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EU-Celac summit's final declaration: Falklands/Malvinas a territory under dispute

Wednesday, July 19th 2023 - 10:45 UTC
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The final document also condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine
The final document also condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine

The final declaration of the two-day Summit between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) issued Tuesday in Brussels included in its 13th provision the Falkland/Malvinas Islands as a territory under dispute. The document also condemned Russia's military deployment in Ukraine with a footnote noting that one country (Nicaragua) would not adhere to that point.

“With regard to the question of sovereignty over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands, the European Union took note of the historical position of Celac based on the importance of dialogue and respect for international law in the peaceful settlement of disputes,” the EU agreed to declare reportedly after meetings between Argentine President Alberto Fernández and the presidents of the European Council, Charles Michel; and of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen; and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves (pro tempore president of Celac since January).

“You are going to see in the text expressions from Europe that recognize problems that Latin America is living today and needs to face. We were able to have a frank dialogue, where we found a point of contact: respect for democracy, the rule of law, and the permanence of human rights. On these bases we reached these agreements,” Fernández hinted before the document was released.

“It is the first time that the EU joins the position of Celac and favors the claim to discuss sovereignty,” Argentine Foreign Ministry sources were quoted as saying. In charge of the negotiations, as coordinator for Celac, was Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean Gustavo Martínez Pandiani.

The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union three years ago became a relevant factor since, after Brexit, Europe no longer considers the islands as an “overseas territory,” it was explained. Tuesday's declaration is expected to become a “legal precedent” to dialogue with EU countries on subjects that were off-limits before Brexit, according to Palacio San Martín sources.

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The 3rd Summit of Celac and the EU brought together 60 leaders from the two continents. The final declaration has more than 40 provisions regarding several topics of common interest, including the availability of resources by richer nations to finance mitigation and adaptation projects in relation to climate change.

“We recognize the impact that climate change is having on all countries, particularly affecting developing and more vulnerable countries, including small island developing states in the Caribbean, the outermost regions of the European Union, overseas countries and territories associated with the European Union and landlocked developing countries. We underscore the importance of fulfilling the commitment of developed countries together to promptly mobilize [US]$100 billion per year for climate finance and to support developing countries and double adaptation finance by 2025,” reads an excerpt from the statement.

The declaration mentions a “deep concern about the ongoing war against Ukraine” and calls for efforts for a just and sustainable peace in the region. It also addresses the humanitarian situation in Haiti and advocates for constructive dialogue in Venezuelan.

The next EU-Celac summit is expected to be held in 2025, in a Latin American or Caribbean country.


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  • bushpilot

    It was never Argentine territory. Nothing was usurped from Argentina.

    The UK is there to protect the Falklands from the Argentines taking what was never Argentine.

    There is nothing illegitimate about the UK presence there. It has nothing to do with Argentina. Argentines should worry about Argentina instead. It is falling apart.

    The human right you define is odd:

    Argentina has usurped territory from Chile, and Paraguay, and from the indigenous Americans. Do Chileans, Paraguayans, and native aboriginals also have the “human right” to live without an alien power usurping their territory?

    Jul 19th, 2023 - 02:25 pm +7
  • Falklands-Free

    Let's get the facts straight.
    The Falklands is not in any dispute over sovereignty. Britain has always had full sovereignty.
    The issue is that Argentina a rogue land grabbing country has been trying to claim what is a British territory that has more than nine generations of Islanders living on them.
    Argentina broke away from Spain to become an independent country. They assumed that the Falklands was owned by Spain so feel they have a right of possession. Just as they have possessed the Patagonian land from a previous indigenous people.
    In truth Argentina not only wants the Falklands but all the territory that is owned by Britain in the south west Atlantic.
    They have even indoctrinated their people to believe that the Falklands belong to them.
    Not once in 190 years have Argentina taken their illegal claim to the international court of justice.
    That reason being is ,they simply do not have a case.
    Now they want to indoctrinate the minds of the European people that they are the rightful owners . They are counting on Spain to push that theory to the EU.
    Argentina is in a desperate financial situation with billions of dollars of foreign debt and looks to everyone for monetary help like the IMF and China. Europe is trying to stop the Chinese influence and Argentina knows that so uses a so called sovereign dispute as their main argument.
    It is not a dispute. Britain and the islanders have made their case known to the world, yet Argentina refuses to accept that wish of the people of the islands on the grounds that the islands population does not exist.
    3800 islanders beg to differ.

    Jul 19th, 2023 - 01:05 pm +6
  • border rover

    An obstacle to what exactly Mr Hayes??

    Neither the UK or the Falklands are members of either the EU or Celac so whatever whitewashing declarations they jointly cook up at the end of their summit is of no concern to anyone.

    Jul 19th, 2023 - 02:16 pm +6
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