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Montevideo, May 31st 2023 - 04:02 UTC

Stories for 2023

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:58 UTC

    Argentina: April's monthly inflation set at 8.4%

    Prices go up “just in case,” President Fernández explained before the Indec announced April's results

    Argentina's National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) Friday announced that inflation for the month of April of 2023 was 8.4%, way above all projections. Interannually, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) reached 108.8% and the accumulated variation in the first four months of the year was 32%. It is the highest monthly inflation since April 2002 (10.4%) and the highest year-on-year figure since 1991. Since Alberto Fernández took office in December 2019, prices increased 448%.

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:56 UTC

    Brazil: United Nations representative speaks of indigenous genocide

    “My role is only to show the risks, but not to solve them,” said Alice Wairimu Nderitu

    United Nations (UN) envoy Alice Wairimu Nderitu completed her mission in Brazil Friday after 11 days during which she investigated cases of violence committed against indigenous people, Afro-descendants, and other vulnerable groups, Agencia Brasil reported.

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:50 UTC

    UN envoy warns of crisis caused by “Chilean Chernobyl”

    “It is completely unacceptable that children and young people in some communities are growing up without a reliable supply of water,” Boyd said

    David Boyd, the United Nations (UN) envoy for human rights and the environment, warned that Chile is facing a “frightening and interconnected environmental crisis” that is violating the rights of millions of people at the industrial complex known as the “Chilean Chernobyl.”

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:35 UTC

    Repression in Nicaragua on the rise

    Anyone criticizing the government of Ortega can be arrested for treason

    The Nicaraguan regime of President Daniel Ortega and his Vice President wife Rosario Murillo ordered new arrests of journalists and activists for “treason,” it was reported this week. The country's judiciary also banned a group of 25 lawyers and notary publics from practicing because they were stripped of their Nicaraguan citizenship.

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:31 UTC

    Lithium exporters announce huge merger in Argentina

    Allkem shareholders will own approximately 56% and Livent shareholders will own approximately 44% of NewCo, it was announced

    Argentina's two only lithium exporters -Allkem (Australia) and Livent (LTHM)- have announced a multi-billion dollar merger. The companies operating in Catamarca and Jujuy will launch a new company valued at US$10.6 billion, it was reported.

  • Saturday, May 13th 2023 - 10:00 UTC

    Linda Yaccarino is Twitter's new CEO as Elon Musk steps down

    Yaccarino will have to deal with the fallout that has taken place since Musk's arrival, including an exodus of advertisers

    According to the Washington Post, Linda Yaccarino has been chosen to succeed tycoon Elon Musk as CEO of Twitter. She was working as president of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal. The announcement comes the day after Musk said he would be stepping down and that he will move into the role of executive chairman and CTO (chief technology officer). In December, Musk asked his Twitter followers if he should step down as CEO and 57.5% said yes.

  • Friday, May 12th 2023 - 11:15 UTC

    Incumbent governor expected to repeat on Sunday's Tierra del Fuego election

    Tierra del Fuego public opinion polls indicate that current governor Gustavo Melella and his Deputy Monica Urquiza are expected to repeat with an approval rating close to 59%.

    Next Sunday the Argentine extreme southern province of Tierra del Fuego will be elected Governor, Deputy Governor, 23 provincial lawmakers, three mayors, and eight city councilors. Despite its size, the island province divided into 16 electoral districts has an electoral registry of 141.548 and all newly elected members will be taking office from 11 December 2023 until 11 December 2027.

  • Friday, May 12th 2023 - 11:08 UTC

    Re-wilding agricultural land to avoid methane and exploding cows

    Cows belch methane as they digest their fodder and, above a concentration of five per cent, methane becomes explosive.

    By Gwynne Dyer – 'At least half the current agricultural land on the planet, more likely two-thirds of it, has to be re-wilded in order to restore the world’s principal carbon sink and to preserve the biodiversity on which the entire ecosystem depends.

  • Friday, May 12th 2023 - 10:59 UTC

    Brazil asks US to help Argentine with IMF talks

    Haddad said he feared the far right could gain momentum in Argentina if the economic crisis is not solved promptly

    The Brazilian Government of President Luiz Inàcio Lula Da Silva Thursday asked the US Treasury Department to exert some pressure on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) -of which the US is the largest shareholder- to help Argentina overcome the current crisis caused by the drought while still bound by commitments signed with the world entity, which are holding back the economic development of the South American country.

  • Friday, May 12th 2023 - 10:59 UTC

    Joe Biden said his visit to Northern Ireland was to ensure “the Brits didn't screw around”

    President Biden met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during his visit to Belfast

    Speaking at a Democratic Party event in New York on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said his visit to Northern Ireland was to ensure “the British didn't screw around,” according to a report from BBC in the US City.