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Fernández thanks Ibero-American Summit support on Malvinas

Sunday, March 26th 2023 - 14:55 UTC
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Argentine President Alberto Fernández Saturday thanked att attendees at the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit for their unanimous support in a joint declaration urging the United Kingdom to resume talks regarding the Falklands/Malvinas Islands issue. Read full article


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  • Falklands-Free

    So Argentina is looking for support to make the British start negotiations on the sovereignty.
    But there lies the problem. What is the point of talking to Argentina knowing that they have only one outcome in mind and won't discuss anything else. There idea of talks is all one sided.
    There is no need to talk to these morons because Britain made a commitment to the islanders that the Islanders have the right to choose their own future. In 2013 they made a unanimous choice that they wished to remain a part of the British Overseas Territories.
    How much more clearer a message can Britain actually give to these deluded Argentines.
    Our sovereignty is not and never will be up for negotiation.
    Unlike Argentina who are very good at going back on their word and tearing up agreements, Britain will not do that and will keep its promise.
    Now is the time for the rest of the world who support Argentina to seriously rethink their strategy.
    WE ARE BRITISH. WE CHOSE TO REMAIN BRITISH ON THE BRITISH FALKLAND ISLANDS. WE CHOSE TO LIVE THE LIVES OF OUR CHOISING. Argentina if you dont accept that statement you can do one of two things. Take your ILLEGAL claim to the ICJ or shut the hell up.
    You are like a stuck record that needs changing.
    Shout and whinge all you want the Falklands have never belonged to you and never will.
    Get used to it and stop lying to your people.
    Start fixing your internal mess you have made of a once beautiful land and start looking after your desperate poverty stricken people.

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 03:10 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Juan Cervantes

    The whole thing is nothing but a farce, they will never go to the ICJ as they will get laughed out of court, and no amount of bullying and trying to isolate the Falklands will make one jot of difference,

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 03:21 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Steve Potts

    Uncle Albert needs to take Narnia's fantasy claim to the ICJ. Time to put up or shut up.

    Falklands and Beyond An Argentine Fantasy:

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 04:34 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • King Penguin

    Why do they want to talk to the British and refuse to talk to or negotiate with the Falkland Islanders ? They had a referendum and regularly have democratic elections to decide their own future so its up to them

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 07:42 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Tænk


    Kelper newsagency “PenguinPress” article reads...:
    - “The document to which he was referring was unanimously endorsed by 19 countries in the Americas plus Spain and Portugal.”

    Kelper newsagency “PenguinPress” article SHOULD READ...:
    - “The document to which he was referring was unanimously endorsed by 19 countries in the Americas plus Spain, Portugal and ANDORRA.”

    I wonder...
    - Is this omission just another glitch in dear freckled Lisa Watson's pretty little mind...?
    - Or do all then ~2,500 Kelpers squatting on Malvinas Islands.., (currently denominated by the Brutish Crown as a Brutish Overseas Territorry occupied by as many Brutish troops...) think that ANDORRA (and its ~80,000 citizens...), a full member of the UNITED NATIONS that has existed as a Country for about 800 years..., are too insignificant to be mentioned by the mighty South-Atlantic BOT...?


    Mar 26th, 2023 - 08:55 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Juan Cervantes

    Taenk, current population of the Falklands is 3608, now how about 40 million plus Spanish, Italian and German squatter leave Argentina and go back to were they originate from ,

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 09:19 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Falklands-Free

    Juan Cervantes
    Spot on with your comment.
    Taenk is off on his usual ramble. Nothing he says is worthy of comment. Makes it up as he goes along.
    Total waste of space so he is. Cant even make sensible conversation. So badly indoctrinated he has basically lost the plot full stop.

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 09:45 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Roger Lorton

    Thought the world was supposed to be cutting hot air emissions?

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 10:52 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Tænk

    ................................ bit difficult with ya Engrish firing depleted uranium shells on yet another Country..., copper...

    Mar 26th, 2023 - 11:07 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • King Penguin

    I think there is an error in the ibero american declaration, it says GB authorized the exploration for hydrocarbons, wasn't it the Falkland islands government that authorized it ? The Falkland Islands is self governing so the whole document is in error and not relevant.

    Mar 27th, 2023 - 01:58 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Terence Hill

    “The call for the resumption of bilateral negotiations with the United Kingdom in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations … let us make the decision to unite our peoples in pursuit of their legitimate rights”.

    Rosalyn Higgins President of ICJ pointed out: “No tribunal could tell her [Argentina] that she has to accept British title because she has acquiesced to it But what the protests do not do is to defeat the British title, which was built up in other ways through Argentina’s acquiescence.”

    And by the highest US legal examination.

    “6. Comparison sf the Competing Claims of Argentina and GB
    Regardless of the conclusion reached above, however, the establishment of the world courts changed the situation so that diplomatic protests were no longer sufficient to keep Argentina's claim to sovereignty alive.”
    The Falklands (Malvinas) Islands: An International Law Analysis of the Dispute Between Argentina and Great Britain Major James Francis Gravelle
    Pamphlet NO. 27-100-107 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY; Washington, D.C., Winter 1985

    “There is no obligation in general international law to settle disputes”.
    Principles of Public International Law, third edition, 1979 by Ian Brownlie

    Charter of the Organization of American States
    Article 12
    The fundamental rights of States may not be impaired in any manner whatsoever.
    Article 13
    The political existence of the State is independent of recognition by other States. Even before being recognized, the State has the right to defend its integrity and independence, to provide for its preservation and prosperity, and consequently to organize itself as it sees fit.... The exercise of these rights is limited only by the exercise of the rights of other States in accordance with international law.

    Mar 27th, 2023 - 09:10 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Pugol-H

    ‘in pursuit of their legitimate rights’, like the Falkland Islanders???

    ‘hate speeches that punish democracies’ Pres Ferna knows all about that, he does it every time he opens his mouth about Las Malvinas.

    Stinka Winka

    Who the F*ck are you to call anyone a ‘Squatter’, eh??? You being an Indian murdering, thieving Creole Planter.

    Did you check if the insurance on your Squat in occupied Wallmapu includes acts of terrorism or accidently getting burned down by the Mapuche Resistance Fighters.

    Or is that why you’re still skulking in Italy???

    Mar 27th, 2023 - 01:16 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Swede

    This “joint declaration” just mentioned “to resume talks regarding the Falklands/Malvinas Islands issue”. That sounds very peaceful indeed. What could possibly be wrong with “talking” about “issues”? The joint declaration did, however, not mention what the outcome of these “talks” should be. But such talks are just waste of tax-payers money (both British and Argentine). The only outcome of the “talks” that could be accepted by the Argentine side is a complete transfer of power over the F.I. to Argentina (it is even in their Constitution). And that is not acceptable for the people living there. So there could be “talks” about practicalities, but not about sovereignty.

    Mar 28th, 2023 - 12:56 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Pugol-H

    What it actually says is:

    1. Reaffirm the need for the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland resume negotiations as soon as possible aimed at finding a prompt solution to the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas, within the framework of the resolutions of the United Nations, the Organization of States American States and the provisions and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations, including the principle of territorial integrity.

    I particularly like the reference to ‘territorial integrity’, as if that applied here.

    I think this has to be regarded in the same way as China’s statements on Taiwan or the S. China Sea, or Putin’s statements on Ukraine, or North Koreans being told the rest of the world admires them.

    Simply not in the real world.

    Mar 28th, 2023 - 01:53 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Terence Hill

    “The provisions and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations, including the principle of territorial integrity.”

    It cannot be applied to an act that preceded the creation of the Charter.

    Intertemporal Law
    “The rule that the effect of an act is to be determined by the law of the time when it was done, not of the law of the time when the claim is made, is elementary and important. It is merely an aspect of the rule against retroactive laws, and to that extent may be regarded as a general principle of law. It is especially important in international law because of the length of the life of states. It is peculiarly apt to questions of title; though by no means confined to questions of title,”
    As the former President of the ICJ wrote:
    The Acquisition of Territory in International Law
    by Robert Yewdall Jennings

    Mar 28th, 2023 - 03:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0

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