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Stories for March 20th 2022

  • Sunday, March 20th 2022 - 14:50 UTC

    Boris Johnson compares Ukraine's war with Britons voting for Brexit

    Johnson: “I know that it’s the instinct of the people of this country, like the people of Ukraine to choose freedom. I can give you a couple of famous recent examples”

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under strong criticism for comparing the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion with Britons voting for Brexit in 2016.

  • Sunday, March 20th 2022 - 14:44 UTC

    Ukraine's lesson: you need to have your own nukes

    When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Ukraine was the world’s third biggest nuclear power, with more warheads than Britain, France and China combined.

    By Gwynne Dyer – Would Vladimir Putin’s Russia have invaded Ukraine three weeks ago if it had 1,900 nuclear warheads on 176 ICBMs and 2,600 tactical nuclear weapons?

  • Sunday, March 20th 2022 - 14:32 UTC

    Brazil strongly campaigning to have fertilizers delisted from sanctions

    Minister Tereza Cristina Costa Dias also presides over the Inter-American Board of Agriculture Sciences.

    Brazil has called for fertilizers to be excluded from the list of sanctions currently imposed as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and ongoing fighting. Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Costa Dias addressing a virtual meeting of peers from countries of the Americas, including the United States, pointed out limiting or banning fertilizer trade has a direct impact on farming productivity, food availability, boosts food prices and threatens food security, mainly among the most vulnerable countries.