Friday, January 15th 2016 - 09:04 UTC

Falklands offers a PhD studentship opportunity in marine ecology research

Fortuna Ltd together with SAERI and the Falklands' Fisheries Department are the sponsors of the research opportunity

Falklands fishing company Fortuna Ltd., the Falklands' Fisheries Department and the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, SAERI are sponsoring a research opportunity for a Science honors graduate to embark on a career in academic or applied marine ecology in the Islands.

Wednesday, January 6th 2016 - 11:57 UTC

Spanish company plans to buy four new shrimp vessels to operate in Argentina

“We have an investment planned for 2016; we'll buy four new shrimp vessels in Argentina,” Iberconsa CEO Alberto Freire said.

Spanish vertically integrated seafood company Iberica de Congelados (Iberconsa) will invest up to €27 million in its Argentine and Namibian operations, the company's CEO announced. Following its private equity Portobello Capital majority stake acquisition in Iberconsa, the seafood company will carry out a “strong investment plan” to boost Argentina shrimp output and to enhance Namibia's plant capabilities in value-added production.

Tuesday, January 5th 2016 - 08:12 UTC

Ascension Island to become a marine reserve as big as the UK, in 2017

“Ascension has been at the frontiers of science since Charles Darwin went there in the 19th Century,” said Charles Clover, chairman of the Blue Marine Foundation

The British Overseas Territory of Ascension Island is set to become a marine reserve almost as big as the UK, the British government has announced. Using a £300,000 grant from the Bacon Foundation, the UK government will close 52.6% of the south Atlantic island's waters to fishing. In the rest of the waters there will be a monitored tuna fishery.

Monday, January 4th 2016 - 07:39 UTC

Chinese jigger heading for South Atlantic catches fire in Montevideo port

The forty-crew members were taken ashore late Saturday night and the vessel has been tugged out into the bay where special squads are trying to combat the fire

A Chinese jigger flying a convenience flag and ready to leave Montevideo for the South Atlantic fully provisioned suffered a serious fire which apparently started in the engine room and rapidly spread to the rest of the vessel.

Wednesday, December 30th 2015 - 03:22 UTC

Major Spanish company in frozen fish industry, Iberconsa, sold to Portobello Capital

Iberconsa is based in Vigo and 45% of its sales are exports. It is present in all channels, mostly retail and its products include, besides hake, squid and prawn.

The Spanish manager of equity Portobello Capital has bought a majority stake in Iberconsa (Iberica de Congelados), the third company in the sector in Spain and the first one to capture and produce frozen hake on board.

Wednesday, December 30th 2015 - 02:24 UTC

Russian polar vessel and helicopters will supply Argentine Antarctica bases

Russian polar vessel Vasily Golovnin from Arkadia Ltd. and the Kamov helicopters will be supplying Argentine bases this summer

For the eighth season, Argentina's Antarctic bases and stations are to be supplied by the Russian polar vessel Vasily Golovnin from Arkadia Ltd. This has been going on since 2007 when the Argentine flagship ice-breaker Almirante Irizar caught fire in the high seas and is still in repairs waiting for the necessary funds.

Tuesday, December 29th 2015 - 07:46 UTC

New five-year strategy for South Georgia emphasizes environment management

Close track at the way tourists and other visitors experience South Georgia to better support safe, sustainable and environmentally sensitive visits

The new five-year Strategy for South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands 2016-2020 was published on 27th November. The Strategy sets out an ambitious agenda to deliver the highest standards of environmental stewardship and governance for the British Overseas Territory, according to the latest South Georgia Newsletter.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 - 08:20 UTC

Argentina displays software to detect and monitor jiggers in the South Atlantic

The program developed by Inidep, is based on the night lights of the hundreds of jiggers operating in the South Atlantic, which enables a daily monitoring

A specially designed software to help detect, monitor and identify jiggers operating in international waters in the South Atlantic was presented at a meeting organized by Argentina's National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, INIDEP together with the country's Space Research national commission, partners in the development.

Saturday, December 19th 2015 - 05:37 UTC

WTO statement in support of reducing fishing subsidies

WTO leaders believe that in many cases, subsidies encourage overfishing and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

World Trade Organization members, including Argentina and Uruguay, have agreed on the need to reduce fishing subsidies so as to contribute to the conservation of fishing resources worldwide. This decision was taken because WTO is convinced that fisheries subsidies contribute to economic losses in the fisheries sector, leaving serious impact on food security and livelihoods, particularly in developing countries, Star Business Report reported.

Wednesday, December 9th 2015 - 08:54 UTC

Falklands' strict work safety measures for 2016 Illex fishery in Islands' waters

Director of Natural Resources John Barton working to improve  conditions for fishermen

Measures that will sometimes exceed flag state requirements, in order to improve the safety of fisherman working on ships in the Illex fishery in Falklands waters have been agreed by the Falkland Islands Government.


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