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US confirms ‘neutral position’ in Falklands’ dispute; hopes for cooperation on practical issues

Saturday, March 17th 2012 - 06:10 UTC
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The administration of Barack Obama hopes for an ‘agreed solution’ The administration of Barack Obama hopes for an ‘agreed solution’

United States stated that it maintains its “neutral position” over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands dispute between Argentina and UKand hopes for an agreed solution, an official source of the US government assured after the three day visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron which included several meetings at the White House

“Our position remains neutral,” an official who remained anonymous affirmed, as was advanced by Mercopress on Thursday.

Cameron was received by US President Barack Obama at the White House as part of his official visit to the country to debate over bilateral issues.

UK Prime Minister ended his trip with a visit to Ground Zero in New York, where he was asked about the Falklands/Malvinas situation and he answered that he had discussed this issue with Obama and that the president of the US had ratified the support of the “status quo” of the Islands.

The US government official reminded that “United States recognises the de facto administration of the UK in the Islands, but does not have a position over the sovereignty pretensions of both countries.”

“The US government supports the cooperation of the UK and Argentina in practical issues and calls for a pacific resolution of this issue,” he added.

A New York Times piece published Wednesday gave an idea of the situation when it reported that President Obama offered ‘some comfort’ to PM Cameron.

“The United States, he said, would stop prodding Britain and Argentina to talk to each other over the Falklands and stick to its historic position of neutrality”.

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    The grating of Hilary Clinton's teeth is audible from here.The State Department always likes to have an alternate foreign policy
    There is something fishy about Barney's effusiveness with Cameron on his visit. Must mean that war with Iran is just around the corner. Who else can America rely on when push comes to shove but the other Anglo countries.
    At least they are not like the Italians who have been caught paying the Taliban not to attack them. Argies are largely Italian colonists transplanted to South America.

    Mar 17th, 2012 - 07:00 am 0
  • DanyBerger


    At least Argentinian don’t bomb their relatives in Europe as you do in the Middle East and Africa.

    Think about it...

    Mar 17th, 2012 - 07:21 am 0
  • The Falklands are British

    Malvinistas translation of this story:
    The US are undoubtedly on the Argentine side and therefore the UK have no hope. The whole world is against the UK and the whole world knows that the Malvinas are Argentine.

    Chuckle chuckle

    Would one of you Malvinistas kindly answer the following simple questions if you are able to. Try to use facts and not rhetoric.

    1. List the countries that have formally declared that they are on Argentina's side. Not the ones that have simply urged the UK and Argentina to resume negotiations but the ones that have said “ we believe the islands belong to Argentina and that the UK should pull out immediately”.

    2. Of the ones that have declared their support, what are they actually doing to make a difference? Have they pledged money, ships, tanks, troops, guns, trade embargoes with the UK, or what? What tangible evidence is there that they are helping Argentina. Stopping Falkland flagged vessels does not really count because we all know that is having no net result.

    Oh and by the way. When are we going to hear from KFC and President Pinera and their joint declaration in support of the Argentine position? That was obviously another load of BS like the famous Pink House announcement of a couple of months ago.

    It's interesting to see that some inside Argentina are starting to wonder how long before the military decide to take back control. Maybe it would be for the best. I must keep an eye out for the poll in one of the papers. Freedom of speech and all that.

    Chuckle chuckle.

    Mar 17th, 2012 - 07:33 am 0
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