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  • Tuesday, May 31st 2016 - 18:47 UTC

    Argentina’s Eternal Debt Problem

    Argentina’s absence from international capital markets began in 2001, when a deep economic crisis brought about the end of the decade-old Convertibility Plan

    By Carmen Reinhart (*) Argentina recently emerged from nearly 15 years of the most litigious sovereign default in modern times, if not ever. Now it has the opportunity to reenter the global financial system and build a more stable and prosperous future. It is a chance that the country must be careful not to squander.

  • Wednesday, March 9th 2011 - 22:52 UTC

    “Argentina has not learnt the 2001 lesson, nor have many investors the 2008 crisis”

    Economist Carmen Reinhart praised Uruguay for the way it addressed the 2002 financial collapse

    “There is no evidence that Argentina has learnt the lesson from the 2001 crisis”, said Carmen Reinhart one of the most influential US economists and an expert in Latin America, who has worked for the IMF, in Wall Street and teaches at the University of Maryland.