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Cristina Fernandez ratifies solidarity with Venezuela: opposition should wait for next elections

Saturday, February 22nd 2014 - 07:11 UTC
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The Argentine leader recalled that “violence engenders only more violence” The Argentine leader recalled that “violence engenders only more violence”

In a rally at the Buenos Aires province town of Florencio Varela, President Cristina Fernandez ratified Argentina’s “solidarity” with the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro, as the fifth Mercosur full member continues to be caught up in a wave of violent protests that have claimed the lives of 6 so far.

 “There is nothing more important than peace and democracy” stated the Argentine leader.

“This is not only about Venezuela. We have said it when democracy in Bolivia, in Ecuador was in danger. We extend our supportive hand to the people of Venezuela. There is nothing more important than peace and democracy, the respect of popular will and life,” the head of state said in a message that seemed also aimed at the Venezuelan opposition whose leader Leopoldo López has publicly called for the “exit” of President Nicolás Maduro.

“If they did not get to win the elections this time, they should run in the next elections. But a region that has been declared a zone of peace can't be put up in the air” Cristina Fernandez insisted and added that political demonstrations can take place “without violence.”

“Violence engenders only more violence. We must be tolerant. We can't stir up a fire that does not belong to this region, but that is fueled from other parts. Let’s not be stupid, peace is built with our words and actions”.

Meanwhile from Caracas, Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro at a press conference to explain why his decision to oust CNN journalists claimed that the country was facing the “most brutal media campaign” since 2002 when the coup attempt against then president Hugo Chavez.

“There is a campaign from the world's right to divide Latin-America and they are achieving it” said Maduro.

”The right in Latin America is against Venezuela. President (Sebastian) Piñera from Chile, Colombian president (Juan Manuel) Santos and from Panama (Ricardo) Martinelli have succumbed to the conditions of the US”, insisted Maduro, while repeating that Venezuela never interfered in the internal affairs of those countries.

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  • Anglotino

    What I love is this simplistic view of democracy, by unintelligent idiots such as Kirchner, that suppose that democracy is all about being able to vote.

    Democracy in Venezuela is about as deep as good economic policy is in Argentina. There are flickers but the opposite state is currently prevailing.

    Feb 22nd, 2014 - 08:51 am 0
  • JollyGoodFun

    Argentine and Venezuelan political understanding is that the people accept what the government says as gospel, all international institutions must accept what their governments say, all business leaders must accept what their governments say, all smaller countries who they can bare influence down on must accept what their governments say.

    If the people disagree they're labelled anarchists and shot (Venezuela), and intimidated or go missing (Argentina). Any international institute which disagrees is labelled and enemy of their states and that they're part of a master plan to destroy their governments. Any smaller country who disagrees is blockaded or suffers unfair and indiscriminate sanctions.

    You really have got to laugh when Cristina Sloppy Mouth and Capitan Venezuela talk about democracy and protection of the free world.

    This woman has zero humility, zero strategic understanding, zero competency with regard to economic policy making, zero class or diplomacy skills, and most importantly zero credibility due to the constant crap that leaves her mouth.

    Latam Nations are quickly realising they need to distance themselves from these two failing states. Rightly so!

    It will be better for Venezuela and Argentina when the crooks and cronies are arrested by the people. Both leaders should be imprisoned for a very long time.
    It will be a great thing to see when he two nations get some sensible governance.

    Feb 22nd, 2014 - 10:35 am 0
  • Conqueror

    The hypocrisy of it all! “There is nothing more important than peace and democracy, the respect of popular will and life” she said.

    Meanwhile, argieland continues to conduct economic war against the Falkland Islands. Islands to which argieland has NEVER had a legitimate claim. And what about the “respect of popular will and life”? The Falkland Islands referendum 2013 saw 99.8% of those voting, on an electoral turnout of 99.3%, vote to remain an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. Isn't that the “popular will”? Or does she mean only popular with her? How she can even have the effrontery to even stand up is beyond me, never mind open her mouth!

    Feb 22nd, 2014 - 10:52 am 0
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