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A pro-Falklands lawmaker in Argentine congress: not to be dismissed...

Monday, July 26th 2021 - 09:49 UTC
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History magister Sabrina Ajmechet next to her political mentor and opposition leader Patricia Bullrich (L) History magister Sabrina Ajmechet next to her political mentor and opposition leader Patricia Bullrich (L)

An academic respectful of historic events and understanding towards the people of the Falkland Islands sitting in the Argentine congress? That could be the outcome of the scheduled September primaries and midterm elections in November according to some ultra-nationalistic media in Buenos Aires.

In effect the controversial historian Sabrina Ajmechet, was appointed in the list of Lower House candidates eventually representing the City of Buenos Aires by opposition leader and ex Home Secretary Patricia Bullrich.

Described as a “colonialist”, maliciously ignorant of Argentine inalienable rights over the Malvinas Islands, Ms Ajmechet has in effect circulated in social media over the years, a raft of comments basically saying she is fed up with all the fuss about Argentine pretensions, and the fact is that the Islands remain as British, and it is time to learn to respect and consider the kelpers, owners of the Islands.

“Malvinas are not and will never be Argentine”; “Malvinas continue to be English”; “Malvinas do not exist, the Falkland Islands belong to the kelpers”, are some of her twits, which are clearly anti Malvinas and ”offensive to the sentiments of the majority of Argentines, no matter the great (social) breach“.

Ms Ajmechet is obviously very critical of Peronism and strongly rejects Kirchnerism, ”the worst ever government in Argentina since 1983”, (when the return of democracy following the surrender in the Falklands conflict).

Given the strong support enjoyed by leader Ms Bullrich in Argentina and particularly in the City of Buenos Aires, the stronghold of opposition to the current Argentine government, there is speculation that Ms Ajmechet, could slip in and manage to have a bench in the Lower House of the Argentine congress.

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  • Falklands-Free

    How strange is your thinking. Correct me if I am wrong but are there not many places in the world owned by distant countries. Lik france comes to mind.
    You are talking a load of rubbish.
    Does that mean Chile should not own its land because it is just a long narrow strip of land that maybe should also belong to Argentina. You know very well that your arguments are weak. And what's more people in more prominent places in Argentina are now starting to have an impact.
    What's that old saying. Tip of the toe in the door then shove it open a little bit at a time.
    Argentina future is about to change and it may not be to your liking but would be a democratic move to correct the current system that governs your corrupt country.
    It is sad to see almost half the population in poverty. Argentina could be great again but that wont happen untill you accept that you are not the only ones living in the south Atlantic.

    Jul 26th, 2021 - 08:42 pm +5
  • Falklands-Free

    Liberato is one very deluded person. His thinking is one of Argentina must have it all. Or rather if they dont have it all they simply fear they cannot survive.
    Over 200 years ago Argentina did not exist it was a small republic breaking away from spain living in the are to the far north if what we today call Argentina.
    Because they were essentially of Spanish origin they had the same mentality of the Spanish who in themselves were thieves and land grabbers. If by liberato's thinking Soain should never have been on the South American continent in the first place because geographically it did not fit.

    Then of course being the land grabbers that they became Argentine pushed south stealing the rich land of the indigenous people so they could expand their empire.
    Today the question of the Falkland islands is not one of sovereignty because they know that is not true but it is one of greed because they now have confirmation that around the Falklands right to Antartica there is enormous wealth to be had and given their desperate financial situation they have to have it to survive.
    Unfortunatly for them we Islanders have control over the area and we have the backing of Britain to live the lives of our choosing.
    British forces are here to protect that ultimate right and Argentina knows as long as they are here they will never again be allowed to attempt to land grab us as they did in 1982.

    Jul 27th, 2021 - 09:55 am +4
  • Swede

    Glad to see that there are some Argentines (and even a few politicians) who are against the official “state policy” regarding the Falklands. Would be interesting to know how much money that country spends every year promoting the “Malvinas Question”. All the Malvinas secretariats, committees, commissions, observatories &c &c on national, provincial and local levels must cost a lot. And all the “Malvinas son Argentinas”-signs along the roads all over the place. If someone could estimate the yearly “Malvinas Budget” it could perhaps lead to something. It is of course a total waste of Arg taxpayers' money which could be used to something better.

    Jul 26th, 2021 - 04:48 pm +3
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