Wednesday, July 9th 2014 - 07:50 UTC

Chile fisheries landings in five months total 1.6 million tons, up 24%

Demersal catches overall were down while farmed Atlantic salmon production was up 16.8%

Chile's accumulated fisheries landings during the first five months of the year totaled 1.6 million tons, up 24% from the five months of 2013, when 1.3 million tons were landed.

Monday, July 7th 2014 - 22:57 UTC

Flying squid controversy in Chile between artisanal fishermen and industry

Chilean fisheries official Raul Sunico said the government is committed to the 80% catch for artisanal fishermen

The Chilean government insists that it has a single position on the jumbo flying squid fisheries management controversy currently exposed to a conflict of interests: 80% of the catch for the artisanal sector and 20% for industry.

Thursday, July 3rd 2014 - 06:45 UTC

Argentine squid industry concerned with a significant drop in prices

Argentina total landings of squid between January first and 13 June reached 133.087 tons according to official stats

A significant decline in catches of squid (Illex argentinus) in Argentine waters at the end of the season, has forced the return to port of several Argentine flagged jiggers, according to a report this week from the country's Coast Guard station in Mar del Plata.

Saturday, June 28th 2014 - 01:56 UTC

South Georgia Toothfish fishery best in world say reviewing scientists

Dr Stuart Hanchet and Dr Dirk Welsford*  (pic R and lL respectively of Dr Collins) were invited to the Islands by Chief Executive and Director of Fisheries Gov. of South Georgia and  South Sandwich Is

Recommendations have been made regarding the South Georgia Toothfish fishery by two senior scientists who have conducted an independent review, however they stressed to the Falklands Penguin News that the fishery was the best managed in the world.

Monday, June 23rd 2014 - 07:03 UTC

Falklands' record Illex and Loligo seasons, despite lack of data sharing with Argentina

Because of Argentina’s lack of cooperation to share data “we don’t know how many fish are in the water” of the whole region, said Dr Arkhipkin.

A lack of cooperation from Argentina to share data means that the total Illex fishery for the region is not known and affects the accuracy of seasonal predictions in the Falklands fishery, it was reported at the Fisheries Committee on Thursday.

Friday, June 20th 2014 - 06:29 UTC

Antibiotic-resistant “superbug” detected South Korea raw squid

The strain of bacteria found is resistant to carbapenems, a class of antibiotics used to treat life-threatening infections. (Pic Fox News)

A dangerous antibiotic-resistant “superbug” has been found in the North American food supply for the first time, according to researchers from the University of Saskatchewan.

Wednesday, June 18th 2014 - 08:20 UTC

Obama pledges to crack down on illegal fishing and enforce traceability

The message was delivered in a taped message from Obama and in person by Kerry at an “Our Ocean” conference in Washington

The Obama administration announced on Tuesday an initiative to track every fish sold in the United States, a move designed to crack down on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, mislabeling of seafood and related problems.

Tuesday, June 17th 2014 - 06:58 UTC

New Zealand revolutionary sustainable fishing technology wins awards

The new technology ”will allow fish to be landed alive, and in perfect condition, while safely releasing small fish and by-catch” says Minister Guy

Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) a new, sustainable fishing technology tipped to revolutionize the global industry, has won two major categories at the KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards along with being named runner up for the night’s Supreme Award.

Monday, June 16th 2014 - 00:38 UTC

“Argentine Sea, wild and austral”, the quality label planned for Argentine fish produce

The idea is that the label and seal identify Argentine produce with premium quality

Argentina is promoting the use of the distinctive label of “Mar Argentino, Salvaje y Austral”, for fishery produce traded by Argentine companies. The Federal Fisheries Council, CFP, is responsible for the implementation of the initiative which aims to incorporate the origin seal and promotional brochures.

Thursday, May 29th 2014 - 00:54 UTC

Uruguayan court declines competence to rule on Chinese fishing vessel 'slavery' claims

The 28 African crewmembers are from Ghana and Sierra Leone.

A Uruguayan criminal court found no merit to continue investigating into incidents allegedly occurred in a Chinese flagged fishing vessel following on claims of 'slavery', ill treatment and beatings, presented by 28 African crewmembers.


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