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Argentine organized labour will support CFK but “without being obsequious”

Saturday, May 21st 2011 - 10:04 UTC
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Union leader Juan Carlos Schmid called for less focus on organized labour Union leader Juan Carlos Schmid called for less focus on organized labour

Argentina’s organized labour said “there are no differences in the relationship with the government” despite President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CFK criticisms and further stated that they will support the president’s re-election bid “without being obsequious”.

“The President is the one that leads the country’s future and we represent a very important sector of society. We will support her without being obsequious and without generating conflicts with the Government” union leader Juan Carlos Schmid told reporters before a meeting of the Labour Confederation National Council, CGT, in La Plata.

“Cristina said in her speech that she didn’t want exploitation or blackmailing, but there are lost of exploiters remaining in Argentina. People should focus on other sectors of Argentine society, not only on unions” Schmid warned.

According to media reports the CGT national council headed by their leader Hugo Moyano addressed several issues during the several hours meeting including workers income policies, the profit sharing bill and a strategy to address President Cristina Fernandez claims that the unions are exerting too much power, distorting normal activity and attacking the economic model.

Cristina Fernandez in on several of her speeches threatened with stepping down from making a re-election bid next October: “I’m not dying to be president”. She also called for an end to extortions and blackmails and said when unions are only moved by their specific interests and leave aside the community they become a “corporate organization”.

Moyano has been pressing for Cristina Kirchner to announce her re-election bid and demanding 33% of ballot list filled with unionists including the vice-president seat in the presidential ticket for his legal advisor and lawmaker Hector Recalde.

Mrs. Kirchner close political allies have called Moyano a “vote-killer” because of his attitudes and ‘gangster’ methods blackmailing with the teamsters and oil workers unions that can paralyze Argentina and scare middle of the road voters.

Apparently Moyano ordered less political confrontation and more labour related claims: salaries, reimbursement of unions’ solidarity funds, increasing the minimum taxable income particularly serious in a high inflation economy, profit sharing, among other issues.

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  • GeoffWard

    To demand
    the Vice Presidentship (with the Presidentship next time),
    33% of all seats in Government to the unions, and - on top of this -
    to decimate Argentinean unionised industry with a 10%-take,
    higher-than-inflation salaries,
    reimbursement of unions’ 'solidarity' funds,
    increasing the minimum taxable income,
    shows a more-than-partial socio-political swing for the future of Argentina .

    Socialism/communism - arrived at through the power-plays of union industrial blackmail - produces no future for Argentina in an economically globalised world where her competitors advance themselves to Argentina's detriment.

    Non-competitiveness is no solution.

    May 21st, 2011 - 06:00 pm 0
  • ElaineB

    @1 It is like watching a friend self-harm.

    You are right that in an economically globalised world this is a disasterous image for Argentina to portray. The idea that a country doesn't need to trade globally to prosper is sadly out of date.

    May 21st, 2011 - 06:49 pm 0
  • I

    Finally Argentina is aiming for a national market, what did we have to ofer besides food ?? and how long have we been working to feed the elite ?? we are at a point where we arew buying our own oil from the brits, enought is enought, there is nothing wrong with a government dictating their own rules, last time I checked USA droped into Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya while UK is occupying Malvinas Argentina and we are supposed to trade our raw material for us to buy own resources coming back as finish products ?? how convenient, and then what we go back to the dirt and dig more of our wealth for them to have well payed union jobs ? in USA or Canada ?? no way !!! personally I like the unions but I also love Argentina, in a democratic state the unions always side with the state, because it is the state that has the power to draft laws to promote progress, never the less sometimes greedy unions find themselves being an obstruction to public order.

    May 21st, 2011 - 07:48 pm 0
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