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Bolsonaro moves closer to “old politics” and has Collor de Mello as presidential advisor

Wednesday, February 10th 2021 - 10:17 UTC
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Bolsonaro thanked Collor in an event in which he called him an “advisor” for having presented proposals for the reduction of taxes on fuels. Bolsonaro thanked Collor in an event in which he called him an “advisor” for having presented proposals for the reduction of taxes on fuels.

TELAM - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made former president Fernando Collor de Mello (1990-1992), who resigned from office in the midst of an impeachment trial for corruption, his advisor and political negotiator. Also, Bolsonaro admitted his estrangement with Vice President Hamilton Mourao.

Bolsonaro himself thanked Collor publicly at an event on Monday night in which he called him an “advisor” for having presented proposals in favor of reducing fuel taxes, a demand of Bolsonaro's base, the autonomous truckers.

The Senator for the state of Alagoas joined the table of advisors after he asked, in January, in a public act next to the President, that the Government must be supported.

The opening towards Senator Collor, whose government was economic opening and reduction of the State, occurs in the midst of Bolsonaro's estrangement with his vice-president, retired general Hamilton Mourao, whom Bolsonaro's supporters and the president's children brand as a traitor for leaking to the press about internal matters.

The incorporation of the former president to the bolsonarista universe means one more step of the president himself towards the opening towards the so-called old politics and is in line with the election of the pro-government Arthur Lira, an agricultural businessman from the state of Alagoas, of the right-wing Progressive Party, as president of the Chamber of Deputies.

With popularity in decline (fell 2 points in acceptance, to 30% and rejection rose to 42% according to the survey of the investment fund XP Investimentos) Bolsonaro managed to make himself strong in the political world by moving away from the anti-system discourse with which he was elected in 2018, allied to the military and part of the Judiciary.

Bolsonaro had recent approaches with former President Michel Temer, who was his special envoy to Lebanon after the explosion in the port of Beirut, but the closeness with Collor according to analysts drives him to seek the vote in the northeast region, largely dominated by the opposition Workers' Party (PT) of former President Lula da SIlva.

Bolsonaro held an off-agenda cabinet meeting Tuesday and only sidelined Mourao, who said he did not feel offended. “I was not invited, I think the president judged that my presence was not necessary.”

On Monday, Bolsonaro spoke by phone with the tabloid police program Brasil Urgente, on TV Bandeirantes, and acknowledged the rift. “With Mourao we recently had an event, we exchanged smiles and nothing more. But it's all good, at the end of the day the vice president is like a mother-in-law, it's for life,” he said.

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