Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 21:35 UTC

Spanish trawler crew member medic-evacuated by Uruguayan frigate

The crewmember is transported to a Montevideo hospital

A Uruguayan frigate was involved in a high seas medic evacuation following a distress call from Spanish trawler ‘Playa de Sartaxens’ because one of its young crew members suffered a sudden faint which lasted several minutes.

Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 03:33 UTC

South Georgia company sponsors research on toothfish sustainability

Research will benefit science and ultimately give the industry a better understanding into the handling and monitoring of stock, said Stuart Wallace

Georgia Seafood is sponsoring pioneering research into the reproductive behaviour of the Patagonian Toothfish in South Georgia. Director of Georgia Seafood Stuart Wallace explained that in a market that demands sustainability it is important to the company that they support the science underpinning that aim.

Wednesday, July 24th 2013 - 06:51 UTC

Argentina confirms one million dollars fines on each of four vessels caught illegally fishing

Fu Yuan Yu 873’, was intercepted and arrested on 17 June

Argentina’s Fisheries Under Secretariat confirmed huge fines for three fishing vessels from China and one Spanish which were allegedly caught during the last six months illegally fishing in the South Atlantic exclusive economic zone, EEZ off the coast of Chubut province.

Wednesday, July 24th 2013 - 06:37 UTC

Argentina bans Illex squid catches for 30 days: average size is below 800 grams

Squid landings until 18 July reached 163.216 tons according to CFP

Following on recommendations from scientific cruise surveys Argentina’s Federal Fisheries Council, CFP, decided to temporarily ban Illex squid catching operations, north of 44o South, with the purpose of giving the cephalopods time to increase in size.

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 06:04 UTC

New Zealand fishing company gets burnt fingers in Argentina with hoki

Sealord Chairman Matanuku Mahuika admits the company lost 60m dollars in the Argentine hoki experience

The New Zealand Maori co-owned deep-sea fishing company Sealord is walking away from its disastrous hoki venture in Argentina with an estimated 60 million dollars loss, reports the NZ media.

Monday, July 15th 2013 - 12:39 UTC

Spanish vessel allegedly illegally fishing in Argentine waters must pay 1.1 million Euros

The owners of the ‘Piscator’ are prepared to pay the fine and have her back operating

The Argentine government confirmed a fine of 5.3 million Pesos (approx 800.000 Euros) and another 300.000 Euros to liberate the forfeited catch on board, mostly squid, of the Spanish flagged vessel ‘Piscator’ caught last 2 July allegedly illegally operating in Argentine waters and which remains retained in Puerto Madryn.

Saturday, July 6th 2013 - 07:09 UTC

Piscator incident: Spain says fishing vessel was operating eight miles outside Argentina’s EEZ

The Spanish flagged trawler had a catch in hold of 250 tons when it was captured

The Spanish government believes an “error of appreciation” was committed in the incident involving the Galician trawler “Piscator” captured this week in the South Atlantic allegedly operating in Argentine waters. Spain is hopeful that the situation will be resolved in “coming hours”.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 08:00 UTC

Argentina captures a Spanish vessel for presumed illegal fishing in the Argentine Sea.

The fishing vessel Piscator (IMO: 8801163) is sailing to Pto. Madryn

The Argentine Coast Guard (the Prefectura) has captured a Spanish flagged vessel in waters of the Argentine Sea that was carrying out fishing activities presumed to be without authorisation, Coast Guard sources confirmed to EFE today.

Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 00:30 UTC

Argentine Coast Guard catches Chinese jigger with 180 tons of fresh squid

GC-24 Mantilla escorting the jigger Fu Yuan Yu 873 to Puerto Madryn

An Argentine Coast Guard vessel during a routine patrol caught a Chinese flagged jigger with 180 tons of fresh squid in its hold, and is now being escorted to the Patagonian port of Puerto Madryn where she is expected to arrive Wednesday midday.

Friday, June 14th 2013 - 02:03 UTC

Chinese jiggers’ seamen landed in Montevideo died of lack of proper food and tropical parasitosis

The two jiggers in quarantine off the docks of Montevideo

The most probable death cause of the Chinese crewmembers from two jiggers in quarantine outside the port of Montevideo was lack of sufficient nutrient and balanced food plus tropical parasitosis, according to the primary forensic reports from Uruguayan health authorities.


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