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Brazil limits social benefits; admits it will miss 2014 fiscal target by wide margin

Wednesday, December 31st 2014 - 05:31 UTC
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The Brazilian government announced it will limit unemployment and pension benefits as part of its plans to shore up depleted finances and regain investor confidence. Likewise the Central bank said that following a fourth year of low growth, Brazil will miss its fiscal target for 2014 by a wide margin. Read full article


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  • Britworker

    What happened? wasn't Brazil meant to be the worlds next tiger economy to rival China and overtake EU economies and put South America on the map. Infact, what happened to the BRICS? Don't here much about them anymore, should we start calling them the ICS?

    Brazil has an Olympics to pay for too, that's gonna bite.

    Dec 31st, 2014 - 11:38 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    I have been on here for almost four years and all I have ever seen from Brazil is lies from The Liar Mantega and wishful thinking from everyone else.

    AND, it's going downhill from here.

    It's what you get for fucking with Mr. Market, but will DumbassDilma ever learn?

    Dec 31st, 2014 - 04:31 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    ““There are many distortions in these programs. For them to be sustainable we need to make these changes,” Rousseff's chief of staff, Aloizio Mercadante, told reporters in Brasilia”.

    WTF ? so after 12 years in power, they (Dilma, PT) finally realize there are distortions in the social programmes ?? what a load BS, because the most notorious and largest distortions, and which just about everyone is aware of, is the lack of control of the ”bolsa família', currently with about 35 million beneficiaries, the great majority of whom are still benefiting despite gross irregularities....this fact is simply ignored....and the government has no intention of addressing this issue, because if they did, it would translate into the loss of votes.

    Jan 01st, 2015 - 09:49 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Hepatia In the last 12 years Brazil has disappeared from the UN's “Hunger Map”. And the prediction is that Brazil's and the US's Gini coefficients will intersect. So, while it would be fair to say that there have been problems with the Lula and Dilma administrations' policies it would not be fair to say that they have been unsuccessful.

    Jan 07th, 2015 - 04:06 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    @4 Hippy
    Unfortunately - or luckily, for you - you don't live here. The 'erradication' of hunger is not as wonderful as portrayed in the UN's stats. You must remember that the figures the UN gets, are furnished by....c'mon, by.....the Brazilian Federal Government !! All you need to do, to realize - while hunger may have been reduced over the past 10 years, as it was ALREADY being done prior to the PT , and that Brazil is still light years away from solving its social problems (in a way, perpetuated by the PT with their handouts, which stimulate laziness) - is to read (the papers) and watch TV reports on the true situation. Claiming to be filling the people's stomach, while you let them die of other causes (abominable public health services, of diseases long erradicated in countries with serious governments, lack of sewage for half the population, not to mention precarious housing conditions...), are hardly an excuse to be proud of.
    So, to reply to your defence of the UN stats, yes, the PT has probably contributed to the reducing hunger in Brazil....BUT, as mentioned above, this is the continuation of a tendency before the PT came to power. The fact that FHC (1995-2002) managed to get inflation under control (in 1994), was the main factor that made it possible for the poorer classes to buy more food. Since you believe you are so well-informed, you no doubt remember one of the main promises made by Lula in the 2002 Presidential campaign..... to institute the “Fome Zero” (Zero Hunger) program.....besides being a source of corruption, it was a dismal failure, and had to be shut down less than a year later . It would be the first big lie - of many to come - during the PT administration.

    Jan 07th, 2015 - 10:21 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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