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Montevideo, May 24th 2024 - 13:58 UTC

Tag: violence

  • Tuesday, January 23rd 2024 - 11:04 UTC

    Argentina: Daughter of minister's bodyguard killed during robbery

    Umma was 9 years old

    Nine-year-old Umma, the daughter of an Argentine Federal Police (PFA) officer who serves on Security Minister Patricia Bullrich's bodyguard team, died Monday from a bullet wound to her head when the family was robbed at gunpoint, it was reported in Buenos Aires.

  • Monday, January 15th 2024 - 16:55 UTC

    Violent confrontation leaves five dead and five injured in Argentina

    The authorities will rely on these recordings to identify and prosecute those responsible for the attack.

    A brutal clash erupted on Sunday afternoon within an occupied area in the Buenos Aires town of González Catán, La Matanza, resulting in a massacre: five dead and five injured, two of them critically.

  • Friday, January 12th 2024 - 10:31 UTC

    Ecuador: Life slowly getting back to normal

    Some 178 corrections officers are still held hostage by drug-trafficking gangs as authorities massively search for alias Fito

    Ecuadorean authorities Thursday confirmed drug-trafficking gangs continued to have a total of 178 hostages in prisons nationwide while the number of casualties after four days of internal turmoil was updated to 16 as the outlaws retaliated following law enforcement forces operations. In this scenario, daily life is gradually getting back to normal.

  • Wednesday, January 10th 2024 - 11:32 UTC

    Eight die as Ecuador's internal crisis escalates

    Men with rifles and grenades raided the studios of TC Television, Guayaquil's public TV station.<br />
<br />

    At least eight people were killed, many others were wounded and scores were arrested as a wave of drug-trafficking gang violence spread throughout Ecuador -specifically in Quito and Guayaquil- on Tuesday, targeting specifically the country's prisons, a TV station, and a university campus, it was reported.

  • Saturday, December 30th 2023 - 11:26 UTC

    Violence mounting regionally, Uruguayan police chief says

    Azambuya advised Uruguayans to look after themselves

    Uruguayan Police Director José Manuel Azambuya said Friday that the growth in violence recorded recently in the South American country was of regional proportions. “We have seen that violence has been growing, not only in our country but it is regional,” Azambuya maintained during a press conference in Montevideo.

  • Friday, November 3rd 2023 - 10:09 UTC

    French tourist dies in Buenos Aires after robbery

    André René Meteier had a daughter living in the Argentine capital

    A 77-year-old French tourist dropped dead of an apparent heart attack at a police station in Buenos Aires Thursday. He was going to file a report after he had been robbed of his belongings when he was about to board an intercity bus at the Retiro Terminal in the Argentine capital.

  • Monday, September 25th 2023 - 09:52 UTC

    Ecuador back to online schooling due to extreme violence

    Minister María Brown was asked last week by groups of parents to return to virtuality

    A practice that expanded worldwide during the Covid-19 lockdowns to avoid physical proximity, online schooling returns to Ecuador in a move to minimize the dangers of living in the crime-ridden coastal province of Guayas, particularly its capital, Guayaquil, where shootings and murders have become commonplace, it was announced Sunday.

  • Thursday, August 3rd 2023 - 10:07 UTC

    Random executions reported in Brazilian State of São Paulo

    The Public Security Secretariat has maintained there is no evidence of these allegations

    Brazilian Military Police (PM) forces have allegedly committed extra-judiciary executions during Operation Shield in the past few days in the city of Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, Agencia Brasil reported Wednesday. The officers randomly killed people identified as former prison inmates or with a police record, according to residents of the neighborhoods where the deaths occurred.

  • Monday, July 31st 2023 - 10:06 UTC

    Brazilian black women march through Copacabana against racism and violence

    Being with these women, for me, is giving me a feeling of warmth and strength in this place,” Anielle Franco said

    Representatives from various parts of the state of Rio de Janeiro took part Sunday along the Copacabana in the 9th Black Women's March under the motto Black Women United against Racism, All Forms of Oppression, Violence and for the Good Life, Agencia Brasil reported.

  • Tuesday, July 25th 2023 - 11:19 UTC

    State of emergency and curfew decreed in Ecuador

    President Lasso made the announcement

    Ecuadorian authorities Monday declared a new state of emergency and curfew in two provinces and one city following an escalation in acts of violence, including the murder of the mayor of Manta, the country's third-largest city.