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Stories for April 6th 2009

  • Tuesday, April 7th 2009 - 06:58 UTC

    Controversial expenses anticipate “big changes” for British MPs

    Beckett, is accused of profiting from the 'three homes' loophole

    British Members of Parliament have been warned they face “big changes” in their system of pay and expenses as Housing Minister Margaret Beckett became the latest member of the Government to become embroiled in controversy.

  • Tuesday, April 7th 2009 - 05:20 UTC

    “US is not at war with Islam” Obama tells Turkish parliament

    Washington and Turkey “solid” friends

    During his first visit to a Muslim nation United States president Barack Obama said the US ”is not and will never be at war with Islam''. In an address to the Turkish parliament in Ankara on Monday, he called for a greater partnership with the Muslim world.

  • Tuesday, April 7th 2009 - 05:17 UTC

    Argentina closes Southern squid fishery: 16 year record low catches

    The authorised fishing zone for Illex argentinus.

    Argentina’s Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) unanimously voted to close the squid (Illex argentinus) fishery south of parallel 46°, as a precautionary protection measure for the southern Patagonian stock. Adopted last week, the move was spurred by the latest scientific data presented on how the major fishery was evolving and its dangerously low catches.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 21:10 UTC

    Project for the development of aquaculture in the Falklands

    Scientis Dan Fowler, Aquaculture Project Manager

    Falkland Islands aquaculture project and research on species with potential to help develop a local industry was underlined in a piece released in the portal. Development of the aquaculture and marine farming project are part of a major review of the Falklands fisheries policy, adds the article.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 15:16 UTC

    LAN Airline Will Reduce Its CO2 Emissions

    Chilean-based LAN Airlines recently announced it will reduce the consumption of combustible fuel by 16.6 million gallons each year with the installation of “winglets” on all 37 of its Boeing 767-300 aircrafts as part of the airline’s endeavor to improve flight efficiency.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 14:41 UTC

    Antartic: Wilkins Ice Bridge Breaks

    An ice bridge which held a vast Antarctic ice shelf in place shattered at the weekend and could herald a wider collapse linked to global warming, a leading scientist has warned. “It's amazing how the ice has ruptured. Two days ago it was intact,” said David Vaughan, a glaciologist with the British Antarctic Survey.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 10:38 UTC

    Latam positive about G20 results, but implementation is also vital

    The G-20 summit decision to inject 1.1 trillion US dollars to the global economy to prop trade and overcome the financial collapse can be beneficial for Latinamerica but measures have to be implemented and proven efficient, according to experts from the region.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 10:32 UTC

    Mexico sets up 150 billion US dollars barrier to end market volatility

    Mexico asked the International Monetary Fund for a 47 billion US dollars credit line which is to be added to the 30 billion swap line with the Federal Reserve to help shore up the economy and end market volatility.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 10:30 UTC

    Best March performance in 15 years for Latam financial markets

    Latin American financial markets recorded their best monthly performance during March in more than 15 years, as signs of stabilization in the global financial system encouraged investors to take on risk.

  • Monday, April 6th 2009 - 10:23 UTC

    HSBC shareholders support bank with 17.7 billion US dollars

    Britain’s HSBC bank shareholders have bought 96.6% of the new shares they were offered. Unlike many of its rivals, HSBC has not received government support, but it still needed some extra funding as a result of the credit crunch.

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