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Stories for December 2nd 2023

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 20:46 UTC

    Some thoughts on climate change at the start of COP28 in Qatar

    The emissions of the ‘developing countries’ had soared as their economies shifted into high-speed growth.

    By Gwynne Dyer - At the opening of the COP28 global climate summit in Qatar, here are some thoughts about the state of climate science. I have interviewed at least sixty leading climate scientists in a dozen countries over the past three years.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 20:14 UTC

    Venezuela ignores UN ICJ ruling and will go ahead with a referendum on Guyana's Esequibo

    Venezuelan dictator Maduro said in Caracas that Guyana and ExxonMobil, which recently found oil offshore in Essequibo, had been dealt “a historic beating.”

    Venezuela will press on with a weekend referendum over the fate of a vast disputed area in the Esequibo region it claims, disputing neighboring Guyana's jurisdiction, despite the UN International Court of Justice, ICJ, Friday ruling urging restraint in the dispute.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 11:55 UTC

    Brazil wants to hand Mercosur chair next week with a raft of milestones

    Lula da Silva will be handing the Mercosur chair to Paraguay next week

    Brazil who is handing the Mercosur rotating chair to Paraguay during a ceremony and regional summit in Rio do Janeiro next 7 December´, is working overtime to finalize important milestones for the trade block during its presidency, among which discussions with UAE, closing a deal with Singapore, making official Bolivia's incorporation and equally outstanding even possibly signing the definitive agreement with the European Union.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 11:38 UTC

    Foreign office minister Rutley in Falklands, “Islanders elected to belong to the British Family”

    At the Liberation Memorial minister Rutley bows for a minute of silence

    David Rutley, Foreign Office Minister for the Americas, Caribbean and Overseas Territories, is currently in the Falkland Islands where he arrived on Thursday to show UK' determination in upholding the right of self determination for the Islanders and their democratic decision to belong to the British Family.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 11:19 UTC

    Spotify exiting Uruguay as of February

    Lacalle admitted he was among the customers who received Spotify's email

    The global music and podcast streaming service Spotify Friday warned its Uruguayan users that the platform would be leaving the South American country shortly citing “drastic changes in the way music works” locally and that no new accounts can be opened after Dec. 28, it was reported in Montevideo.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 10:48 UTC

    Peru: Lower Court rules against releasing Fujimori

    PPK's pardon had already been annulled in 2018

    Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori will remain incarcerated following Friday's ruling by a lower court in Ica declaring inadmissible a Constitutional Court decision allowing the reinstatement of the pardon once granted by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard (PPK) in 2017.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 10:43 UTC

    Mondino insists: Argentina not joining BRICS

    The invitation has not yet been accepted and it would entail a substantial contribution Argentina cannot afford, Mondino explained

    Argentina's future Foreign Minister Diana Mondino confirmed this week that her country would not be joining the BRICS alliance on Jan. 1 as scheduled despite a personal letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping to President-elect Javier Milei.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 10:43 UTC

    UAE, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay agree to promote bioceanic corridor

    The road drafted to be some 2,200 kilometers long would be completed by 2025

    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Paraguay Friday agreed in Dubai on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Summit (COP28) to “seek opportunities” for the highway due to link the port of Santos, in Brazil, with the Chilean ports of Arica and Iquique. Former Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez has dubbed the initiative “the small Panama Canal.”

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 08:28 UTC

    First US Supreme Court judge dies aged 93

    Day O'Connor retired in 2006 when her husband developed Alzheimer's disease

    Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court, died Friday in Phoenix at the age of 93. According to Supreme Court sources, the cause of death was complications of dementia. Born on March 26, 1930, in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Arizona, she is survived by her sons, Scott, Brian, and Jay; six grandchildren; and her brother, Alan. O'Connor was appointed to the court in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan after working as a public attorney and serving in all three branches of government in Arizona.

  • Saturday, December 2nd 2023 - 08:14 UTC

    “Falklands' status as a BOT has nothing to do with imperial gestures, but the wishes of its population”

      Ex governor Dr. Haywood points out that like any former colony, Falkland Islanders have a right to self-determination, recognized by the UN.

    The Falkland Islands’ status as a British overseas territory has nothing to do with imperial gestures, and everything to do with the wishes of the population, writes Dr. Nigel Haywood, in response to the article by Simon Jenkins, published in The Guardian and MercoPress a week ago.