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Making the Falklands safe: clearing mines from the 1982 conflict

Saturday, April 18th 2015 - 10:32 UTC
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Falkland Islands former minefields that have been cleared by BACTEC International’s (*) deminers are, “cleared to a higher quality than the areas that are outside the fences,” assured Project Manager Julius Unsing, speaking to Penguin News this week. Read full article


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  • Porto Margaret

    Argentinas disgraceful and wilful neglect for the Falkland Islanders, that its national character behaved in such a cruel manner.

    This is to the undying and eternal shame of argentina.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 11:35 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Falkland Islands

    Ha ha, they are more concerned that we might have an oil spill.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 12:50 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    Pity about the mines being detonated or destroyed. Otherwise I'd recommend flying them over to argieland and dropping them from low level in a number of inconvenient places. I'm sure it would be possible to enclose them in something biodegradable so they could be dropped from low level and become active a few hours later.

    Still, something else for argieland to pay for.

    Maybe we could create small explosive devices and seed them across argieland. Things that look like butterflies, dolls, soccer balls.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 01:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • golfcronie

    How about an exploding Malvinas flag, that should go with a bang in Argie land.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 05:37 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ChrisR

    @ 3 @ 4

    How about cruise missile targeting ALL important infrastructure in TDC to put them back to where they long to be: 200 years ago.

    Just let me warn my Argentine friends before it starts.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 07:09 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    Seems fair to me.

    Apr 18th, 2015 - 07:56 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ilsen

    Those bastards should be made to pay, one way or another, for their crimes of implanting Mines on the innocent Falkland Islands.

    Just my opinion...

    They deliberately set out to kill and maim civillian women and children. Where is their 'responsibility' in clearing up their actions?
    Have they offered any support?

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 03:21 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    Britain should have put the POW's to work.

    Nobody wants them back now though, wandering all over the Islands.

    Money would be good, though, I bet.

    Oh... and an apology!

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 03:45 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ilsen

    'apology' is obviously a 'foreign' word for the K-gang.

    just sayin' like....

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 04:08 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Enrique Massot

    This is a sad reminder of how stupid and degrading war is for humans.
    It has to be said that Argentine did offer to demine, but the offer wasn't accepted.
    Let's hope the world never again recognizes governments put in place by illegal military coups.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 07:44 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    10 Enrique Massot

    Did the subsequent non-military governments of Argentina apologise for the actions of your countrymen?

    No, I think not.

    Given the antagonistic stance of the non-military, elected governments of the Kirchners, starting with Nestor, and an Argentine civil government Constitution that states it is a national goal to take the Islands - the Falklanders declined that offer.

    It would seriously jeopardise the security to allow an organised Argentine military force of 'removal experts' to spend an unspecified period of time on the Islands.

    It makes good propaganda though.

    Even if it were an offer made with sincerity, if if if... the Islanders would be fools to allow it.

    It's bad enough that they have to put up with regular visits of the families of the War Dead, infiltrated with those who betray their hosts hospitality and forebearance by surreptitiously unfurling flags and taking photos.

    That's not to mention the organised propaganda film exercises of the current government, disrespecting the British War Dead Memorial on film, and other propaganda pieces.

    Your country respects nobody. They are full of ulterior motives, and they are not to be trusted.

    You disgust me.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 08:39 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jo Bloggs

    11 Troy Tempest

    Thank you.

    That was a truly superb post that captures the attitude of the Argentine Government perfectly. What they are doing to us is totally unacceptable behaviour.

    There is nothing sincere in anything they offer us; it all has a (not too well) hidden agenda. Then when we say no, or the UK Gov't tells them they have to ask us, they attempt to make political mileage out of it. Pathetic schoolyard bullies.

    I see they seem to be working up to another attempt to buy us out now. Like you, they disgust me.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 11:27 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • yankeeboy

    Those KThug advertisements are truly Orwellian.

    I find this brainwashing of an undereducated population simply fascinating.

    The Arg Society is doomed. The apathy and stupidity will continue to erode their country until they are looking up to Paraguay and wondering how they can get a servant job there.

    I used to say its on the road to Venezuela but maybe its really North Korea.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 12:57 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pete Bog

    @12 Jo

    Their offer to let the Falkland Islanders have some of the oil just shows how good they are at shutting the door after the horse has bolted, when now you have ALL of the oil.

    Then they offer their free universities, when you already get education at the UKs (and other) Universities for

    Then there is the marvellous offer of AA flights to Argentina when you are already served by the best airline in SA and the RAF.

    And they offer you 'true democracy' when you are now able to vote for your laws without the involvement of the governor, and must therefore be democratic already.

    This is without considering that joining a basket case of a country like Argentina, isn't going to be any good for the Islanders, how would you like to be defended by (at best) Chinese fighters, and Argentine soldiers?

    Still you would at least get more shipwrecks in harbour, for the tourists but of the more modern type.

    I can just imagine how the Argentines would bid for a football player-say for example ,Wayne Rooney.

    Club A offers Wayne Rooney European football and offers to pay £40 million for him, plus more money than he gets at Man Utd.

    Argentinian club offers Wayne Rooney South American football competitions, £10 million to Man Utd and lower the wages he gets at Man Utd by 50%.

    Yet, if Club A got his signature, the Argentine club would be totally gobsmacked as to why, and say it wasn't fair.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 01:35 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @8. I don't know why I never thought of making the argie invader POWs dance through the minefields. Wouldn't it have been fair, if they danced through unscathed, to make them dance through another minefield? Until at least one part of their 'useful' anatomy was missing. Arm, leg, hand, foot, eye, ear, nose. Maybe even cocks and balls if they had any. How about ”Sit on this saucer-shaped object. Spread your cheeks. Close your eyes. We're just going to pull this cord to see if it explodes up your arse'.
    @10. You need to consider the costs. Argies allowed in to demine? Where would they be accommodated? Tents patrolled by British troops. Inspections every hour. How would they be fed? Every shipment of foodstuffs inspected. Every item presented with a bite out of it. One case of British illness and British troops start shooting.

    Falkland Islanders and British troops being very considerate. 11,313 POW invaders. I would have been tempted to shoot the lot. And then toss every argie corpse into the ocean. More money from videos of marine life. Birds taking the eyes. Killer whales ripping the meat apart. Sharks. Sealions/seals. An ecological bonus! Argies feeding the sea.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 02:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Everyone_needs_ResveratrolL


    And yet European football competitions are the most boring, stale, and biggest waste of time activities I can think of doing.

    I have never watched the Champions League, Premier, La Liga, Calcio, etc, never will. There is absolutely nothing in those games that I find interesting or captivating.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 05:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    It's amazing how time-and-time again you tell us that you have never watched any European football because “ There is absolutely nothing in those games that I find interesting or captivating” So, how do you know this is the case.
    I am pretty sure I know w hat your reply will be but I would just like to see it. Personally I have no interest in any football matches but it is not based on ethnic prejudices, it's just that the game does not interest me..

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 06:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    I have never watched the Champions League, Premier, La Liga, Calcio, etc, never will. There is absolutely nothing in those games that I find interesting or captivating.

    Slightly contradictory is this not.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 06:58 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Skip

    In his (Argentinean educated) head Nostril's claim made sense!

    As much sense as any recent Argentinean offer or statement toward the Falkland Islands.

    See how pervasive the Peronism education and brainwashing has become.

    Apr 19th, 2015 - 09:32 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ilsen

    10 Enrique Massot (#)
    “ This is a sad reminder of how stupid and degrading war is for humans.”

    Well, I respond that I hope that Argentina doesn't start any more wars, and doesn't get degraded again.

    “It has to be said that Argentine did offer to demine, but the offer wasn't accepted.”

    - it has to be said that Argentina can't be trusted in these matters. Can you accept that?

    “Let's hope the world never again recognizes governments put in place by illegal military coups.”

    - Let's hope Argentina never again puts in place any government by illegal military coups.

    Your country, your responsibilty. The Germans have accepted responsibility for Nazism, and have changed.
    You still celebrated your illegal incusrion into the terrority of other people.
    Only a tiny, tiny minority of neo-fascist thugs celebrate Germany's invasion of Poland.

    If you could learn to behave like normal people, none of this would have happened.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 12:46 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Skip


    I am always surprised by how much emphasis Argentineans put on how other countries dealt with their dictatorships.

    And how little emphasis they put on on how they were home grown, made up of and imposed by Argentineans.

    But after watching how countries like Brazil and Argentina have been turning a blind eye to the increasingly autocratic nature of the Venezuelan government.

    I am hardly surprised.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 01:27 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • ilsen

    @ 21 Skip
    too true!
    The current situation in Vnzla is terrible, and some on the left-wing of the chavista govt are calling for a self-coup to ' protect the revolution' !!!!!!!!!!
    ... provides a certain insight...

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 02:50 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    What does a “self - coup” entail - murdering and imprisoning all Opposition??

    Revealing that the International Misery Index rates Venzla as “most miserable”
    and Argentina is in 2nd Place.

    “On March 2, Bloomberg’s Misery Index reported that Venezuela is the most miserable country in the world. She leads the list of 15 economies that feature the greatest privations for consumers, with reported inflation at 78.5 percent annually, and unemployment at 8 percent — although official numbers underestimate the magnitude of the problem.+

    Venezuela’s key indicators more than double those of Argentina, the second most miserable country, and outrank South Africa, Ukraine, and Greece. In terms of a “painful” quality of life, Bloomberg highlighted the key role of monetary instability and rampant inflation in the case of Argentina and Venezuela’s woes”

    I wonder if that is a source of pride for the Trolls - stark contrast to the recent stories about LATAM countries being amongst the happiest.

    I guess they just don't know any better.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 03:32 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Skip

    Ilsen I know a couple of Venezuelan students that have taken the government scholarships to get an education here and then stayed. We actually do make it easier to stay if they wish after they have paid for their education.

    Unfortunately Venezuela loses out.

    But an interesting statistic I learnt yesterday. The second largest increase in immigration occurred from Brazil during 2004-14. 12.5% increase every year. In the last 15 years we've taken in 2.75 millions migrants. Big difference to Venezuela (and Argentina) that are losing their best and brightest and replacing them with less educated migrants.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 08:58 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Conqueror

    @20. You miss the point. Massot is one with all the other argies who reckon that the Falklands War was nothing to do with them. Let's consider that. Shall we say that the population of argieland was 40 million at the time? Let's imagine 40 million argies protesting at naval bases, airfields, ground troop bases. Breaking in, refusing to let naval vessels sail, blocking runways, blocking troop convoys. What did they do? Nothing. Oh sorry, they danced around in the streets when they were told that argie invaders had landed on a nearby, peaceful, inoffensive territory that belonged and belongs to someone else.

    Who's responsible? Well, the junta obviously. Then, every argie shite-sucker that celebrated when they heard the news. Then, every argie shite-sucker that accepts, believes, spouts, thinks the same lies today.

    And that's what they wanted to be allowed to travel to OUR Islands? So they could plant more?

    You're right about the Germans. And, as it happens, the Japanese. I reckon we let argies off too lightly. Perhaps we should have taken an extra couple of weeks to ship in more munitions? Turned Buenos Aires and every other habitation within a thousand miles into smoking rubble. Perhaps if argieland had lost 60,000 instead of a piffling 649?

    Maybe, if there's a next time, we'll have to hope that the very few decent Argentines will get out.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 04:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Troy Tempest

    25 Conq and others...

    Who's responsible? Well, the junta obviously. Then, every argie shite-sucker that celebrated when they heard the news. Then, every argie shite-sucker that accepts, believes, spouts, thinks the same lies today.”

    Let's face it - the Junta invaded because they knew it would be hugely popular with the Argentine people!!

    And that is the crux of the matter!!

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 07:00 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Briton

    CFK may well blame the junta for the past,

    but CFK is then surely responsible for the way things are now, and the disgusting way in which she and her government treats the islanders today.

    Apr 20th, 2015 - 07:19 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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