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Market analyst views Argentina, Brazil on path to recovery in 2019

Wednesday, December 26th 2018 - 06:51 UTC
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Argentina, Brazil and India lead the prospects of an economic recovery, according to Michael Hasenstab of Templeton Global Bond Fund Management. Read full article


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  • :o))

    REF: Recovery

    Reasons + Facts & Figures or a hope/speculation/guess?

    Dec 26th, 2018 - 08:44 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Chicureo


    Well, I sincerely hope for the Brazilian people a better situation than they currently have.

    Dec 26th, 2018 - 03:04 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Enrique Massot

    Hey Michael!

    I have an Obelisco in good shape, unbeatable location, for sale. The opportunity of a lifetime!

    After possession date, you will be able to drop Templeton and live handsomely for the rest of your life. Guaranteed!

    Dec 26th, 2018 - 07:52 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Tarquin Fin

    Sounds hard to believe. Specially for Arg. Unless of course high taxation evaporates and we come back to a fast growth lane.

    Nah... that won't happen.

    Dec 26th, 2018 - 10:12 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    It's an old habit+culture to count the chicks well BEFORE a cock even THINKS about eyeing a hen!

    Dec 27th, 2018 - 03:24 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    The left-wing press of Brazil started criticizing Bolsonaro from the day he became a candidate. After he won the election, even more so, forecasting disaster .....funny, because the same press praised Dilma and the PT when the former announced she would run for re-election.....but of course, the fact her election DID end in disaster shortly afterwards, was not her's, or the PT's fault.....says the same press.

    Dec 29th, 2018 - 03:20 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    REF: Press

    They have two important jobs:

    - They need to see which side of their daily bread is buttered [& jammed]
    - they need to feed, what the masses prefer to swallow.
    : Everything has a price-tag - that's how reliable they are!

    Dec 30th, 2018 - 09:45 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Enrique Massot


    “The left-wing press of Brazil started criticizing Bolsonaro...”

    Don't worry, JB.

    Today is Day 1; Bolsonaro is in charge, and from now on will be accountable for the consequences of his decisions.

    Brazilians have a long, hard road ahead. A road that leads to a dark place. Let's hope they do wake up before it's too late.

    They will.

    Jan 02nd, 2019 - 05:16 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))

    @Enrique Massot:

    REF: “ Let's hope they do wake up before it's too late”:

    After nearly 50 years of stupor+forgetfulness+ignorance; the chances of waking up to be aware of what's wrong [non-stop]; are between minimum & zero+nil.

    Watch the claims+promises getting covered by smooth-talk. Brazilians feel at home only when they must tighten their belts to face the prospects of dwindling Quality of Life.

    Jan 02nd, 2019 - 01:05 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    I'm not worried - neither are most Brazilians - but thanks for the concern.

    Have a good 2019 !

    Jan 02nd, 2019 - 03:10 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    Wishing a “Surprise-Free” 2'019:

    Jan 02nd, 2019 - 03:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    Huffpostbrasil ??? whatta load of rubbish.....feel sorry for these left-wing journalists, all crapping their pants for no reason..

    Jan 02nd, 2019 - 06:11 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    If you are right; THE Euphoria should really last long; in spite of the fact that a few Strange-Bedfellows who appear to be a bit too eager to get themselves re-activated [or I don't understand the Brazilians]!

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 11:21 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    The left will carry on with it's irrational rants against Bolsonaro until 31 Dec 2022....just fyi, Gleisi Lula Hoffman, has stated “Every government that doesn't have a project needs an enemy to be combatted.....we are Bolsonaro's enemy, but we are not afraid and we will fight him”......funny thing is that she said “Every government that doesn't have a project....”, which reminds me of a certain government that took over on Jan 1st 2003....absolutely no project - as did not expect to win the election - to the point of being forced, rather against their will, to carry on with FHC's policies, until they invented “their” social democracy and promoted popuist policies such as the Bolsa Família (after the failed “fome zero”), as if it, alone, would solve Brazil's poverty that sense it didn't work, but the crumbs were enough to keep the poor silent - grateful, and loyal.
    As for her statement that Bolsonaro is the enemy, is the confirmation that the PT and its radical allies have no intention of cooperating - in approving the essential reforms - for the good of far as they are concerned, if Brazil is not under their rule, it can go to hell.
    She even spewed that 'only socialism can take the Brazilians out of misery'...well, we all saw how 14 years of the PT's socialism contributed to Brazil's progress. The PT kept them in misery - she even admitted “we have 15 million in misery, we didn't get the chance to universalize basic education” (meaning they ruined basic education and tried to indoctrinate children with leftist ideas), and now preaches the PT can fix the problem they created..... so what exactly would the PT's project be had the corrupt Haddad won ? They would implement the Bolivarian version of socialism, where the PT would be the ruling, and only, party, having fraudulent elections every 4 years, until all intelligent Brazilians left the country...sounds like Venezuela, doesn't it ?

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 12:55 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    I see a possibility of an “Ulterior Motive” [so far unknown + unpublished] behind inviting some well-known crooks as the VIP Guests. But The Bag will S00N get out of The Cat! THAT, will be the day to know if it's worthwhile to continue “dancing on the streets + burst firecrackers”!

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 02:51 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    Ok, obviously no-one with a brain, or even those who voted for Bolsonaro, has handed the new government a blank cheque.....that some type of 'negotiation' will have to take place...otherwise nothing will get done...isn't politics the art of getting what what you want with a minimum of concession ? the problem is that up to now, the “toma lá, dá cá” system just favored the elite, and even more so, the political class.....the idea that Congress will cooperate for “free” is utopic, but at some point in time, someone has to try to moralize this stinking, corrupt cesspool.
    What were the options ? to carry on with the well-known corrupt PT ways - until we became Brazuela - or to risk a change for the better.....even if Bolsonaro doesn't manage to work miracles, I'm confident he won't be worse than the PT, and with the already obvious benefit that he has halted the leftist march in Brazil.
    The protests you hear now are from the sectors who have lost their “teta”, namely the left-wing politicians and the media....I say screw them, and ask “how many of them put Brazil's interests above their own ?”

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 04:10 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    REF: “how many of them put Brazil's interests above their own?”:

    Any politician worth his/her salt will vehemently reply: I DO!

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 08:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Jack Bauer

    Let them lie....the problem is when people believe them.

    Jan 03rd, 2019 - 08:40 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • :o))


    REF: “the problem is when people believe them”:

    That, unfortunately, is the problem! The masses - in a thumping majority - are ignorant + willingly gullible; ever since Brazil officially claimed to be a democracy. That's why, it PAYS to be a politician, as it's like living in a paradise - particularly due to their immunities & super privileges [not forgetting the absurdly unrealistic super-salaries]. And still nobody knows/minds?

    In short, there's NO incentive for being honest!

    The citizens are requested - forced - to make sacrifices but NOT the politicians!

    Is the New Govt. different?

    I accept, Attn: Moro: If the corrupt have no other option but to return ALL the stolen billions and if the Economic-Team does not force the masses to further “Tighten Belts”, drastically reduces unemployment + reduces inflation.

    Jan 04th, 2019 - 01:36 am - Link - Report abuse 0

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