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Stories for June 12th 2008

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Sudan aircraft had “technical problems” says Aerolineas

    Argentina's flag air carrier Aerolíneas Argentinas last year had the opportunity to charter the Airbus 310 which caught fire in Sudan, killing at least 100 people, but the operation did not advance because of “technical problems” in the aircraft revealed the company in Buenos Aires.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    London Stock Exchange after Argentine companies

    The London Stock Exchange is very much interested in having Argentine companies join the market since Argentina has excellent conditions: natural resources, technology and a trained population, according to Graham Dallas, senior manager from LSE currently visiting Buenos Aires to promote London's financial markets.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Argentine petitioners and Falklands Cllrs. address C24

    Argentina's claim over the Malvinas and other South Atlantic islands under British sovereignty was the main purpose of the meeting held on Wednesday between United Nations Secretary General Van Ki-Moon and Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Taiana.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Cubans who work more will get higher salaries

    In what some experts call Raúl Castro's boldest break yet from socialism, Cuban state companies have until August to overhaul their salary structures to one that pays hard-workers more than slackers, the government newspaper reported Wednesday.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Falklands challenge Argentine arguments at United Nations

    Cllrs. J. Robertson and R, Stevens underlined the Falklands right to self determination

    Falklands government representatives have strongly challenged traditional Argentine arguments used to support their claim to the Falkland Islands.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Bishops praise Chavez for back stepping on his “snitch law”

    Archbishop Reinaldo del Prette from the Venezuelan city of Valencia has praised the decision by President Hugo Chavez to review a controversial law on national intelligence that some say would violate fundamental rights such as the seal of confession.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Ezeiza airport readies for 13 million pax and Airbus 380

    Argentina's main international air terminal Ezeiza is to undergo a remodeling program involving 400 million US dollars announced this week the concessionary company which also manages most of the country's main airports

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Floods in US Midwest send corn futures to new highs

    Corn prices hit new highs this week after the US Department of Agriculture forecast that output would fall because of poor weather. Corn reached a record price of above 7 US dollars a bushel for July delivery on the Chicago Board of Trade after the government cut its forecasts for the 2008 yield by 3%.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Argentina back in the list of “key” countries for the US

    Argentina was included in a list of Latinamerican “key” countries for the US State Department and with whom the US is intent in having closer relations. The description belongs to US Deputy Secretary of State for hemispheric relations Thomas Shannon, during a speech at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.

  • Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

    Europe's bargains: Swiss unleaded fuel and Spain's diesel

    United Kingdom motorists traveling in Europe will find the cheapest fuel in Spain and Switzerland, according to a survey from the Post Office Travel Services.

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