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Tag: Decree 256

  • Monday, August 13th 2012 - 22:21 UTC

    Limited effect for the Falklands of Argentina’s latest ban on Red Ensign vessels

    Falklands Marine Officer Captain Malcolm Jamieson

    The Buenos Aires Province Senate on 2 August passed a law last week banning British flagged vessels associated with activities in Falkland Islands waters from calling at Argentina’s largest ports.

  • Wednesday, December 7th 2011 - 02:10 UTC

    UK protests to Argentina the interception of Falklands licensed fishing vessels

    MLA Summers, “no doubt” about the Falklands’ right to issue fishing licences in its waters

    The UK has protested to Argentina over its interception of Falkland Islands-licensed fishing boats, mainly Spanish in disputed South Atlantic waters and in the River Plate when they approach the port of Montevideo.

  • Monday, October 24th 2011 - 06:50 UTC

    Argentine patrols harass Falklands’ licensed jiggers outside the port of Montevideo

    Even avoiding Argentine waters vessels are subject to Decree 256/2010

    Spanish jiggers operating in the South Atlantic with Falkland Islands licences complain they are been harassed by the Argentine Navy just a few miles away from the port of Montevideo where they call for discharging, maintenance and bunkering.

  • Saturday, February 26th 2011 - 10:37 UTC

    Falklands Facts

    In his reply of 19 February to my letter of the 12th, Mr. Cisneros says “the worst thing we can do is quibble and distract ourselves from the main problem”. But it is not a “quibble” to state simple facts, as I did in my letter. So I suggest we get a few facts straight – not unilateral facts, but straightforward historical facts.

  • Saturday, February 19th 2011 - 16:36 UTC

    Falklands/Malvinas controversy: “Minds closed, indeed”

    The following article from Mr. Andres Cisneros is a reply to “Unilateral Facts II” (MP Feb. 12th) by Dr. Graham Pascoe and Peter Pepper. The first piece of this enriching exchange (Unilateral Facts) from Dr. Pascoe and Mr. Pepper was published in the BA Herald January 21st and a first reply from Mr. Cisneros (Unilateral Facts, indeed), Feb 6th in MP.

  • Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 19:30 UTC

    Unilateral facts, indeed

    The installation of the semi-submersible oil drilling rig the Ocean Guardian under tow in British coastal waters north of the Malvinas prompted harsh criticism from Argentine officials last year

    By Andrés Cisneros for the Herald

    Peter Pepper and Graham Pascoe, who have spent years writing profusely on the issue, have just written a new article seeking to enlighten us on Malvinas rights.

  • Friday, January 21st 2011 - 13:08 UTC

    Unilateral Facts

    Argentina has recently stepped up pressure on Britain over the Falklands by criticising British actions as “unilateral” and hence a breach of UN Resolution 31/49. This article places this current phase of the Falklands dispute in perspective and considers which side’s unilateral acts have been more significant.

  • Friday, January 7th 2011 - 05:22 UTC

    Falkland Islands: SAAS stoppage, director claims partners pressured

    M/V Anja

    THE planned increased use of containers for the shipment of fish, meat and wool received a blow this week with the news that the Islands’ only shipping service to South America is to end.

  • Wednesday, September 29th 2010 - 00:15 UTC

    Argentine blockade expected to boost Falklands fishing industry local activities

    FIPASS, Port Stanley’s port facilities

    A Spanish flagged trawler that operates in Falkland Islands waters and was heading to Montevideo to unload 700 tons of fish was denied “innocent pass” through Argentine waters and had to steam an additional 17 hours at a cost of 7,000 litres of fuel before it finally unloaded its cargo in the Uruguayan port.

  • Tuesday, September 28th 2010 - 04:36 UTC

    Galician-Falklands fishing fleet complains about Argentine ‘harassment’ in S. Atlantic

    Javier Touza, president of the Vigo vessel owners’ cooperative

    The Falklands/Malvinas dispute between Argentina and the UK is having its effects on the (Spanish) Galician fleet in the Southwest Atlantic, where most of its vessels operating under the Falklands flag are continually being “harassed” by Argentine patrol vessels, reports El Faro de Vigo in an interview with Javier Touza, president of the Vigo Ship Owners cooperative.

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