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Montevideo, September 22nd 2023 - 08:11 UTC

Stories for 2023

  • Saturday, September 9th 2023 - 10:36 UTC

    Brazil's TCU says Bolsonaro kept pricy gifts for himself

    No grounds were identified to justify the distribution of the items between those public and those owned privately by Bolsonaro

    Brazil's Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) Friday said former President Jair Bolsonaro kept for himself some 17 gifts of “high commercial value” which should have been handed over to the country's coffers. The TCU also underlined that among the more than 9,000 presents received by the former head of state, 128 of them were not of a “personal” nature and belong in the public collection.

  • Saturday, September 9th 2023 - 10:19 UTC

    At least 46 people still missing in post-cyclone southeastern Brazil

    Acting President Geraldo Alckmin will visit the area on Sunday

    Brazilian authorities said Friday that at least 46 people were missing after a devastating cyclone hit the southeastern State of Rio Grande do Sul since early Monday, where already 41 casualties have been reported. The federal government also pledged R$ 800 (US$167) for each of the over 3,000 people who have lost their homes to the storm.

  • Saturday, September 9th 2023 - 09:58 UTC

    African Union joins G20, Modi announces

    This year's summit is being touted as the grandest diplomatic event in India since the ceremonial cremation of slain Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Saturday on the opening day of the G20 Summit that the African Union (AU) had been granted permanent member status in the group of top world economies. The AU thus becomes the second regional bloc to become a permanent member after the European Union (EU).

  • Saturday, September 9th 2023 - 09:42 UTC

    Kidnapped Ecuadorian councilman found dead

    Vera had been elected councilman of Durán for the 2023-2027 period

    Councilman Bolívar Vera, 42, of the municipality of Durán was kidnapped and murdered in a new episode of Ecuador's political violence saga one month ahead of the presidential runoff. Vera's body was found Friday on a road in the rural sector of Salitre with his hands tied in the province of Guayas, it was also reported. He had been reported missing on Thursday, Sept. 7.

  • Saturday, September 9th 2023 - 09:15 UTC

    China: Maduro meets with Communist Party Secretary-General

    Maduro is to stay in China until Spet. 14 but his agenda has not been fully disclosed

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary-General Huang Kunming met Saturday at a hotel in the city of Shenzhen, in the province of Canton, “to exchange experiences in the political area, as well as to strengthen the bonds of integration and mutual respect,” it was informed from Caracas by the Presidency's press office.

  • Friday, September 8th 2023 - 10:56 UTC

    Maduro to visit China “and other friendly countries”

    Maduro rarely travels abroad out of security concerns

    Venezuela's National Assembly gave the green light for President Nicolás Maduro to leave the country on an international tour of “friendly” nations, it was reported in Caracas.

  • Friday, September 8th 2023 - 10:51 UTC

    Argentina: Export taxes lifted from industrialized agriculture products

    There are no magical recipes, Massa argued

    Argentina's Economy Minister and presidential candidate Sergio Massa Thursday announced the lifting of all export taxes to the sales abroad of regional economy products with added value, it was reported in Buenos Aires. The measure favors the agro-industrial sector which features over 1,200,000 registered workers.

  • Friday, September 8th 2023 - 10:45 UTC

    Chile: Boric and former presidents sign declaration against dictatorship

    “One cannot be permanently begging democratic political parties to adhere to such a simple commitment,” Boric insisted

    Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font and his four living predecessors Thursday signed a so-called “commitment for democracy” document as the 50th anniversary of the coup d'état that brought General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte to power between 1973 and 1990 looms over.

  • Friday, September 8th 2023 - 10:40 UTC

    Argentine President assures Chile a natural gas supply through 2024

    Fernández will be in Santiago attending the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of Pinochet's coup

    Argentine President Alberto Fernández Thursday said his country would guarantee the supply of natural gas to neighboring Chile until Dec. 31, 2024, it was reported in Buenos Aires. With Bolivia's production declining, South America is looking to Vaca Muerta as a possible source, it was also explained. Between January and July, Argentina sold Chile US$ 556 million worth of natural gas, an 86.8% growth from the same period last year.

  • Friday, September 8th 2023 - 10:35 UTC

    Lula headed for G20 Summit

    The Brazilian leader will receive the group's rotating presidency of the group on Sunday

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his entourage are due in New Delhi later Friday to participate in this coming weekend's Summit of G20 leaders, during which he is expected to deliver three speeches and take over the group's pro tempore presidency.