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Buenos Aires Province under criticism over purchase of intimate lubricant

Thursday, January 5th 2023 - 10:22 UTC
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Sotelo insisted JxC was into it when the budget was approved Sotelo insisted JxC was into it when the budget was approved

The Argentine Province of Buenos Aires ruled by the Kirchnerite Axel Kicillof has authorized the disbursement of AR$ 500 million (around US$ 1.42 million at the unofficial exchange rate) to buy intimate gel, thus sparking heavy criticism from the opposition.

While there are children still ill-fed, the administration has time to allocate resources to sexual intercourse matters, argued lawmakers from Together for Change (Juntos por el Cambio - JxC).

The purchase was made through the sexual health program “Haceme tuyo” (Make me yours). Provincial Health Minister Nicolás Kreplak found the acquisition of one million pots of lubricant justified.

According to Clarín, the initial purchase was made in October and went through five internal control agencies. However, before the end of 2022, Kreplak's Ministry demanded a reallocation of funds to increase the number of pots, on the grounds that “the use of the lubricant gel decreases the chances of condom breakage when having sex and thus avoids sexually transmitted diseases.”

The purchase documents also noted that the use of lubricant was “a tool recommended for anal sex specifically.” The provincial authorities also considered it ”useful to be able to have presentations containing a greater quantity of gel (in relation to the standard presentation of 2-gram sachets) to be able to deliver to the target population“, since ”the demand for intimate lubricant gel is not uniformly given in the population that demands / requests condoms.“

”New program 'Haceme tuyo' by Axel Kicillof: he spent $500 million to buy pots of intimate gel. Believe it or not, those are the priorities of Kirchnerism“, posted JxC Deputy Diego Santilli, who intends to run for governor this year, while fellow lawmaker Cristian Ritondo asked the provincial government to ”stop this madness.“

Provincial Deputy Maricel Etchecoin was also critical of Kicillof's priorities ”in a Province without security, with inflation, poverty, and topping [the number of] femicides in the country.“

”It is not enough for them to be the worst administration in history, but they also want to be the most ridiculous one,“ Fellow Provincial Deputy Alex Campbell stressed.

However, Libertarian Congressman Nahuel Sotelo said the JxC lawmakers were not innocent. ”Today the 'opposition' comes out to denounce Kicillof's expenses on an intimate gel, but gentlemen, don't fool yourselves: We were THE ONLY ones to denounce these things when the budget was voted. These expenses were approved by Juntos por el Cambio!“

Kreplak replied through a Twitter thread. He explained that the purchase of the intimate gels complies with national law 27675 of integral response to HIV, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis. He also recalled that the previous JxC administrations of President Mauricio Macri and Governor María Eugenia Vidal had also made such purchases.

”We are managing, complying with the law, and taking care of our population. The purchase of prevention and sexual health care elements is not something new. It has always been done and all supplies have to be provided by the State. Nothing is surprising. They misinform and confuse,“ Kreplak said about the opposition and insisted the ”Haceme Tuyo“ program meant ”savings for the State of Buenos Aires.“

”What bothers the most is that there is a State that takes care of its people. Of all [of them]: majorities and minorities. And the opposition that evidently cares so much about the health of Buenos Aires, I invite them to discuss and vote for the health projects that they have been ignoring for months in the Legislature,” Kreplak went on.

According to health experts, using intimate gel during sexual intercourse has many advantages as a tool to improve sexual life and avoid sexually transmitted diseases. One of its main functions is to avoid discomfort during intercourse and make it more pleasurable. Using lubricants also reduces the risk of yeast infections or urinary tract infections because the vagina does not self-lubricate like the penis.

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  • Jo Bloggs

    I had the good fortune to bump into a very interesting young man on a recent trip overseas. We just happened to be in a very long border control line at an airport sharing a laugh about an old couple having an enormous row about something. Travel does that to some people… anyway…

    We had a good laugh about them and then an even bigger laugh when we realised he was an Argentine and I was a Falkland Islander. Fernando made it very clear to me at once that he couldn’t be less interested in the ‘ridiculous argument’ and that he fully accepts the Falklands are British. Then he started on Christina but I don’t have the space to list all of the abuse he fired in her direction.

    You meet so many interesting people when you travel.

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