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“Democracy returned to Argentina thanks to Margaret Thatcher,” Argentine historian said

Thursday, March 28th 2024 - 11:53 UTC
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Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

”You really want to know why democracy returned to Argentina, (1983), it's hard to say, and you need guts to say it, but all of us Argentines must know it, and accept it, democracy returned to Argentina thanks to Margaret Thatcher, and the Malvinas adventure defeat...”

Statement belongs to Tata Jofre, an Argentine journalist, historian, documentalist, diplomat, who has written some fifteen books on recent history in Argentina, whose family originally from Cordoba has been linked to Argentine politics going back to the 1850s.

The comment follows a Sunday video, sponsored by the administration of President Javier Milei, where Jofre together with a leader of the Montoneros, terrorist group, Luis Labraña, the two aged plus seventy, voluntarily reported and/or confessed some facts about recent history, that allegedly were hidden under the barrage of the Kirchner years so called “official history,” which dominated an Argentine version for decades.

The short cathartic video released on Sunday by the Argentine government was to counter a massive march in Buenos Aires to commemorate the 48th anniversary (1976) of a military coup, supported by all the Argentine political system, the armed terrorist groups, unions, to end the decadent democratic government of Isabel Martinez, the widow of president General Juan Domingo Peron who died in July 1974, after having returned from exile in Spain a year earlier, when he was elected by a windfall 62% of votes. Mrs. Peron abandoned Casa Rosada, or the Pink House, seat of the Argentine Executive for the last time as president on a helicopter the night of March 24th 1976.

The Kirchner version of history argues that Argentina's excesses and human rights ordeal started with the military Junta that took office that day. The argument goes on to praise the armed terrorist groups, in their 'struggle' to liberate Argentina, while condemning and imprisoning military officers, and generously compensating many of the alleged victims of human rights violations.

However Jofre without denying the fact that human rights excesses were committed, but by both sides of the 'war' between military and terrorists, also points out that those in the Sunday march never knew Peron or his true intentions, and as “all Kirchner couple” issues and administrations involved money and corruption, indicating that many of those who received compensations for having been victimized had to deliver the tithe to those approving the requests, one of them Luis Eduardo Duhalde, a lawyer who defended in court terrorist groups and would later be named head of the Human Rights Office in the Kirchner governments.

”When Peron returned to Argentina for the last time, yes he had the support of the Argentine people but also of the Americans (he was scheduled to have a meeting with then president Richard Nixon and Advisor Henry Kissinger) to put an end of the government of 'lefties, commies and faggots who had taken over the Argentine government under Hector Campora', a transition president Peron had named before his return“, explained Joffre showing documents.

He also recalled that in the sixties and seventies and part of the eighties, the terrorist groups which also acted under spells of democratic elected governments, kidnapped, tortured and killed a former president, several corporation CEOs and military officers, including children of their families. Besides leaders of the Montoneros and ERP, the Revolutionary Army of the People, openly argued that the ”prolonged popular war“ would not be over until ”a million and a half Argentines were killed or imprisoned“.

Montonero leader Labraña put the icing on the cake when he explained how the number of 30,000 Argentines killed or disappeared innocents blamed on the military, was finally reached.

”We travelled with a group of Mayo Square Grandmothers to Holland, to meet the wife of the Prime Minister and other personalities to request financial support for the group, which was been organized and for the genocide victims. But the Dutch told us that the word genocide referred to what happened to the Jewish people under the Nazis or Armenians in Turkey, millions killed, and to the number four/five thousand disappeared did not necessarily apply. That is when we came up with the number of 30,000 disappeared, and it was me, Labraña who suggested the number, and nobody can deny me, I have witnesses“ emphasized the aging terrorist.

He added, while in jail, ”I had long chats with military officers and I told them, yes you beat us in battle and intelligence, but you failed in the methods, dumping prisoners out of flying helicopters (Vietnam style) or killing pregnant women and snatching new born babies (Spanish war method with the accomplice of the Catholic Church), and for this you will have some day to pay dearly“.

Tata Joffre also revealed with documents, that a few weeks before Peron's death, he was visited by US General Vernon Walters, CIA chief and advisor to several US presidents, and the Argentine president admitted, 'General I have never ordered people to be killed, but this time they are forcing me to, because otherwise the lefties and commies are going to kill Argentina'

Among the many documents Joffre showed to support his statements he handed a letter dated 22n October 1970 in which a representative from Peron in Buenos Aires, gives the general exiled in Madrid, a picture of Argentine politics, conspiration, treasons and the promises of the prolonged popular revolutionary war anticipated by terrorist groups.

And looking to the camera Joffre says this is ”the legacy our generation (together with Labraña) has handed to president Milei. And you know why I selected this document because on that precise day a boy was born, he is Javier Milei!!

“The great merit of Milei, the newcomer in politics who beat the organized parties and movements, and by a great margin, is that he imposed on the table a new agenda, the end to decadence, the end of corruption, the end of a state that bullies and squashes individuals, and that is what Argentine public opinion longs for, so even if they try to dump Milei, the agenda will remain”. .

And at the very end of the interview Jofre asks, ”you know who was at the Sunday march, a long lost cousin of mine, Vaca Narvaja and on the stage he said that it was the armed groups (terrorists) who were decisive in the return of democracy in Argentina. To be honest I don't know what he has been drinking or smoking but democracy returned to Argentina, and all of us Argentines must know it and accept it, it was thanks to Margaret Thatcher and the Malvinas adventure, the kiss of death, the beginning of the end of the military junta“.

”At the time no political force or political system, unions or clandestine armed groups (terrorists) in Argentina had the strength or organization to oust the military, the turning point was Margaret Thatcher and the Malvinas defeat”.

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  • Monkeymagic

    Every country has its problems, it fails to fulfil its potential, but Argentina stands alone in the world.

    It should be a wealthy thriving democracy with industry, services and incomes the envy of the world.

    But it is a corrupt, bankrupt failed state.

    Milei is not just a hope, he is their only hope.

    The Malvinas myth is a metaphor for all Argentina.

    It rallies to false National pride …..check
    It is based on a lie….check
    It bullies someone smaller….check
    It ignores all arguments against….check
    It was the location of many humiliations..check

    Argentina is a failure because of the Malvinas myth not despite it, it says lying, cheating and bullying is ok.

    Mar 30th, 2024 - 04:04 pm +2
  • Veteran

    It will be difficult for the Argentine Government to back track and grasp the truth. After all, it took the best part of two generations to rid Germany of the Nazi influence.

    It would also take a colossal re-calibration of the national psyche.

    But, I suspect the truth is known to some.

    I wish President Milei well in his endeavours on behalf of the Argentine people.

    Mar 31st, 2024 - 08:11 am +1
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