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  • Monday, January 4th 2016 - 09:38 UTC

    How far can the Syria Conflict spiral out of control: Interview with Pelicourt

    You know, Putin's probably not too far off in his statement referring to Erdogan's loss of “mind and reason”.

    Business is business, so why not buy oil from ISIS. The Russians claim the Turks are doing it, and in all likelihood even Assad is buying it. No one can fight a war without oil, according to Robert Bensh, partner and managing director of Pelicourt LLC oil and gas company.

  • Tuesday, January 13th 2015 - 08:56 UTC

    The real cause of low oil prices: Interview with Arthur Berman

    Oil prices need to be around $90 to attract investment capital. So, are companies OK at current oil prices? Hell no! They are dying at these prices

    With all the conspiracy theories surrounding OPEC's November decision not cut production, is it really not just a case of simple economics? The U.S. shale boom has seen huge hype but the numbers speak for themselves and such overflowing optimism may have been unwarranted. When discussing harsh truths in energy, no sector is in greater need of a reality check than renewable energy.

  • Friday, March 28th 2014 - 19:45 UTC

    Why Ukraine's next president doesn't matter

    James Stafford is the Editor of

    By James Stafford, - Having ridden roughshod over Ukraine, Russia's annexation of the Crimea is now over and a new chapter in Ukrainian politics is about to begin—but it won't be much different than the last chapter, with the same old faces surfacing for May presidential elections.

  • Thursday, February 13th 2014 - 19:30 UTC

    The Golden Age of Gas, Possibly: Interview with the IEA

    IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven: the potential for such a golden age certainly exists, but...

    The potential for a golden age of gas comes along with a big “if” regarding environmental and social impact. The International Energy Agency (IEA)—the “global energy authority”--believes that this age of gas can be golden, and that unconventional gas can be produced in an environmentally acceptable way.

  • Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 10:19 UTC

    Balancing Geological Potential and Political Risk: Interview with Tony Hayward

    Former BP chief and current CEO of Genel Energy, Tony Hayward

    From Kurdistan to Somaliland, for independent oil companies, getting your hands on new exploration acreage where both technical risk and political risk are low is impossible. Exploring for oil and gas in new frontiers is all about striking the right balance between geological potential and political risk. Take it from Anglo-Turkish Genel Energy, the largest producer in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), where it seems nothing can shake investor confidence right now.

  • Friday, October 11th 2013 - 08:11 UTC

    Don’t be fooled by Libya: this is a failed state

    Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan kidnapped apparently by militias from the Interior and Defence ministries

    Gunmen this week seized Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan from a hotel in central Tripoli, releasing him shortly afterwards, but making it clear that post-Gaddafi Libya is a failed state and that the government is incapable of taking full control over its oilfields and export terminals

  • Monday, June 24th 2013 - 18:00 UTC

    Extreme energy, extreme implications: interview with Michael Klare

    Highly pollutant tar sands in central Canada

    Interview by James Stafford of - If oil and gas is a profoundly dynamic phenomenon, then so too must be environmental risk and conflicts over natural resources—and we are not getting the full picture from the mainstream media, according to Michael T. Klare, professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College, TomDispatch blogger.