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Stories for June 11th 2015

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 08:37 UTC

    Cuban novelist receives highest award of the Spanish language

    Padura was born in Havana and is best known in the English speaking world for his quartet of detective novels: The Four Seasons with lieutenant Mario Conde.

    The Princess of Asturias Award for Literature has gone to the Cuban novelist and journalist Leonardo Padura. There were 27 nominations from around the world for the prestigious award which has been won in the past by people of the stature of writer John Banville, Leonard Cohen and dramatist Arthur Miller.

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 04:13 UTC

    Timerman waters down Mercosur/EU agreement expectations

    Timerman said Argentina favored an agreement, “as long as it is beneficial for both sides and does not sacrifice one single job in Argentina.”

    Argentine Foreign minister Hector Timerman affirmed that a trade deal would not be signed between Mercosur and the European Union (EU) in the second summit of the Community of Latin American States (CELAC) and the European body, which is taking place in the Belgian city of Brussels.

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 04:05 UTC

    Falklands triggers strong reply from Cameron when Timerman brings up the issue at Celac/EU summit

    ”I reject the threatening words of the Argentine Foreign Minister,” underlined the British Prime Minister.

    Foreign Minister Hector Timerman defended on Wednesday Argentina’s right to claim the Falkland/Malvinas Islands during the summit of the Community of Latin American States (CELAC) and the European body which is taking place in the Belgian city of Brussels. UK Prime Minister David Cameron responded by describing his comments as threatening, according to British sources.

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 01:11 UTC

    Battle of coins re-edits the Battle of Waterloo 200 years later

    The €2.50 coin, a first in Belgium, with 70,000 of them minted, can only be spent in Belgium under an EU regulation which allows for irregular denominations

    Belgium finally has managed to circumvent French resistance to the introduction of Euro coins to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's defeat in Waterloo (18th June 1815). It has done so by invoking a little-known European Union rule that allows countries to issue Euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination.

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 00:41 UTC

    Mercosur ready to deliver its proposal for the trade agreement with EU

    “I told PM Michel that Brazil and Mercosur are ready to present their trade proposal to the EU in the coming days or weeks” underlined Rousseff

    Mercosur is ready to deliver its proposal on goods, services and tariff reductions as part of the negotiations with the European Union for a trade and cooperation agreement, said Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday, following a meeting in Brussels with Charles Michel, Belgium's Prime minister.

  • Thursday, June 11th 2015 - 00:29 UTC

    Bolivia's Morales does not support Mercosur/EU deal based on 'competitive' trade

    “Trade must be focused on solidarity and not in competitiveness if we really want to end poverty”, insisted the president of Bolivia

    Bolivian president Evo Morales said that if Mercosur insists in forging a trade agreement with the European Union, Bolivia will have to 'withdraw“, because ”we support solidarity and not competitive trade”. Morales is in Brussels attending the EU/Celac heads of government and state summit which takes off on Thursday.