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Stories for January 21st 2019

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 19:58 UTC

    Submariners celebrate 50 years of the Royal Navy's nuclear deterrent patrols

    Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said that for fifty years nuclear submarines have patrolled waters around the world providing the ultimate guarantee of safety

    Events across the UK will celebrate the 50 years of dedication of submariners on the longest operation ever carried out by British armed forces. No mission has been longer – or more important – than the nuclear deterrent patrols performed around the clock by the Royal Navy over the past half-century.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 15:33 UTC

    Penguin Awareness Day

    Some one million penguins live in the Falklands, basically five different groups, King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Magellanic and Mararoni  (Pic. by Derek Pettersson)

    Penguin Awareness Day is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated annually on January 20th. This holiday is used to celebrate and commemorate these fascinating flightless birds which are loved by people all over the world. It’s also a day to bring attention to the plight of these birds whose numbers seem to be shrinking faster and faster each and every day.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 09:27 UTC

    Banning trawling for cuttlefish catching triggers the “large squid war” in Chile

    Minister Valente did not discard lifting the ban on trawling, but, in addition to the hand line or jigging gear, will present the purse seine as a fishing gear for cuttlefish

    Chile is in the midst of what has become to be known as the “cuttlefish or large squid war”, between industry and artisanal fishermen and the government's intention of protection and conservation of the species. The Chilean Congress recently passed a bill regulating the catch of the giant squid and specifically banning trawling, with perpetrators facing fines of some US$ 38.000.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 09:24 UTC

    Spain and EU working to minimize a no-deal Brexit impact on fisheries

    Minister Planas revealed that the Spanish government has been preparing its Contingency Plan for months, in case UK leaves the EU without an agreement

    Spain's minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, said he was confident that if no agreement is reached regarding Brexit, both the European Union (EU) and Spain will be prepared. During an informative breakfast, minister Planas stressed that the government of Spain is working to ensure citizens and is prepared to minimize the impact of “Brexit” on the agri-food and fisheries sector.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 09:17 UTC

    Former minister and advisor confirms payments of bribes in hand to Lula da Silva

    Palocci confirmed the payment of bribes of up to 80,000 reais (about 22,000 dollars) to Lula

    Antonio Palocci, who was minister during the governments of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, affirmed that he gave the former president, in “several opportunities”, cash proceeds of bribes from the construction companies Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez, according to the Globo Group.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 09:05 UTC

    China's economy expands at its slowest rate since 1990

    For the full year China expanded at 6.6%, its slowest rate since 1990. The data underlines concern about weakening growth in the world's second largest economy

    China's economy continued to slow in the last quarter of 2018, official figures showed, stoking fears about the impact on the global economy. In the three months to December, the economy grew 6.4% from a year earlier, down from 6.5% in the previous quarter. For the full year China expanded at 6.6%, its slowest rate since 1990.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 08:57 UTC

    Argentina and Spain scientific research on climate change impact on hake in Tierra del Fuego

    Experts analyzed zoo-archaeological remains of marine fauna in Tierra del Fuego in sites of hunter-gatherer and fisher populations, from 10,000 years ago

    Scientific study suggests snoek (Thyrsites atun) can re-colonize the marine area of the Beagle Channel and South-Western Atlantic waters, an area in the southernmost point of the South American continent where this species competed with the hake (Merluccius sp.) to hunt preys in warmer periods.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 08:54 UTC

    Galicia commissions new report on Brexit and a possible fishing agreement with UK

    The Minister of Fisheries of Galicia, Rosa Quintana informed members of the Galician Fisheries Council at the plenary held in Santiago de Compostela.

    The Government of Galicia will commission the University Institute of European Studies “Salvador de Madariaga”, from the University of A Coruña, a new report on the current status of the Brexit agreement and the possibilities to reach a fishing agreement with the United Kingdom.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 08:45 UTC

    UK parliamentary committee urges MSC to review sustainable fishing standards

    The House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) issued recommendations following its Sustainable Seas inquiry

    A UK parliamentary committee has called on the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to address concerns about the organization's standard for sustainable fishing in the world's oceans. The House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) issued recommendations following its Sustainable Seas inquiry, whose findings were published last November.

  • Monday, January 21st 2019 - 08:19 UTC

    Vessels leaving Vigo for the Falklands' Loligo season; Argentina reports good catches of Illex

    An estimated forty jiggers are currently operating in the Argentine EEZ area, and another 20 are expected to join them in coming days

    While the Spanish fleet of fishing vessels, many of them partners of Falkland Islands companies have started leaving Vigo for the South Atlantic to begin the Loligo season on 24 February, Argentine licensed jiggers operating south of parallel 44 have been catching some 25 tons per day per vessel of Illex, according to the first reports from

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