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Montevideo, October 23rd 2021 - 03:49 UTC

Tag: Royal Navy

  • Thursday, September 30th 2021 - 08:27 UTC

    James Bond 007 actor Daniel Craig made honorary Commander of the Royal Navy

    The announcement comes ahead of the premiere of the newest Bond film, “No Time to Die”. Filmmakers worked closely with the RN and Ministry of Defense

    Actor Daniel Craig has been made an honorary Commander in the Royal Navy – matching the on-screen rank of James Bond. Commander Craig’s appointment as an honorary officer reflects his support for UK Armed Forces and links it with the legacy created through the guise of the fictional British secret agent.

  • Friday, September 24th 2021 - 07:55 UTC

    First steel cut for Royal Navy Type 31 frigates program

    In just two years’ time Venturer will be in the water. In seven she’ll be joined by sisters Active, Bulldog, Campbeltown and Formidable<br />

    The Royal Navy on Thursday entered the age of the Type 31 as work began on HMS Venturer, the first of five ships ‘at the fulcrum of the future fleet’. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace set the cutters at work on steel for the lead ship in the Inspiration class in a brand-new assembly hall in Rosyth.

  • Wednesday, August 25th 2021 - 07:36 UTC

    Royal Navy helping to survey devastation in earthquake hit Haiti

    The information the aviators are gathering is helping direct the international aid effort, which RFA Wave Knight has been supporting

    Royal Navy aviators are helping to survey the devastation in Haiti as they fly dawn-to-dusk flights over the earthquake-hit Caribbean country. A helicopter from support ship RFA Wave Knight has been in the air since Friday, flying over parts of the Tiburon Peninsula – epicenter of the quake which struck on August 14 – to locate villages, towns and infrastructure urgently in need of help.

  • Wednesday, August 18th 2021 - 09:17 UTC

    HMS Protector heads for new adventures in Antarctica

    HMS Protector will begin her polar work in December, visiting UK and international research stations peppered around the British Antarctic Territory, and extensively surveying the seabed

    The Royal Navy's sole icebreaker HMS Protector is sailing for the Antarctic, her first visit to the frozen continent since 2019. With the UK about to be the focus of international efforts to tackle climate change as it hosts the UN COP26 conference in Glasgow, the unique survey/research ship will continue her work supporting scientists from around the world to study the impact of global warming.

  • Tuesday, August 10th 2021 - 18:27 UTC

    The Rebellious reason British submarines fly the Jolly Roger after missions

    The First Sea Lord also posted an image of HMS Utmost flying a Jolly Roger in 1942, showing how the tradition has been carried on through the Second World

    The sight of a Jolly Roger flag once struck fear into the hearts of sailors at sea as it often meant a bloodthirsty band of pirates were about to launch a deadly attack – but there is a fascinating, if not somewhat rebellious, reason why today’s Royal Navy submarines fly the iconic skull and crossbones as part of a tradition that dates back to the First World War.

  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 - 07:38 UTC

    Museum cruiser HMS Belfast reopened its doors after a 15-month refit

    The veteran cruiser has undergone a 15-month refit on the River Thames, where it is permanently moored as a museum celebrating its long and storied Royal Navy career

    The museum ship HMS Belfast, permanently moored on the River Thames has reopened its doors to the public after being closed for 18 months during the pandemic.

  • Thursday, July 15th 2021 - 08:20 UTC

    Outbreak of covid-19 reported in Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group

    It is the largest combined naval and air task force assembled under British command since the Falklands War

    Despite all personnel being fully vaccinated, a “small number” of covid-19 cases within Britain's Royal Navy has been reported.

  • Wednesday, July 7th 2021 - 21:38 UTC

    Second British Aircraft Carrier visits Gibraltar

    HMS Prince of Wales  in Gibraltar waters (Pic Jim Watt)

    HMS Prince of Wales arrived in Gibraltar on Tuesday 6 July for a programmed logistics visit. This inaugural visit to Gibraltar will also be her first non-UK port visit.

  • Saturday, June 26th 2021 - 09:40 UTC

    HMS Protector makes history: sails further north than any other Royal Navy ship

    The ship tested herself against various depths and types of ice, assisted by scientists

    Icebreaker HMS Protector sailed closer to the North Pole than any other Royal Navy ship in history on her first patrol of the Arctic. The survey and research ship crunched her way through polar ice to within 1,050 kilometres of the top of the world as she gathered data about the ocean and environment.

  • Wednesday, June 2nd 2021 - 05:20 UTC

    HMS Protector equipped with drones for polar extreme missions

    Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship HMS Protector has been assigned two small rotary-wing drones, specially adapted for her unique mission in the polar extremes. Although the Devonport-based survey ship has a large flight deck, with no hangar she cannot take helicopters with her – unlike her predecessor HMS Endurance, which carried two Lynx.