Thursday, March 31st 2016 - 08:25 UTC

Chile confirms the loss of 39.000 tons of salmon equivalent to toxic algae

Burgos explained that 57% of salmon was absorbed by processing plants manufacturing fishmeal while another 30.3% was discarded in landfills.

Some 25 million of fish -- equivalent to 39,942 tons of dead biomass -- was the final balance of the emergency caused by algae bloom in 45 farms in the salmon farms of the southern region of Chile, Los Lagos, reported SERNAPESCA, director José Miguel Burgos. A several month’s bloom of toxic algae causes ravage in south Chile salmon and trout farms.

Thursday, March 31st 2016 - 00:14 UTC

Beijing reminds Argentina of the jigger sinking before a possible meeting of Macri with Xi Jinping

“We are hopeful Argentina will address and perform the issue according to law ensuring the rights and interests of Chinese fishermen” said spokesperson Hong Lei

Beijing said that it “expects Argentina to perform according to law” in reference to the recent sinking of a Chinese flagged jigger by the country's Coast Guard and which was operating in Argentina's EEZ. The announcement is considered significant in Buenos Aires since Argentine president Mauricio Macri is expecting to meet his counterpart Xi Jinping in Washington, next Friday in the framework of the Nuclear security summit.

Tuesday, March 29th 2016 - 02:59 UTC

Falklands waiting UK reaction; extended continental shelf does not apply to mobile species such as squid

“FIG is seeking clarification from the UK Government on what, if any, decisions have been made, and what implications there may be for the Falkland Islands.”

The Falkland Islands Government, FIG, reacted to the Tuesday official Argentine announcement of its extension of the continental shelf saying it was waiting clarification from the UK government on the implications, if any for the Islands. What is certain is that it does not affect fisheries or squid catches, one of the Islands main source of income.

Monday, March 28th 2016 - 05:55 UTC

Japan announces it has harpooned 333 whales in Antarctic waters; conservationists outraged

The statement confirmed that 333 whales, including a number of pregnant females, have been harpooned in Antarctic waters by the whalers since December.

The Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR), the body behind the Japanese government’s whaling program, announced the return of the Japanese whaling fleet from its Antarctic operations. It is the first time that the Japanese whalers have returned to the Southern Ocean to slaughter whales since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled its whaling program to be illegal in 2014.

Wednesday, March 16th 2016 - 16:43 UTC

Beijing protests sinking of Chinese jigger and calls for a formal inquest into the incident

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Lu Kang said that Beijing was following closely and with 'special attention' the matter and called for “effective measures”

Beijing made a formal complaint to Argentina and expressed 'great concern' regarding the incident in which a Chinese flagged jigger caught red-handed fishing in the country's EEZ was fired at and sank on Tuesday. Chinese authorities also requested an “immediate inquest” into the procedure of the Argentine Coast Guard in the sinking of the vessel Lu Yuan Yu10.

Wednesday, March 16th 2016 - 06:05 UTC

Argentina sinks Chinese jigger which refused to stop and even tried to ram the patrol vessel

In a high-seas chase, a coast guard vessel pursued the Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 jigger which refused to stop despite warning shots across the Chinese boat's bow

Argentina's coast guard has sunk a Chinese flagged jigger that was fishing illegally within its territorial waters, the coast guard said on Tuesday, marking a first test for relations between President Mauricio Macri and Beijing.In a high-seas chase, a coast guard vessel pursued the fishing vessel Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 toward international waters, firing warning shots across the Chinese boat's bow as it attempted to raise the crew by radio.

Monday, March 14th 2016 - 23:42 UTC

World famous toothfish poaching vessel caught and destroyed in Indonesia

The Indonesia navy seized the Nigeria-flagged Viking on Feb. 25 operating in waters off Tanjung Berakit in Riau Islands province south of Singapore.

Indonesian authorities on Monday bombed the last major ship internationally wanted for years of illegally taking toothfish from southern waters, reiterating a strong message to would-be poachers who enter the country's waters.

Saturday, March 12th 2016 - 05:40 UTC

Chile's challenge: disposing 27.700 tons of algae/bloom dead salmon

Sernapesca director José Miguel Burgos reported that the Chilean Navy authorized the dumping of 300 tons dead salmon at sea, 75 miles offshore

More than 27,733 tons, equivalent to 72% of the total salmon mortality caused by algae bloom, have been removed from the farms affected by this contingency, Chile's National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) informed. In a new report on the emergency affecting the salmon farming industry in the Chilean southern region of Los Lagos, Sernapesca pointed out that 38 farms have been affected by microalgae bloom in the Concession Groups (ACS) 1, 2, 3A, 6, 7, and 10B, with a total mortality amounting to 23.8 million fish, equivalent to more than 38,500 tons.

Thursday, March 10th 2016 - 21:28 UTC

Catches of Peruvian giant squid are showing a slow recovery: shift of oceans winds

 Northern Chimbote giant squid: there are landings of about 80 tons per day and all of it is sent northwards.

Catches of Peruvian giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) are showing a slow recovery, something that has long been awaited not only by local fishermen and industrialists, but also by the largest processors in Europe and Asia.

Thursday, March 10th 2016 - 05:03 UTC

United States joins worldwide effort against illegal fishing

FAO is a strong partner in the promotion of sustainable fisheries, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate, US Ambassador Lane pointed out.

The United States has brought added momentum to global efforts targeting illegal fishing by adhering to a FAO-brokered international pact.US Ambassador to the United Nations agencies in Rome, David Lane, this week formally presented FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva with the US' instrument of ratification of the Agreement on Port State Measures to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.


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