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EU readies list of US goods to be hit by taxes if Trump imposes tariffs

Wednesday, March 7th 2018 - 09:21 UTC
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Motorbikes, whiskey and T-shirts are among the US goods that could be hit by EU taxes if the US imposes import tariffs on steel and aluminum. The EU has drawn up a target list of 100 US goods worth €2.8bn (US$3.5bn), the BBC understands. Read full article


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  • The Voice

    The superstate is reeling. Trump is getting into his stride…

    Mar 07th, 2018 - 02:47 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • DemonTree

    How nice to see people supporting the enemy. I suppose once we've left the EU you want our government to roll over and let Trump do whatever he wants?

    Mar 07th, 2018 - 04:22 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • The Voice

    Coming from Mercopress's number 1 quisling thats rich!

    Mentioning that the superstate IS reeling and saying that Trump, the President of our most important ally, is getting into his stride doesnt express support for Trumps actions. As a top rated pedant you need to brush up your comprehension skills.

    Mar 07th, 2018 - 06:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • DemonTree

    You sounded so admiring of the bully, if you don't support him then feel free to say so now.

    In case you've forgotten, we're still a member of the EU and what hurts them hurts us. But more importantly, we'll soon be trying to make our own trade deals, and our 'most important ally', is currently ruled by someone who is anti-trade and likes to use other countries as scapegoats for his problems. Since I care about Britain's future, I find this concerning.

    Mar 07th, 2018 - 07:14 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Chicureo

    Trump is not a bully. He's a populist. He promised blue collar voters that he would promote coal, steel, aluminum and manufacturing in general. If Germany wants to stand up to the US by tariffs on Jack Daniels and Harley Davidson, I fully expect BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW... all to feel the pain.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 12:00 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • DemonTree

    He's both, as is common. But Latin America has had lots of experience with both populists promising to make the blue collar workers better off, and with protectionism. How did that work out?

    As for the EU, trade wars hurt both sides, but like with real wars, appeasement just makes the aggressor demand more. It is better to fight and make them suffer for any gains.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 11:28 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • The Voice

    The EU is reeling and its strategy is akin to throwing peanuts at a charging gorilla. However it will be fun to watch.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 12:41 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    Is this the same EU we've recently agreed to give £39bn to? Gorillas are much stronger than humans, but they're also an endangered species while we've spread all across the world.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 01:13 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Deadly Dave

    We need to put America first. China is going to dominate you Europeans anyway.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 03:07 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    What a defeatist attitude. If the US withdraws from the world it certainly will make China more powerful. I always thought having the US as superpower was the best option, but Americans seem to be having some sort of crisis of confidence. When did America stop being great?

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 05:10 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Stoker

    There will be no payment (£39bn or any other sum) to the EU unless or until the UK get a satisfactory trade deal with the EU.

    Mar 08th, 2018 - 06:04 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))

    REF: “Trump is not a bully. He's a populist”:

    Forgot to mention?:
    - “populist” with the LOWEST possible Popularity-Index
    - Neck-Deep in Scandals [personal, family & company]
    - Publicity-Hungry Headline-Seeker
    - Thrives on the “ooohs” & the “aaahs” rather than the substance: More dramatic a Reality-Show; the better
    - Reality-Shows - “In the Air” [opposed to “On the Air”]
    - Brainwasher of the retarded
    - Lousy Actor
    - etc, Etc, ETC.
    REF: “An opening — nothing more — with N. Korea”
    REF: “Trump speaks openly of a “trade war”; links tariffs on steel and aluminum to a redrafted Nafta”
    REF: “Trump ready to sign metals' tariffs on Thursday; Mexico and Canada could be spared”
    ETC, Etc, etc.

    Mar 11th, 2018 - 12:51 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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