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Lula must appease markets or risk his presidential chance, point out advisors

Monday, October 18th 2021 - 10:01 UTC
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The Lula message must be balanced approach, reliable and predictable, the opposite of Bolsonaro and some of his eclectic, stubborn attitudes The Lula message must be balanced approach, reliable and predictable, the opposite of Bolsonaro and some of his eclectic, stubborn attitudes

Brazilian former president Lula da Silva is preparing to “build bridges” with the business community to appease markets and economic agents, given some of his latest statements criticizing policy decisions from the current administration of president Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the bunker of Lula advisors, “a goodwill dialogue with the business community is essential, if Lula is to win in the first round of the 2022 presidential election”, something similar to what happened back in 2002 when the then-candidate made public an “Open Letter to Brazilians”, mainly to calm middle-class voters and the business community pledging no surprises.

“This time the message must be that the Workers' Party candidate has a balanced approach, reliable and predictable, quite the opposite to what has happened with president Bolsonaro and some of his eclectic, stubborn attitudes”, said sources close to Lula.

Lula has been very critical of Bolsonaro's performance, but the economy is run by orthodox scholar Paulo Guedes, a respected figure among the business community. Maybe that is why the former president recently said he would only make a formal announcement about his intentions next year ahead of the October election first round.

“This is the correct approach”, said Antonio Lavatera, a political scientist who argued that with Lula well ahead in the vote preference surveys, he must be careful about his statements. The recent Datafolha opinion poll has published that if the presidential election was to be held today, Lula would win with 56% of the vote and Bolsonaro would tail with 31%.

“When you have a candidate leading with such a margin, everything this candidate does or says will have an immediate repercussion in public opinion and even more significant is a highly sensitive segment such as the financial market. So everything the candidate can do to tame markets is simply by not creating pessimistic expectations, which if he follows will have a good reception from the markets”, points out Lavatera.

“I also agree that the advisors at the Lula da Silva Institute should plan to win in the first round, but to do this he must calm everyone nervous...the markets will try to tame Lula, and Lula must try and tame markets, that is the name of the game...”

So far the former president has erred in his criticisms particularly referred to oil giant Petrobras and its price policy. In effect last month Lula accused “Petrobras of raising fuel prices so the company could pay dividends to US shareholders”.

“Another hike of diesel prices!! This is not to subordinate fuel prices to international markets. What is happening is that Petrobras is accumulating funds to pay US shareholders. There is no other explanation” Lula emphasized during a tour of several states, much of which was repeated in the leading media of Sao Paulo, Rio do Janeiro and Brasilia.

More recently Lula also insisted that fuel price increases showed that Petrobras was stronger than even president Bolsonaro.

“What is happening is that Petrobras has a leadership far stronger than the president of the Republic. The leadership from Petrobras is showing that it has more power than the president of the Republic”, Lula was again quoted in the financial media. Not a smart comment either in a country with a strong presidential constitution and Executive.

The former president added, ”if the (Bolsonaro) does not dare to say that fuel prices will not increase, it's his problem. But it also means Brazil is needing a new president to make justice and fairness with fuel prices”.

Advisors also point out that other controversial and highly sensitive issues are eliminating the cap on budget expenditure and a reform of the banking system.

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  • Jack Bauer

    Chicureo & Pugol-H

    “What do you think will happen in the upcoming elections?”

    Hard to say... currently, voters are polarized between the far left & Bolsonaro.....the far left hasn't made up its mind - at least not officially - who it'll support, but Lula likes to think that he runs the show, 'n while he is purposely ambigious as to whether he will run or not - because it's clear he is not confident he could win - he wants to leave a door open to sneak out of, if the going gets rough.

    Bolsonaro, while having done a few good things, destroys that by his wreckless attitudes and his political interference in just about everything. He acts like he's being threatened and has to know what's going on (in independent govt agencies), even if he, as president, does not have the right to know. An example : his intereference in the Federal Police last year, trying to discover what they had found out regrdng his eldest son's corruption scheme while he was in Rio's State legislature.....which eventually led Moro to tell him to get stuffed.

    Since then he has acted more 'n more like a tyrant, listening to no one except his 3 stupid sons. He is a complete nut case, and investigations are showing that he and his own family, including ex-wives, are up to their necks in corruption...on a lesser scale than Lula was, but nevertheless just as disgusting. In my opinion, his is own worst enemy, and is doing a great job in helping the 9-fingered ex-con's campaign.

    On the other hand, and still rather timidly, a 3rd option is being prepared, by those who don't want neither Lula, nor Bolsonaro. Mainly the biz community.

    Congress is divided into 3 groups, far left, far right 'n centre. Both extremes also have members in the centre, which is the largest group and gives Bolsonaro his assurance he won't be impeached. But even many in the centre group along with politicians from the moderate left, are seeing the need to build a 3rd option, which can hopefully, defeat both extremes.

    Oct 19th, 2021 - 09:53 pm +4
  • Chicureo


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    Oct 20th, 2021 - 01:22 pm +4
  • Jack Bauer


    YOU : “I have found that getting the view first hand from the Natives …”

    FROM THE SOURPUSS F*CKWITT : ”Aha, the coat-tail riding, dingleberry, perpetual loser enabler to the rescue.
    Nice to see your endorsement of two self-declared fascists, it says everything about yourself”.

    And coming from the ahole who alleges we appeal to name calling, bla,bla, bla....It's no use trying to be civil, he just can't resist poking his proboscis where it's not called and criticizing the contents of our posts.....truly idiotic.
    What he conveniently forgets - or maybe he is unable to remember...Alzheimers ?? - that it was he, a few years ago, who first started being belligerant by rudely challenging the opinions, repeat opinions of others. I have long pointed out that opinions are only opinions, not not given as facts, and that I or anyone else have the right to express them...we don't need a supercilious sob to come along and try to tell us what we should think, far less an ahole who lies about his own life, to hide the sh*t. Poor, unhappy turd, living in a dingy basement


    He accuses you of being narcissistic because you 'dropped' a few names of presidents you have met, and talked with.....the cave dweller becomes jealous because the only thing he ever talked to, were the turds he swilled down the RAF toilets, as well as the bat 'droppings' all over his 'cave'....they at least never talked back to him, never told him how much crap he spouts, so he naturally gets offended when someone intelligent says a few truths about him.
    I could go on and on about this weirdo, but it's not worth it.

    Pugol, Chicureo, have a good day !

    Oct 21st, 2021 - 07:45 pm +4
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