanted 200 years before, that naturally evolved. We are talking of a colonial regime. We are talking of ocupation and colonization in this 21 century, not 200 years ago.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 01:18 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Brit Bob


    The only law on implanted populations is the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 it cannot be applied retroactively otherwise the Argentinians would be implanted also. You continue to make a fool of yourself.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 02:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Trimonde

    That's so hysterically outrageous!! THE NERVE!!!
    That is EXACTLY WHAT BRITAIN IS DOING! Exactly what Britain is doing, not Argentina!
    Argentina wants usurped territory returned to it! or at least a part that corresponds to the already incorporated sovereign territory attacked by the United States and then taken by England BEFORE ANY OF TODAY'S ISLANDER DESCENDANTS HAD EVEN BEEN BROUGHT TO THE ISLANDS YET!
    IT WAS BRITAIN'S STRATEGY to insert this matter in the Decolonization Committee. ... and now anyone can clearly appreciate why they did it.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 02:37 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Islander1

    Liberato- you also talk rubbish about UK maintaining the Britishness of the “implanted” people.
    Well We were not implanted anyway- our ancestors came of their own free will.
    Before your 1982 invasion of out homeland we were indeed pretty well almost all of UK origen over the generations or the more recent arrivals born there.
    Since then as we have grown and moved AWAY frobeing and old fashioned colony- into a modern interanal self-governing Overseas Territory in charge of or own Immigration Laws etc etc- todays Islanders come from over 24 different nations in the world- with many of those families from places like-Chile-Peru-Uruguay-Phillipines-Thailand-Zimbabwe-Russia-Spain-France etc(even some of Argentine origen) now many are full status Falkland Islanders and likewise their children- and guess what those on the electoral role voted for in 2013?
    Dream on- but better if you tried to move into the reality of the 21st Century..

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 02:47 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Trimonde

    This is so hysterically outrageous!! THE NERVE!!!
    What this article purports is EXACTLY WHAT BRITAIN IS DOING! Exactly what Britain is doing, not Argentina!
    Argentina wants usurped territory returned to it! or at least a part of it that corresponds to the back then already incorporated sovereign territory attacked by the United States and then taken by England BEFORE ANY OF TODAY'S ISLANDER DESCENDANTS HAD EVEN BEEN BROUGHT TO THE ISLANDS YET! The truth of this matter is a 180 degree completely different narrative explanation than what Britain wants the world to believe.
    In fact, IT WAS BRITAIN'S STRATEGY to insert this matter in the Decolonization Committee, before it stole this territory from Argentina by later populating and isolating it from the world with loyal British residents. Now we can however all clearly appreciate how and why they did it. They did it to cheat by fooling the international community and now the members of the United Nations with a different story line, and having them believe a different narrative to what really happened on these islands, and what Britain and the United States did to Argentina in 1831 and 1833, and are still doing to that country in order to continue not allowing Argentina to incorporate these islands which they lawfully inherited from the Spanish Empire through their independence. In other words, the UK and US exploited a time situation of weakness and vulnerability in order grab the islands from Argentina even after this country had already started populating and administrating it. ...And, they continue doing it today in agreement.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 03:08 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Liberato

    Islander1, Of course your acestors went there by their own free will. We are not talking of a kind of colonialism where people were forced to move there, or were subjugated. Implanted is in the sense your ancestors came from the UK in 1834, after the invasion of 1833 and all the people who continued to move in were from the UK.
    Who suffered are those who were impeded to go there. Malvina Vernet, Her descendants that are counted by hundreds now, a lady that inherited a property in the islands but it was taken away by the colonial regime. James Peck, Alexander Betts, the marine reasearcher Mike Bingham that talked about the depredation of the ecosystem in the islands and was expelled.
    You have a population of what? 98% of british origins?. Thats natural for a community that says they are composed by 60 nationalities?. Saint Helena have more population than Malvinas and is way more isolated. Dont you find it weird?.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 06:39 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Swede

    Trimonde: This discussions seems to be dangerous for your blood pressure. Take your pills or refrain from reading more here. Otherwise you can end up in hospital.

    Liberato: Your namedropping is strange. James Peck got an Argentine ID card from CFK herself in a propaganda ceremony. A few years later he destroyed it because he had been manipulated by the Arg government. He was exploited by them, got fed up and returned to islands. Alexander Betts (formerly a hard-liner against Argentine influence) left the islands and his family in 1982 having an affair with an Argentine women. He then lived in Argentina and became an activist against his own people.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 07:51 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Don Alberto

    A couple of ignoramuses who call themselves Trimonde and Liberato demonstrate their lack of knowledge of the history of the British Falkland Islands.

    The Falkland Islands were never part of Argentina, as shown by the official 1825-description of all land claimed by the not yet existing Argentina.

    The silly ideathat Jewett claimed the Falkland Islands in 1820 is shown to be false, as his extensive report does mention the islands.

    Trimonde and Liberato, please stop being stupid.

    Jun 25th, 2021 - 09:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Zaczac121

    Liberato and Trimonde seem to make it as if Britain in the 1830s wanted people to live there so desperately that they physically forced people there… Holding the islands were very strategic at the time yes, but not that essential that it would require a forced population, if they wanted that the Falklands would’ve been a penal colony…

    Jun 26th, 2021 - 02:22 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • smith99

    Argentina's claim is very well justified, not only because the Falklands are within its waters, (endorsed by the UN in 2016), but the United Kingdom also renounced its claims in article 6 of the Treaty of Nutka of 1790 recognizing that the islands were under Spanish Sovereignty, so the 1833 invasion was totally illegal and unjustified

    Jun 26th, 2021 - 03:53 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Liberato

    Don Alberto, in 1833 british invaded the islands taking Por Louis. The have never ever set foot on the easter of the islands. They didnt even knew Por Louis. And the last time they ever managed to land on the islands was in 1774. 59 years of no british claim, nor protest nor nothing at all. And not that the islands was uninhabited. They were completely administered alone by Spain and later by Argentina. There was not in any occasion in history where the british controlled more than the trinidad Islands (Saunder Island).

    In 1825, there had been 51 years of no british administration of any kind in Malvinas. Did you readed the text of the treaty or what?.

    About Jewett, we was commisioned as Colonel of the Army at the service of the National Navy by the Director of the United Provinces. He took officially a territory that was not seen a british offficer in 46 years and letters of the ceremony of possesion was adverted from 50 ships of different nationalities, including british. Which, of couse did not make a sound of protest nor claim.

    So, you want to find the fifth foot of the cat to a territory it was taken without the slightest sign of right on the part of Britain and you think that proving wrong the Argentine claim it would make the UN to delist the islands from their colony list?.

    Jun 26th, 2021 - 11:59 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Trimonde

    No need to argue or *enlavish* defensive *assertments* with convoluted straw clutching logic here. Yes, Argentina was having difficulties formalizing the land Buenos Aires inherited by default from the Spanish Empire. And it's obvious to see in these types of internet venues the space some British try to wedge in an argument of Argentinian non validity towards its lawful incorporation of Malvinas, while with their other hand they try and build up Britain's right and interest for the islands.
    All the facts paint a very different picture real historical however . One in which Britain had yielded and conceded to not being able or willing to overcome Spain's legitimate entitlement to the islands, while retracting its greedy jelous eye until Argentina broke from Spain, which never stopped to this day being interested in exploiting, manipulating, using and abusing the Southern Cone (or, all that which they don't teach you in your schools dumdums), always thinking it had some royally endowed supreme right on the planet to take dominate the South Atlantic for itself regardless of anyone or anything else existing and valid, directly bonded to it, thus seizing and taking Port Luis from Argentina when that country was vulnerable and could not defend its rightful place on those islands. Hence one understands clear as day why the British try to build the inverted argument, carrying on as if Argentina never existed, and the British were the only ones to ever have anything to do with the Malvinas. .... just pathetic and sad. The most nationalistically blind and fascistically indoctrinated population in the Western Hemisphere. The British. Never knowing how to have peace with others, unless they are useful to them.

    Jun 29th, 2021 - 01:29 pm - Link - Report abuse -2

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