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Montevideo, July 13th 2024 - 07:29 UTC

Tag: Venezuela Elections

  • Saturday, June 22nd 2024 - 09:40 UTC

    Maduro says “rightwing” opposition plans to cry foul at July 28 elections and launch a revolt

    The Venezuelan ruler said that the candidates not signing an agreement with the CNE were the “puppets of the oligarchy”

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warned Friday that the “fascist rightwing” opposition would be crying “foul” after the upcoming July 28 elections and then promote a coup d'état “at any moment.” Maduro insisted he had proof that presidential candidates Edmundo González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez intended to follow that path to ignite “violence” after neither of them signed an agreement to recognize the outcome of the result of the elections earlier this week.

  • Wednesday, May 29th 2024 - 10:59 UTC

    Venezuela withdraws invitation to EU as election observers

    Amoroso claimed the EU was unworthy of an invitation given its colonialist stance

    Venezuelan authorities announced Tuesday they were withdrawing the invitation previously extended to the European Union (RU) to monitor the July 28 elections in a move that cast additional doubts over a process that has for long looked fudgy following the disenfranchisement of opposition leader María Corina Machado.

  • Tuesday, May 28th 2024 - 08:02 UTC

    Petro proposes “Political Peace” Agreement for Venezuela post-elections

    Petro discussed the matter with Brazilian President Lula da Silva in Bogotá, who gave his approval

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro has received a draft proposal aimed at establishing “political peace” in Venezuela following its upcoming presidential elections. This text, developed by Petro’s ambassador in Caracas alongside diplomats from other countries, and businesspeople is expected to be sent to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for consideration soon.

  • Thursday, April 18th 2024 - 10:31 UTC

    Petro suggests “life guarantees” for losers of Venezuela's elections

    It was the third one-on-one gathering between Lula and Petro

    During a meeting in Bogotá with his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Colombian President Gustavo Petro Wednesday suggested that a so-called “life guarantee” be created in Venezuela for those losing the July 28 elections under world scrutiny over transparency concerns, Agencia Brasil reported.

  • Monday, April 15th 2024 - 23:59 UTC

    Chilean FM says conditions not met for free elections in Venezuela

    Van Kleveren also pointed out that the ongoing crisis in the Middle East seemed distant but was not

    The Chilean Government of President Gabriel Boric Font is adopting a neutral stance regarding Venezuela's political crisis by keeping active ties with the administration of President Nicolás Maduro as well as with disenfranchised opposition leader María Corina Machado. However, “there are no conditions for free elections in Venezuela,” Santiago's Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren told reporters during the weekend.

  • Saturday, March 30th 2024 - 09:58 UTC

    Unusual criticism from Lula da Silva and Petro on Venezuela's presidential race controversy

    There have been several countries that have censured what happened with the exclusion of the two opposition leaders. But this time it has drawn attention that the governments of Colombia and Brazil

    Renowned South American political figures Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, and Gustavo Petro, head of state of Colombia, have taken an unusual stance against Venezuela's government, criticizing its refusal to allow opposition candidate Corina Yoris to register for the upcoming presidential elections.

  • Wednesday, March 6th 2024 - 22:55 UTC

    María Corina Machado hits back at Lula da Silva's criticism: “Me crying, President Lula?”

    “Me crying, President Lula? Are you saying that because I'm a woman? You don't know me. I am fighting to assert the right of millions of Venezuelans who voted for me,” said Machado.

    María Corina Machado, the opposition candidate elected in Venezuela's October primary elections, has responded strongly to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's recent comments indirectly criticizing her candidacy.

  • Tuesday, February 20th 2024 - 15:20 UTC

    Uruguay's ambassador to Venezuela resigns

    Eber da Rosa cited personal reasons for his decision

    Uruguay's Ambassador to Venezuela Eber da Rosa announced Monday that he was resigning for personal reasons. His decision left the Multicolor Government of President Luis Lacalle Pou with the task of deciding which sort of diplomatic representation it plans to have in Caracas amid growing fears that elections will not be transparent following the disenfranchisement of opposition leader María Corina Machado.

  • Saturday, February 17th 2024 - 10:47 UTC

    Maria Corina Machado: Leading Venezuela towards democratic renewal against all odds

    In response to Chavistas, Machado said: “Of course there is life for you after the transition, but in a country with clear and democratic rules”

    Maria Corina Machado, the presidential candidate chosen through Venezuela's historic primary elections on October 22nd, asserts her commitment to democratic principles and inclusive governance in an exclusive interview with El Pitazo.

  • Tuesday, January 30th 2024 - 11:01 UTC

    Disqualification of María Corina Machado shadows Venezuela's path to reconciliation

    The government's suspension of Machado's candidacy, citing corruption allegations, echoes previous disqualifications in 2021 and 2014.

    The disqualification of Venezuelan opposition figure María Corina Machado from the Supreme Court Justice (TSJ) threatens the international aperture the South American country has experienced. The United States Government has issued a two-month ultimatum to the Maduro government, demanding the inclusion of barred opposition candidates in the upcoming presidential elections.