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Peru made available “Mirage aircraft, missiles and pilots” in Falklands 82 conflict

Wednesday, March 24th 2010 - 02:54 UTC
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Mirage aircraft with Exocet missiles ready to take off Mirage aircraft with Exocet missiles ready to take off

Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner thanked Peru for the military support and having made available aircraft, missiles and pilots in the conflict with Britain over the Falkland Islands back in 1982.

During an official two day state visit to Peru and talking on Tuesday before Congress Mrs. Kirchner also blasted the United Kingdom for insisting in holding on to “the last colonial enclave” in the continent and for which it should feel “ashamed”.

“The last colonial enclave that subsists in our continent should make Britain feel shameful because we are living in the XXI century, and we still have to endure such situations”, said Mrs. Kirchner to great applause from Congress members.

The Argentine president also underlined and praised Peru for the military support during the 1982 conflict with Britain over the Falklands, “with no hesitations Peru made available to our country Mirage aircraft, missiles and pilots to combat next to our Argentine pilots and boys”.

In interviews with local radios Argentine Foreign Affairs minister Jorge Taiana also talked extensively about the current Falklands’ conflict pointing out that the “unilateral” British decision to exploit natural resources in Malvinas waters is a very serious incident which not only affects Argentina, but also the whole region.

“I believe that supporting Argentina in rejecting the British unilateral position, contrary to UN mandates, the whole region is acting in solidarity with legality, and is also defending itself”, said Taiana.

He added that “the British unilateral attitude of exploring for hydrocarbons in an area which does not belong to them and is under documented litigation clearly and offensively ignores international law”.

In her speech before Congress Mrs. Kirchner deplored that following Peruvian support to Argentina in the Malvinas 1982 conflict, “Argentina in 1995 sold arms and munitions to Ecuador in the midst of war with Peru” over border disputes and which after several weeks fighting ended in 1998 with a peace understanding.

Mrs. Kirchner recalled that at the time she was a Senator and severely criticized the government of President Carlos Menem for having engaged in such sales when Argentina was also a guarantor and mediator of the conflict which dates back to 1942.

“I was extremely critical because I considered it an institutional offence to a country that under the administration of President Fernando Belaúnde, whom I wish to honour, made available to Argentina Mirage aircraft, missile and pilots”, underlined Mrs. Kirchner.


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  • Hoytred

    At any opportunity Argentina pedals is distorted view of both history and international law. Indeed, if it wasn't for the continued beligerence of Argentina, the people of the Falkland Islands may long ago have opted for independence.

    Britian is not ashamed because it has only the wishes of the islanders at heart, and knows full well the dire consequences for their way of life should Argentina manage to 'colonise' the islands for themselves. As a result the British are proud. Proud of their support for the islanders, and proud of the ability to protect those in need.

    Kirchner may indeed be grateful for the support Argentina received in 1982 ....... for all the good it did them !

    Mar 24th, 2010 - 08:30 am 0
  • Stevie P

    Someone needs to explain the meaning of litigation to the Argentine foreign minister. As any lawyer knows, a matter 'in litigation' is a dispute that is subject to court proceedings. All of us on this site, even our deluded Argentine friends, know that Argentina has never referred its 'claim' to the International Court of Justice and the claim is not therefore subject to litigation. Yet another half-truth about the Falklands from the Argentine political class. Thanking the Peruvians for military support during the '82 conflict is simply poor taste - still, i have the utmost admiration for the Falkland islanders and their willingness on humanitarian grounds to continue to allow relatives of the Argentine dead to visit graves of the fallen on the islands despite of the continued policy of oppression by Argentina. No doubt the islanders will allow these visits to continue but you won't find any Argentines thanking the islanders on this site.

    Mar 24th, 2010 - 10:53 am 0
  • Christopher UK

    “The last colonial enclave that subsists in our continent” Ignoring for the moment the stupidity of her comment - what about the French territory in the continent. So - the silly President of Argentina wants to remove colonialism in the Falklands - where it doesn't exist - by introducing colonialism to the Falklands - where it would exist if Argentina had its way.

    Mar 24th, 2010 - 11:45 am 0
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