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Car production in Argentina falls in January

Tuesday, February 6th 2024 - 11:11 UTC
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Argentina's automotive sector showed some growth regarding exports, Zuppi explained Argentina's automotive sector showed some growth regarding exports, Zuppi explained

While car making in Argentina went down 16.7% year-on-year in January, exports grew by 34.7%, according to a report released Monday in Buenos Aires by the Association of Automotive Manufacturers (Adefa). Domestic vehicle production reached 22,643 units last month during a total of only 11 working days due to the prolonged summer recess. It also represented a 38.8% decline from December's output.

However, the number of vehicles exported during January amounted to 15,302 units, a decrease of 29.8% compared to December but a 34.7% surge from January last year. The automotive industry also sold 15,942 units to local dealers, 36.4% less than in December and 27.9% less compared to the previous January.

“As a result of the summer recess of most of the terminals, which lasted from mid-December to mid-January, added to seasonal and economic issues, the sector started the year with the main indexes down”, said Adefa President Martin Zuppi.

”The exception was exports which, as a result of the improvement in shipments to Brazil (+131.04%), reached a share of 67.6% of production, reaffirming the sector's export profile,“ he added.

”The measures implemented so far, such as the alternatives to face the commercial debt (Bopreal), the schedule for the flow of payments abroad for new imports, the exclusion of temporary imports from the PAIS tax, and the modification of the internal tax, among others, are signs that encourage to continue working together towards a short and long term agenda focused on sustainably improving the level of activity in time,” he also explained.

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  • bushpilot

    A significant portion of Venezuelans have fled their country, no wonder there is plenty of food in Venezuela.

    They fled their “fantastic” country because:

    It sucks living in China, it sucks living in Russia, it sucks living in Venezuela.

    Those people don't choose their leaders, they are chosen for them at gunpoint and fake elections. And they don't criticize the leaders that were forced on them or they'll go to jail, or disappear.

    But the shitty oppressed lives of those people doesn't mean anything to you, only that their totalitarian oppressors oppose the U.S.

    Opposing the U.S. is very important to you, people having shitty lives because of their Nazi fascist totalitarian government is not important to you.

    So, next time you want to spout out about uplifting the shitty lives of the poor, remember that you don't give a crap about people having shitty lives, and be quiet.

    Just shout out about your real obsession:

    “Down with the U.S.!”

    “Go China! Go Russia! Go Maduro! Go dictators!”

    And no one is going to disappear you in jail for saying that.

    Because you live under free speech and an elected leader, not a dictator.

    Yet you are still a little Putin Youth totalitarian automaton.

    Sieg Putin!

    That is a special college you and all the other Brasileiros attend.

    Is that a fraternity you all belong to, or just a campus communism club?

    Feb 07th, 2024 - 08:21 pm +2
  • bushpilot

    “What the Venezuelan people have done in twenty years is truly fantastic.”

    - other economic wisdom from Captain America.

    Feb 06th, 2024 - 09:34 pm 0
  • Brasileiro

    The electric car industry will dominate sales in South America before the end of the current decade. We are already observing massive investments by automakers in the Brazilian industrial park.

    It is very important that Argentina is able to receive part of the investments for industrial updating, including lithium or sodium battery production factories, taking advantage of the competitive advantages it has.

    It is good to remember that all investment has a strong political component. And the current president of Argentina is anything but a politician friendly to Brazil.

    It is speculated that there would be better integration in the production of electric vehicles if lithium/sodium batteries were produced in Bolivia (friend-shoring).

    It's good to pay attention.

    Feb 06th, 2024 - 05:32 pm -2
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