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Argentine “grandstanding” and acting illegally in the Falklands’ issue

Sunday, January 8th 2012 - 05:34 UTC
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Foreign Office minister for the OT, Henry Bellingham
Foreign Office minister for the OT, Henry Bellingham

Argentina’s government is “grandstanding” and acting illegally in imposing a blockade on ships from the Falkland Islands, Henry Bellingham has claimed in an interview with the Lynn News from England.

As a junior Foreign Office minister, Mr Bellingham’s areas of responsibility include Britain’s Overseas Territories, Africa, United Nations and such global issues as climate change and solution to conflicts such as the UK/Argentina over the Falklands..

He revealed he is currently working on a White Paper on Britain’s administration of the nation’s 14 Overseas Territories.

But, in the year of the 30th anniversary of the war between Britain and Argentina, Mr Bellingham reiterated that control of the Islands was not up for discussion.

“I think what the Argentines are doing is disgraceful. Blockading ships with the Falklands’ flag is contrary to the international law of the sea”, he said.
Bellingham was thus questioning the latest Mercosur resolution which made its own Argentina’s request that vessels flying the Falklands flag be barred from the region’s ports.

The resolution in support of Argentina’s sovereignty claim over the Faklands which considers the Malvinas “flag illegal” was proposed by Uruguay that hosted the latest Mercosur summit and accepted by all members with the promise of effectively implementing it.



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  • Lord Ton

    It was first voted on by Mercosur in 2010, but no-one noticed !

    So they did it again.

    Doubt it'll be remembered again after a couple of weeks ;-)

    Jan 08th, 2012 - 06:36 am 0
  • so_far

    The title say “ Argentine “grandstanding” and acting illegally in the Falklands’ issue”

    ......excusme mylord but who said that ??

    Mr Bellingham ......A JUNIOR Foreign Office minister.

    Let´s compare another staments and position of high officers in FCO history as well another british figures of unquestionable importance and education in the matter.

    1) “I have reviewed all the papers relating to the Falklands. By no means i found clear that we have ever been holders of the sovereignty of these islands.”

    Duke of Wellington, the then prime minister 1834 (just one year after British officers took illegally Malvinas islands expelling argentinean inhabitants that lives in peace in that moment on those islands).

    2) “... the Argentine government's attitude is not entirely unjustified and our action has been somewhat despotic,”

    Sydney Spicer the hishgtest Officer (Senior) in Department of the Foreign Office, 1910.

    3) “Who had the best right in that time we annexed the islands. I think was the government of Buenos Aires [...] We can not easily make a good claim and craftily have done everything possible to avoid discussing the issue with Argentina ”

    R. Campbell, Secretary of the Foreign Office, 1911.

    4) “the Argentine claim to the Falklands in any form are baseless” ...... “the English case is not strong enough to face a public controversy”

    Sir Malcolm A. Robertson, British ambassador in Buenos Aires, 1928

    5) “Our case has a certain fragility” and advised that eventually became “feel strong on the islands, avoiding discussion on a policy to drop the case”

    George Fitzmaurice , Foreign Ministry legal, 1936.

    6) ”... our took by force of Falkland Islands in 1833 was so arbitrary [...] is therefore not easy to explain our position without showing ourselves as international (bandits) outlaws. ”

    John Troutbeck, SENIOR official of the British Foreign Office, 1936

    This is only examples, there is more but Mercopre$$ prefers show Bellingham´s opinion. JUNIOR in FCO.

    Jan 08th, 2012 - 06:37 am 0
  • Britishbulldog

    2 so_far (#) ---That was then now we are telling you to fuck off and to stop living in the past if you think you have a case then take it to law that's what civilized country's would do. . We are also showing the World that your country's political leaders including the Woman with a plastic face are nothing more than a bunch of psychotic criminals who break international law to try and get what they want. Perhaps we should send down our new 1 billion £ stealth warship to teach you psychopaths a lesson on how to behave yourselves. Keep it up and we will send down the other five 1 billion-stealth warships when they are ready as well. We do not mind we are built for war it is in our blood seeing that we have to keep psychopaths like you lot at bay all the time.

    Jan 08th, 2012 - 07:19 am 0
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