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British forces during Falklands' war benefited from CIA Crypto AG decoded messages

Friday, February 14th 2020 - 09:55 UTC
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”In 1982, the Reagan administration took advantage of Argentina’s reliance on Crypto equipment, funneling intelligence to Britain during the Falklands war ”In 1982, the Reagan administration took advantage of Argentina’s reliance on Crypto equipment, funneling intelligence to Britain during the Falklands war
However the CIA history doesn’t provide any detail on what kind of information was passed on to London, writes Greg Miller in the Washington Post However the CIA history doesn’t provide any detail on what kind of information was passed on to London, writes Greg Miller in the Washington Post

The Royal Navy, RAF, and British Army benefited from the CIA's secret ownership of a code-making machine company during the Falklands' War, a new investigation has claimed.

The joint investigation by the German public broadcaster ZDF and The Washington Post reveals that the CIA secretly owned a Swiss company that supplied code-making crypto' devices.

The company, Crypto AG, sold equipment to more than 120 different countries - including Argentina.

The Washington Post reports: “What none of its customers ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence.

”These spy agencies rigged the company’s devices so they could easily break the codes that countries used to send encrypted messages.

“The decades-long arrangement, among the most closely guarded secrets of the Cold War, is laid bare in a classified, comprehensive CIA history of the operation obtained by The Washington Post and ZDF, a German public broadcaster, in a joint reporting project.”

The report claims that “U.S. and West German spies sat back and listened” - and then “fed intelligence about Argentina’s military to Britain during The Falklands War”.

“In 1982, the Reagan administration took advantage of Argentina’s reliance on Crypto equipment, funneling intelligence to Britain during the two countries’ brief war over the Falkland Islands according to the CIA history, which doesn’t provide any detail on what kind of information was passed to London,” writes Greg Miller in the Washington Post

“The documents generally discuss intelligence gleaned from the operation in broad terms and provide few insights into how it was used.”

Breaking enemy codes has been pivotal in the outcome of wars - notably World War II, where Alan Turing's work at Bletchley in cracking the Nazi's 'Enigma' code is credited with turning the tide in the UK's favor.

However, six British ships and one landing craft were sunk by Argentine aircraft during the campaign to liberate the Falklands from the Argentine invaders. In total, 255 UK Armed Forces personnel died during the war, with 775 wounded and 115 captured.

While it's not known if information being fed to the UK by the CIA helped prevent these casualties from being much worse, intelligence received from the Chilean regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet is widely accepted to have reduced British casualties, because it led to the sinking of Argentine battleship the Belgrano.

The attack on the Belgrano by HMS Conqueror is the only time a nuclear powered submarine has destroyed an enemy ship in anger.

Lord Cecil Parkinson, a member of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's War Cabinet, revealed the decision to sink the Belgrano was taken after the UK received secret intercepts from Chilean intelligence services revealing orders from the Argentine junta to the warship's captain, Hector Bonzo, to launch a “massive attack” on the British task force around the Falklands.

Mrs. Thatcher would later stand by Pinochet when he was accused of war crimes, visiting him while he was under house arrest, and talking of the “debt” she believed the UK owed him.

Pinochet eventually died before he was convicted of 300 criminal charges for human rights violations, including the 'Caravan of Death' Chilean Army 'death squad' which was accused of executing nearly 100 people.

The full story about the CIA's secret ownership of Crypto AG, titled “The intelligence coup of the century”, can be read in The Washington Post. (Plymouth Live).

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  • Roger Lorton



    Execution certified = “Don Pablo Guillen second Pilot of the Royal Navy, Commander of the Zumaca del Rey la Carlota and of the Soledad de Maluinas Colony, Don Juan Canora Capellan of said Zumaca and Vicar of the expressed Colony, and Don Manuel Moreno second Pilot of the Royal Navy and Commander of the King's Bergantine el Galvez =
    We certify that on the 13th of February one thousand eight hundred eleven has been placed in the belfry of this Royal Chapel of the Arms of Spain and on a plate of lead the inscription that It continues “This Island with its Ports, Buildings, Dependencies and everything it contains belongs to the Sovereignty of the Lord Don Fernando 7th legitimate King of Spain and his Indies, Soledad de Maluinas February 7, 1811 being Governor Pablo Guillen” and in the other buildings and which dictated on paper, everything that has been verified with all solemnity, and for the record of the signature in the Soledad Colony of Maluinas thirteen February one thousand eight hundred eleven = Pablo Guillen = Juan Canora = Manuel Moreno” [Biblioteca Virtual del Ministerio de Defensa ref: BMDB20150201577]

    “Del Carril quotes Spanish scholar Gil Munilla who pointed out that the plates left by Lieutenant Clayton at Port Egmont and by Guillen at Soledad referred to “the Falkland island” and to “this island” respectively, both in singular, and therefore the reservation of dominion would apply only to West Falkland (Gran Malvina) in the first case and to East Falkland (Isla Soledad) in the second.” [Pena & Pena]

    Esta Isla = SINGULAR

    MoreCrap = Troll

    Feb 17th, 2020 - 09:39 pm +2
  • Roger Lorton

    MoreCrap. I have worked out your problem. You are relying on the Rodriguez and Kohen fantasy book. I reviewed it here (awful and full of lies) -

    I recognised the Navarrete quote - of which I have rather more in the Timeline. If you need to rely on Argie lawyers, I suggest you try Pena y Pena. Not 100% accurate, but so much better than R & K. They tell too many lies.

    Let me recap - Davis discovered as proven by the quotes I have given you. Spain did not reserve anything but a question, as proven by the quotes I have given you. The French claimed in 1801, as proven by the quotes I have given you. The last seat of the Viceroyalty was Montevideo - fact. The islands were not on Spanish maps before Davis. AND Spain only claimed on Island in 1811 as proven by the quotes I have given you.

    You need to stop lying. You need to read more than Kohen and Rodriguez. You need to read more, period. You need to read my Timeline. I have all the quotes. I have all the documents.

    Tomorrow I drive to the beach. I leave you to your fantasies.

    Feb 20th, 2020 - 01:42 pm +2
  • Roger Lorton

    “According to the slight evidence available in the Journal of John Jane, Davis located land 50 leagues or more north-east of the Straits of Magellan, but the weather was such as to prevent him from determining his latitude and making any close observations. As a result the evidence in favour of his claim carries no more weight than do those of Magellan and Alonzo de Camargo.” [Memorandum on the Falkland Islands 1947 in LCO 2/490]

    “It will be also granted to the French Republic, to promote fisheries in the South Seas, an Establishment in the Malouines Isles or Falkland, which will be defined by a subsequent convention.” [PRO 30/11/264 p.76V]

    “It seems that the articles proposed by Mr. Otto and rejected by Lord Hawkesbury had intended to state: 1. the exchange of islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon against part of the island of Newfoundland; 2. the cession of a fishing establishment in the Falkland Islands; 3. Fishermen neutrality in wartime.” [Histoire abrégée des Traités de Paix, entre les puissances de l’Europe, depuis la paix de Westphalie Christophe Koch 1817 p.132]

    “At the end of the old year he (Napoleon) put out a counter project, amounting almost to a new treaty, claiming extended fishing rights in Newfoundland, the restoration of the fortifications of Pondicherry at British expense, an establishment in the Falkland Islands and the abolition of the right of salute at sea... Cornwallis and Hawkesbury had the utmost difficulty in resisting these claims.” [The Years of Endurance: 1793-1802 Arthur Bryant 1942]

    “ESTA ISLA con sus Puertos, Edificios, Dependencias y quanto contiene pertenece a la Soberanía del Sr. D. Fernando VII Rey de España y sus Indias, Soledad de Malvinas 7 de febrero de 1811 siendo gobernador Pablo Guillén.” [BMDB20150201577]

    Now do stop wasting my time, idiot Troll. You can attempt to distort all you like. You fail to convince. Better if you stop lying, and read more.

    Now, I have a 5 hour drive. Hasta la vista baby ;-)

    Feb 20th, 2020 - 10:28 pm +2
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